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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Rp

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments A girl dressed in old dirty clothes was dragged to the court of the mad king. She was dressed in dirty brown pants and a old shirt. Her brown hair was a huge mess and was tied in a messy bun. Even though her face was dirty and was covered with ash and dust, her gren eyes gleamed with pride, anger and fright at the same time. She struggled hard and screamed. The guards held her tight knowing that the king would be pleased to find that they had been able to catch Princess Layla after she had tried to escape. Layla hissed at the few guards as they increased the pressure over her arms. She had been so close and had almost crossed the border when they had been ambushed. Her companions, two maids and a general were killed and she was taken as a prisoner to be presented to the king.

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments "Very well, and I would like to know, why is this beggar in my throne room?" The king, King Aldaran II, spoke with fury. His eyebrows furrowed as he grinded his yellowing teeth together. "I SAID TELL ME WHY, THERE IS A BEGGAR IN MY THRONE ROOM!" This time the king yelled, and his cheeks lifted as he saw his guards flinch from fear. He took in the look of the beggar; brown hair that was incredibly dirty, a nice face also covered in dirt, bright green eyes showing pride, fright, and anger. "Why is this beggar such a mess?"

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments The head of the guards stepped forward. "Sire...she is no beggar. She is the daughter of King Stephan whom you killed in the war. She was trying to escape but we caughr her."he said and looked at the girl. Layla struggled and screamed. "Leave me! Leave me right now!"she shouted at the guards and tried to pull her arms back. She wanted to run away. How she wished she had not been caught by this cruel guy's men! The head of guards rolled his eyes. "Kneel down, girl and offer respect to the King."he told her which made Layla scoff. "Never!"she hissed at both the guards and the King.

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments King Aldaran smiled at the weak princess's even weaker attempts to escape, showing his yellowing teeth once more. He laughed at she hissed at both him and his men. "Stupid girl, you are. For a princess of such a," Aldaran pauses trying to find the word, " 'noble' kingdom, I would expect you had something up there." The king stood from his throne, and his extremely lanky figure was shown. He may be 43, have an extremely evil mind, and want to rule the world, but he only weighed 104 pounds. "Send her to the dungeons. Leave her alone, unchained. But wait outside of the dungeon door. I will be down to investigate and bathe her."

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Layla frowned and struggled. "You are a bastard! I am never going to listen to you!"she screamed and found her stomach punched by a guard. At Adarlan's order, she struggled again to be free but the gaurds dragged her to the dungeons. They threw her into a cell and she fell down on her knees. Quickly, she stood up and was about to rush towards the door when the door was slammed shut. She felt angry and at the same time the darkness of the cell scared her.

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments King Aldaran smiled as the guards followed his orders. His lanky legs stood him up and carried him down the stairs to the dungeons. The smile didn't leave his face as he watched the guards threw the princess into the cell and shut the door. "Thank you, go stand by the door at the top of the stairway. I'll call when she needs to be chained." The guards followed his command, leaving the king and princess alone. "So, what's your name princess?" The door of the cell opened as Aldaran slid in, "You know you're going to have to talk, correct?"

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Layla looked around the dark room with a frown. She stood up and looked at the walls, her hand brushing the cold stones, hoping to find some hole or something but to no avail. She turned when suddenly the door opened and saw that it was the kind. Her frown deepened and she crossed her arms defensively. "Leave me alone, bastard!"she said in a very bitter manner. She was not going to answer any of his stupid questions.

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments "No, you will answer. What is your name, slave? Or should I just call you a beggar and leave you here to die?" His fingers went under the girl chin and lifted her face up, so that she has to make eye contact with him, "Well, clean ya up and you might be a pretty little thing"

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Layla hissed. "I am no slave! Maybe your prisoner for now, but I am no slave of yours."she said. She tried to move her face away when he lifted it but his grip was too tight. "Just leave me!"she said and tried to push him away. She just hoped that she would be able to escape from here.

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments "Fine, I will bathe and then leave you be, but know, the last escape artist that tried to leave, left the world with 13 arrows in his head. Didn't even get away from the castle." Aldaran released his grip on her face, but grabbed her wrist instead, leading her to the attached bathroom each cell had. It may be a dungeon, but he didn't want him or his guards to have to clean up human feces. "Strip, and get the water in the right temperature range, I will not look until you are settled in the water. I honestly do not wish you to get a feel of pedophilia from me."

