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Benjamin Trammell Benjamin Mar 13, 2018 01:14PM
Benjamin Trammell
Ms. Jones
Period 2
March 6th, 2018
A Tactical Genius
Do you ever wonder if there is other life outside of Earth? The universe is a big place, and it is very possible, almost certain that there could just be another place or two where life exists. Have you ever been in a hostage situation or had to come up with the most brilliant plans to defeat your enemies? Mitth’raw’nuruodo (Thrawn for short) does this often in the service of his Galactic Empire (in the Star Wars saga). Arihnda Pryce, a woman with great ambitions has her story told as well as she goes from working in a citizen assistance office to a much higher position in under five years. The book Thrawn by Timothy Zahn has all of this, as well as more extraordinary things that happen as Thrawn hunts down his greatest enemy while speeding through the navy ranks with his aide Eli Vanto. During this time, Arihnda Pryce forces her way into power through deception and a bit of foul play.
Timothy Zahn, the author of over 40 science fiction and fantasy books, has made another older series about the great and famous character Thrawn and many more about the Star Wars galaxy. Thrawn, a science fiction novel and Zahn’s most recent book is also his second most popular book ever written by him. Thrawn, the character, is shown a few times in a Disney TV show called Star Wars Rebels. The show also includes Arihnda Pryce herself as a character in the third season of the show. Interestingly, this book includes commentary in italics that describes the body language of some of the characters during conversations or arguments, but only when Thrawn is part of the conversation. I believe this is because Thrawn takes into account everything that his enemies do and finds patterns from his observations. The book also includes many of the main character’s thoughts. This adds to the book and in a way that let’s you as a reader have some of the brilliancy that Thrawn has with him all of the time. An example: “None of the three speak in response. But their facial heat increases. The muscles in their cheeks and throats and around their eyes shift between sullenness and hostility” (Zahn, 131).
Some other major characters that should be mentioned are Thrawn’s aide Eli Vanto and Thrawn’s main enemy, Nightswan. Eli just happened to be at the place where Thrawn was found exiled, and Thrawn chose Eli to be his own personal aide after being taken to the Emperor himself. Eli didn’t really expect to accomplish much in the military, but after studying and learning from Thrawn’s impeccable tactics and observation, Eli boosted through the ranks of the Imperial Navy. This helped Eli to become a great leader and a very tactical one at that. Nightswan is a mercenary that causes trouble with other insurgency groups all over the Outer Rim of the galaxy. Nightswan has been able to evade capture from the military for over five years, and like Thrawn, he is great with his mind. The Empire doesn’t even know the slightest bit about who he is. Thrawn has made it his personal goal to bring him down, and he is very determined to do this.
Thrawn also has a way of thinking about human nature a different way. Zahn expresses this by including a small section before each chapter about what officers/soldiers must do in specific situations during war. Zahn also taps into the concept of human nature in some of them. At the start of Chapter One, it says: “All beings begin their lives with hopes and aspirations. Among these aspirations is the desire that there will be a straight path to those goals. It is seldom so. Perhaps never.” (Zahn, 3). This is also the first three sentences of the book, and it foreshadows parts of the book as Thrawn goes through some struggles that threaten his military career.
I do not believe that I have ever closed a book in my entire life of reading with such satisfaction and contentment. The moment after I closed it, I said right to myself: That was a good book. I couldn’t have been more right about anything. The three main characters all develop drastically from their former selves, and it is so intriguing and fascinating to watch them do it. Thrawn is one of the greatest books I have ever read, and I would encourage anyone who has ever seen or even just heard about Star Wars to read it. Heck, you should read it if you’ve never even heard about Star Wars. If I were rating this book out of 10, it would get a good 9.5. If you want to read about the most tactical genius in the Imperial Navy of Star Wars in his journeys...dive into the book Thrawn.

Awesome review Benjamin!! I too felt satisfied after reading (listening to the audiobook) Thrawn. I liked the keen insight into human nature as well in Thrawn's inner musings. I enjoyed it so much that I think I went into "Thrawn withdrawal" afterwards. I look forward to reading Thrawn Treason.

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