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Mr. Darcy or Mr. Bingley? And why???
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I personally will choose Mr. Darcy....<3 He's so....ummmm...fierce? And passionate!

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Mr.Darcy, of course :)

To me, Mr.Bingley was shallow and easily manipulated.

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Ravenal That was only Jane breaking the 4th wall to reveal her rightwing retro-fascist streak.

If Bingley was shallow and easily manipulated she could have de
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Good points of mr Bingley:
-he's super nice
-he's really happy
-he's not judgemental
-pretty rich
-pretty nice looking

bad points:
-he is easily manipulated (by Darcy)
-awful sisters

good points about Darcy:
-he's handsome and gorg
-nice sister
-sometimes witty
-has secret smiles only for people he likes
-writes good letters
-doesn't fall for anyone's crap
-eventually becomes an okay guy
- has nice land
-deliciously misunderstood character

bad points:
-has Wickham issues
-iis paranoid people are using rich people for money
-is a bit moody
-scowls too much
-is a bit pretentious
-pessimist for most of book(par like 14 pages)
-has the crappiest first proposal ever
-can be super mean

idk who is better?
maybe Bingley. He is pretty sweet.
but Darcy is soo intense.

Mr. Darcy because he is a jerk at first. I like a challenging man, and intelligent man, mysterious and misunderstood. He will let you know when he is upset. I like a man that's a man (my definition). I like how he became such a gentle and nice guy and come one, the proposal was so bad it was gorgeous!
Mr. Bingley is naive...a British Candide. He is a nice guy and he is sweet, he could be my little brother

Mr. Darcy <3

I think Bingley would get on my nerves after a certain point. He is just way too easily guided and too happy.

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I'm repeating everyone else here, but Mr. Bingley is too nice and sweet and easily manipulated. I like intelligence and dominance in my men! :p Darcy all the way!

Edit: I'll add, though, that I like Knightley a lot, too. Because I also like a guy who will be completely honest, will be my best friend, will admire my awesomeness and tease me for it, and tell me when I'm wrong.


I'm a sucker for a smart guy. Intelligence is sexy. I love a good conversation with my partner and it seems like Darcy would be able to provide that more than Bingley.

There's also just an air about Darcy that I find appealing.

Darcy. Darcy. Darcy. He was a bit rash in the beginning of the book, but I think it's because he is such a complex character. He looks out for his friends, and that is admirable, even though misguided at times. I think his sense of "right" is a great personality trait. I agree he is noble, and reasonable. Got to love Darcy.

Bingley's character lacked depth. Even though he's the good guy for plenty of reasons, the fact that he is easily persuaded by his friend and family is a letdown. Darcy on the other hand seems smarter and knows how to hold on to his beliefs. Smart is sexy. An intense and passionate character
So... Mr Darcy all the way

Mr Darcy, without a doubt, he is my ideal, Darcy was a sure man, of convictions

Bingley was kinda sweet but way too easy to manipulate and influence and always ready to flatter any pretty girl.

I fancy Colonel Fitzwilliam.

Darcy :D <3

I just love his character soooo much!

But Mr Bingley is damn sweet :)

Mr. Darcy
Reason i think is pretty obvious...Given a chance to any "mature" girls, its easy to fall for charming Darcy. Well he's handsome, passionate, affectionate, genuine, honest, caring, good human being...I think there are more of Bingley's around the world but very few Darcy's...
Nothing's wrong with Bingley though...only bcoz he's compared with Darcy i cant support him...Darcy is always the bestestest.

Mr.Darcy of course, I find Mr.Bingley to be too sweet !

In my life, I would probably be more drawn to Mr. Darcy, but I think that's just because I like to go after what and who I can't have. In reality though, I probably would have ended up with Mr. Bingley. Right from the start he's a sweetheart. I know he's not as popular, but how can you resist that.

Mr. Bingley! He's so funny!

Mr. Darcy!!

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I'd say Darcy. To me, Bingley is a bit too straight forward. It kinda seems to me like he hasn't got enough character. You know? There is not a lot to him, compared to Darcy.

Mr Darcy for sure! Bingley was kind hearted but way too easy to manipulate and influence.

Darcy was a sure man, of convictions.

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I suppose it also depends on whether one is (more of) an Elizabeth or a Jane.

Mr Darcy. I even have an I love Mr Darcy t-shirt.

