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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Suspense/mystery/romance Greek Island health spa where girl finds sex changed father [s]

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Kateblue A young woman (who might be an actress???) brings her injured mother to a Greek Island health/music spa to recuperate. The mother, a rather stern English schoolteacher or principal (and a stern mother), sustained a head injury in an accident.

The spa is run by a male relative/close friend (?) of the young woman's absent father. The young woman spent much time at this spa when she was younger (without the absent father.) She was kind of a general helper to the music/health programs back then, so returning is kind of a homecoming for her.

The young woman overhears piano playing that sounds just like her father's, but she can't find the player. Unbeknownst to this girl, the father was banished by the mother because he had a sex change operation. (This book was written in the early days of sex change operations, so 80's? Late 70's?) It turns out that the father is now a famous female singer.

There was some other suspenseful subplot that puts the young woman in danger, but I can't remember what it was. I know there's a wild chase up or down a mountain road on the island at some point.

The female author of this book has I think become a successful author, perhaps beginning with this book. I will probably recognize her name when you guys tell me.

Kateblue This is Last Movement by Joan Aiken

I found it myself because I was looking at another book by Joan Aiken and said, "Hey, that name looks familiar!"

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El | 502 comments The Last Movement for the click.

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