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Layla felt a prickle of goosebumps run down her spine when he told her what had happened to the last person who had tried to escape. She wondered if that would be her fate too. "So I have to stay here all my life? No! I am not going to!"she said, in a stubborn manner. She tried to pull her hand away as he dragged her to the bathroom. When he ordered her to strip, she leaned against the wall of the bathroom. "No."she replied, pouting her lips

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments "Do not refuse. Or I will do it myself, which I'm sure you do not want." Aldaran checked to make sure the guards could not hear before he lowered his voice and spoke, "My plan will not leave you in this dungeon longer than an hour each day, only when the guards come through." He noticed the pout on the princess's lips and smiled, feeling a little buzz in his chest. "Please, I do not want to do anything forcefully."

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Layla frowned and looked away but she knew he wouldn't stop himself from stripping the clothes off her body. She gulped and wondered what to do. "And then what am I supposed to do here? Wait on you?"she asked, sarcastically. Seeing the smile on the King's face made her wonder why he was smiling. "What is there to smile at, huh?"she asked, a bit rudely. Sighing, she ran a hand through her gritty hair. She really needed a bath. "Turn around then."she told him.

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments "No, you will not wait on me like the maids do, I have something special brewing up here," he points at his head, "for you. And I may smile whenever I wish to smile, little missy." once he heard the girl tell him to turn around, he obeyed, only because he said he would so she could get in the bath without feeling like a rapist was in the room with her.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Layla scowled at him. What did he have in mind for her? "Special? You mean some special kind of torture?"she asked. She rolled her eyes at what he said next before she started to strip off her clothes. She removed her top first and then her pants. For sometime, she hesitated to remove her undergarments but she did it at last. Slowly, she stepped into the tub and let the water cover her body as much as possible.

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments "No, you know I do not wish to hurt you," Aldaran turned back towards the girl after he heard her slide into the water. His hands reached and grabbed the Honey + Milk shampoo before stating to the girl,"Please wet your hair so that I can wash it, I sincerely want to see what this hair looks like clean and dry."

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Layla was confused when he said that he didn't wish to hurt her. Did he really mean it or was he tricking her? "Then what?"she asked. She nodded and bit her lips at what he said next. Taking a mug, she filled it with water and let it fall over her so her hair would get damp. "Why are you so eager to make me look pretty?"she asked. She really had a lot of questions in mind at that moment.

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments "I-I do not know, princess. You intrigue me, more than anyone ever has before." A blush spread across the cheeks of the king as he spoke the next sentence. "There is a ball tomorrow, at King Charles III would like to see me there with a female at my side. Would you like to be the female?"

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Layla actually chuckled a bit coldly after what he said. When she turned to face him, she saw the blush on his face and she had no idea why but found it cute. "Am I so intriguing that a King like you came down to bathe me?"she asked. She was very surprised after what he said next and her eyes widened in shock. "You....you killed my father in war. Do you really think I would like to be your partner?"she said and frowned.

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments "I-i did not wish to kill your father," a sigh leaves Aldaran's lips. He had been hoping to avoid this conversation until later. "He had threatened my son, after your father had tried to set him up with you. He is gay, and I accepted him, your father did not. He threatened to kill my boy, I-I didn't see another choice...I'm sorry, princess." A tear slipped down the king's cheek as he remembered pushing his son away from the battle with his boyfriend. Pushing him away from the only family he had left. He missed him dearly.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Now Layla had no idea about this and her eyes widened at the revealtion. Sure, she had known that he wanted her to marry some Prince but she had not known this. "B-but...is it really the truth?! Why should I believe you?"she asked. She saw a tear slip from his eyes which made her wonder if he was really telling the truth. "H-hey...d-don't cry."she murmured, having never liked when people cried.

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments "You seem to not care, and then you care. Bipolar, but seemingly beautiful." Aldaran sighs as he fills the mug with water, pouring it over the princesses hair. "Would you like to wash your own body?" He knew the answer was yes, but he had still wanted to ask, there might be that very slim chance she wanted him to bathe her. The memories of bathing his son when he was young brought another smile to his face.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments "I don't know what to do. I never knew so much happened. No one ever told me about this before."Layla said with a frown and sighed, feeling soothed and cool as he poured water over her hair which was soft and glossier now, just like it always had been before the war. When she asked if she would like to wash her body, she nodded, her cheeks a bit a red. "Ummm...yes. I can do that myself."she told him and reached for the mug in his hand.

