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Easter and Shadow
Anna Maria Anna Mar 13, 2018 10:22AM
Wednesday tells Shadow to be nice to Easter but not too nice ' You must very very cautious around the lady we are visiting. She might take a fancy to you and that would be bad'. Why? What would happen if she liked him too much?

Basically, if Easter is representative of the "old gods" like the others, she is the embodiment of the spring, which is the symbolic event of rebirth. If you look into it, "Easter" stems from the name "Ishtar" a goddess of rebirth, sex, and fertility. Then it flowed into the mythology of Greece and Rome in the form of Aphrodite and Venus.

Essentially I think what Wednesday is telling Shadow is that she will become attached to him if he is nice, and use him in her rebirth.
Now I cannot seem to find any downside to that, but if you look into the Wiccan rebirth cycle, "the mother" dies, or sleeps in spring, while "the son, or god" becomes older (spring to summer), he impregnates her (summer), then he dies (fall) she reawakens (winter), now pregnant to give birth to him once again (spring). [more or less]
Wednesday could be warning Shadow not to get caught in the rebirth cycle.

That is of course just my interpretation of it, so I would be interested in hearing what other people think!

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