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message 1: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey (thislifeaslindsey) | 3 comments Fantasy/Magical Realism/Urban Fantasy
Word Count: 75,000 (unfinished)
First Person POV
Sex scenes: minimal, clean
Level of Violence: low-moderate
Number of betas wanted: 3-5

Hello! I'm looking for beta readers interested in the first three chapters of WIP, Threads of Destiny, a magical realism/urban fantasy story.

Summary: In a society that is slowly killing itself, hope is a hard thing to find. A totalitarian government is ruling the country and people are being slaughter for simply existing. But these problems seem miles away for Victoria, sheltered away with her books in a middle of nowhere town. Her meekness is deceiving however, as she is Diviner by birth, with the ability to control the Aether, the essence of life itself. She is a rarity even within the Arcane. Her spirit and her abilities will be tested as her world is turned upside and she must decide which path to choose as the world looks to her to save them.

Please let me know if interested!

message 2: by Satish (new)

Satish Somasundaram | 7 comments Hi Lindsey, send it across to me, will read the first three chapters..

message 3: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey (thislifeaslindsey) | 3 comments Great, thank you. What's your email?

message 4: by katya (new)

katya ♥  (readbykatya) | 1 comments Oh everything sounds brilliant! I’d love to take a look at your partial. If you’re still looking for betas you could send me a pm with your mail address.

message 5: by Satish (new)

Satish Somasundaram | 7 comments Send it to

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