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments "Alright. Do you wish for me to eave while you bathe? Or can I tell you a story I would tell my son while you bathe? I do miss him." Aldaran smiled at the girl that was sitting in the tub next to him, hoping that he wouldn't have to push away her like he had to push away his son. She was the first person that he had told about missing Gavin, and that meant he trust her, and didn't want to lose her.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Layla was not sure why he was so eager to tell him about his son and know her more. He must be a lonely man who needed company. "I...I guess sure."she replied. She poured some water over her body and sighed. Looking around, she wondered where the soap was. "Ummm...can I have some soap?"she asked, a bit nervously. It was her first time bathing in front of a man. She had never felt this vulnerable before.

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments Aldaran smiled and reached around the princess to grab the soap, handing it to her. He did try to avoid touching her, he obviously didn't want to upset her, but he thinks that he probably did. "Please, relax. If I were here to hurt you, don't you believe I would have done it already?" A chuckle leaves his lips. "my son, his name was Gavin, he was the cutest baby boy anyone could have hoped for."

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Layla smiled a bit and nodded. "Y-yeah, true. It's just that I am a bit scared. This surrounding is new to me."she said. She soaked the soap in the water and started to rub it over her body. Soon the soap, lathered her body, wherever she had applied the soap. It was nice to take a bath after such a long time. She felt just so clean and well. "I have heard that Prince Gavin was very cute and kind."she told him.

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments "I am sorry that this is making you uncomfortable. Once we are finished, I will bring you up to my room," Aldaran smiled and then spoke once more. "Not to do anything to you, obviously. Even if that were the cause of you being here, I would still wait for a couple dates." A wink from Aldaran is sent to the girl bathing. He chuckles as he tries not to think about how absolutely stunning the woman was. "He was very kind. Very friendly as a child and teen. I wouldn't miss on a moment to see him again. I," a deep breathe in from Aldaran, "I am very sorry about the death of your father. I know how hard it is to lose a family member, by choice or force."

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Layla's cheek got red and warm after what he said at first and the blush made her look cute. "And am I supposed to stay there from now on?"she asked and even smiled when he winked at her. He didn't look like a mad king that people claimed him to be. She poured water over her body to get rid of the lather and rubbed her skin which felt soft now. "It's sad that...that he is gone."she murmured, sadly. Her expression saddened more when he mentioned her late father. "I gues it was meant to happen after what he did to you."she told him.

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments "Please do not be upset, princess. You are too beautiful for that." Aldaran blushed at the words that he had spoken. "I...uh...sorry about that. I will be right back." The king left the bathroom, flew up the stairs, and went straight for his room to choose some clothes for her to wear. Aldaran settled on a gray hoodie, black tank top, and jean shorts left by his wife, who just so happened to look like they would fit the princess. He made his way back down the stairs with a muttered, "You may go," to the guards at the door. Once at the bathroom once again, he knocked and spoke, "Towels are under the sink for when you are complete. I have gathered some clothes for you to wear after you are dry, but I could not find any undergarments for you. May I hand them to you?"

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Layla smiled, still blushing due to his comment. "I don't think I am that beautiful."she said and pressed her hands against her cheeks feeling how warm they were. She watched him quickly go away and wondered what had happened. A grin formed on her lips when he brought clothes for her. It was such a relief that she would be able to wear new and clean clothes again. "Thank you so much. It's enough."she told him, feeling grateful. He didn't seem like a monster at all. He actually seemed like a very nice person. "And yes, please."she replied.

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments Aldaran opened the door and handed the clothes to the girl. "It really isn't much," a blush spreads on the king's cheeks as he sees the naked girl. "I will be outside, come out whenever you are ready." He opens the door, exits, closes the door back, and sits on the bed that she would have slept in had he not fallen for her. "I know it's wrong, she's my son's age! But these feelings..." Aldaran whispered to himself as he sat alone in the room.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments ((Can we make him around her age?))

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments ((Ah...maybe he can be 3 years older than her?))

