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What impressions does Redhill leave regarding family relationships in his novel? Think about motherhood/fatherhood, siblings.

Ashley | 116 comments Mod
There is a lot of family drama in this novel, which I think may take a backseat to the doppelganger plot line, but I think is interesting and significant in its own right. I tend to think of all the relationships starting with Jean:

Jean & her husband
Jean & her sons
Jean & her sister
Jean & her mother
Jean & her mother-in-law

I first noticed the relationship with Jean and her mother-in-law. That perhaps should have been one of the first indicators that something was off, or we couldn't trust Jean's account of things, because I was surprised at how rude Jean's mother--in-law was to her in her own house.

I think the second relationship that I noticed was Jean and her sister. I am very close with my sister, and would find it difficult to be so far away from her. It seemed Jean was close with her sister too, so the fact she willingly stayed away from her sick sister was odd. Again, Redhill was telling us Jean can't be trusted.

I think I need to chew on the other relationships for a while.

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