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments ((Sure that works :D))

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments ((Sweet))

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Layla kept on smiling. "It still is fine."she said, blushing. When he had turned away, she changed into those clothes that he had offered. The shorts showed her toned legs while the top was a bit tight but it felt okay. Putting the hoodie on, she pulled the hood over her head and walked outside. "I think...I...I am ready."she told him and looked at him, who was sitting on the bed of the dungeon

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments Aldaran looked up when he heard her speak, and immediately noticed what a mistake it had been to give her those clothes. 'She looks so good right now' Aldaran smiled as he lifted himself of the hard bed and towards her. "Even in those clothes you look absolutely stunning." A blush covered the king face and the moment was ruined by a guard knocking on the door and the speaking, "The tailor is here to give you the clothing for tomorrow's ball." A quick 'thank you' is sent back to him and Aldaran looks back at the princess. "If you don't mind, would you come upstairs with me?" And he held out his hand for the girl to take.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Layla blushed red when the King said that she looked stunning. She didn't think she looked stunning at all. The ugly scar on her thigh was totally visible, which made her feel very insecure. When the King asked if she wanted to go upstairs and gave her his hand, she felt nervous again. Though he had made it clear, he wouldn't do anything to her, the thought that he was an enemy echoed through her mind. "Are...are you sure?"she blurted out and looked up at him.

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments "Absolutely, my dear." Aldaran winked at the girl and chuckled, hoping that she would understand that his words were jokes. He shook his hand and waited for her rejection or her hand in his, it was all up to her now. Aldaran's heart beat fast, his face was starting to sweat, and he all around felt nervous. But he smiled genuinely at the girl in front of him.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Layla gulped and thought for sometime, her eyes on his hand. Would it be bad to go up with him? He seemed kind enough but what if this was a facade? She didn't wanted to fall into some trap. "You won't hurt or...or do anything to me, right?"she asked. Her hand was almost touching his. She felt so nervous to go with him. There was something about his smile though. It just seemed so genuine and she wanted to believe him badly at that moment.

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments "I promise, my lady, that I will never hurt you. At least not on purpose. I can be very clumsy at times, you will see." A chuckle left Aldaran's lips as he lifted his hand and took her hand in it. "Follow me!" More laughter slipped out of his mouth as the king dragged the princess behind him up to his room, and her new room for the time being.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Layla sighed and smiled a little. "Okay...if you say so."she said. She held his hand as he dragged her to his room. He seemed to be very excited. Maybe he didn't have that many friends. Smiling she followed him, curious about how his room looked.

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments The king smiled as he opened the door to his bedroom. As always if he opens the door, his eyes are bombarded with bright oranges and pinks. "Sorry it's such an odd color for a king, but I adore the color combination." A smile graces Aldaran's faces as he drinks in the reaction on the princess's face.

((Here's the room color's description))

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments ((It's pretty!))

Layla entered his room and grinned widely. She looked around, taking in the grand pink and orange room. The walls were painted in beautiful shades of pink and orange and there was cheery and a happy vibe about the room. "It's amazing!"she exclaimed and smiled widely at him. "By the way, what is your name?"she asked as she realised that she only knew him as the Mad King, not by his name.

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments "My name, is Aldaran, King Aldaran Cavett the Second. I am glad to hear that you like your new room, but may I ask your name?" Aldaran looked at the beautiful girl in his arms and wondered what he could do to woo her. "I have to know the name of the beautiful lady I am taking to the ball with me, of course, only if you agree."

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Layla smiled when he said his name. Aldaran. It was nice name. When she said it, she liked how it sounded. Aldaran....that's a nice name. Very much better than what you are known as."she said and winked.She tilted her head to the side and looked at him with eyes that had confusion and curiosity. "My name is Layla. Ummm...won't they think it as weird that you going to take your enemy to the ball?"she replied.

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Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments "You are not my enemy," He put emphasis on the word 'you', "You're father was, not you." He wished she would get that thought out of her pretty little head. A blush spread across his face as Layla winked at him. "M-May I ask you something?"

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments "But I am your enemy's daughter and that makes me an enemy too. People won't like you if they see you dancing around with me."Layla said, as if what she was saying was the most obvious thing ever. She nodded after what he said next. "Y-yes, sure."she replied.

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