I feel much like Beatrice in _Much Ado About Nothing_ when she refuses the prince's proposal--"No, my lord, unless I might have another for working-days: your grace is too costly to wear every day." While Darcy is my choice over Bingley, I think that he would be a hard man to live with--however, Knightley from _Emma_--many character traits that make Darcy admirable, but more the "every day" livable version...

Bingley, of course. We've only Austen's opinion against him and the worth of that opinion can be measured in the ease with which she shrugs off Darcy's inexcusable indifference to his responsibility as gaurdian of his sister.

Bingley is a guy liable to listen to his wife or say he's sorry when he ought to say it.
Darcy is a guy who forced Lizzie to accept him for his money alone. His apologies only came after her submission.

I'd definitely go for Darcy simply because he is so passionate and although the woman he loves rejects him in a horrible way at first, he changes for her without entertaining the hope of receiving her affections!
Bingley lets Darcy manipulate him into leaving the woman of his life because he trusts darcys judgement. He's not all for love. Darcy is :)

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Um Darcy.

I barely remember anything about the BingleyxJane plotline, and this is my (possibly) favorite book. Bingley is just so forgettable.

Darcy for sure! Everything about him is so sexy! Even the fact that he cares so much about his sister! Love him!

Mr. Bingley for sure!


Darcy cause he misunderstood but still a hero... and hot.. well in my mind
Bingley .... is wayyyy to stupid... i know he isn't stupid but he acts like he is, by letting others manipulate him ... even toward the woman he loves

Darcy's a much deeper character while Bingley's just this happy smiley guy who doesn't really do anything.

Jane or Elizabeth?

Ooo... I quite like Bingly, but I don't know that I'd be able to handle family get togethers. His sisters are SO awful, and I've lived in a family where the husband's family hates the bride. It makes Christmas quite uncomfortable.

Mr. Darcy is hard to get to know, but we see that in his town, he's well loved. Mr. Darcy actually reminds me a lot of myself. Uncomfortable and rather standoffish in unfamiliar situations. He also doesn't suffer fools lightly and is quick to judge.

So I would likely choose Darcy over Bingly. He's less likely to throw me into situations I don't want to be in.

Mr. Darcy, because I like shy guys and endless discussions. Though I imagine life with Mr.Bingley would be easier and more lighthearted. I am married to a mixture, an intelligent shy guy, who is also very sweet.

Mr Darcy for suuur , i like complexe ppl who challenge me ... Mr Bingly is more like a freind materiel.

Darcy, for his ties to the community, deep pockets, and wry sense of humour.

Mr. Darcy, absolutely!

This is really hard., bingley was so sweet, and such a cutie, but mr Darcy was fierce and passionate.. I love them both :)

No idea. I thought about this recently and found to my surprise the choice was no longer so obvious for me. The ideal man for me is a mixture of both.

Tough one. In the beginning I would choose for Mr. Bingley because yeah Darcy was Darcy. We all know how Darcy was. But then after that Elizabeth had rejected Darcy, he made a whole transformation. He tried to change his actions and let Elizabeth see how he really was. That he wasn't the man she thought. I just really love the character change. So ehm, I would also choose for Mr. Darcy of course! :)

I always thought of Mr. Bingley as sweet and pleasant, but none too bright. A perfect match for Jane. And, I always thought of Mr. Darcy as very smart and, therefore, sexy (for me the two go together: no Vinny Barbarino for me). Darcy was a perfect match for Lizzie. And, for me, or so I though. As I get older, though, one of my favorite quotes from the classic movie Harvey has proved itself to be more and more true.

"Years ago my mother used to say to me, she'd say, 'In this world, Elwood, you must be,' - she always called me Elwood - 'In this world, you must be oh so smart, or oh so pleasant.' Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. You may quote me." Elwood P. Dowd

I'm coming around to Elwood's point of view.

Probably Darcy.

Bingley is awesome, but he's kind of like...hmmm, like your best friend's boyfriend or something.

without a doubt Mr.Dacy


For his kindness, especially. Also, I wouldn't want the huge grand estate (too much work to maintain, too much to live up to), the hateful relatives looking down on me (though I grant you Caroline Bingley is not much fun, but maybe I could get her married off). Just a cozy, financially secure life with a guy who's easygoing.


Mr. Darcy hands down.

We never learned much about Bingley's character other than he lives at Netherfield and is quite easily manipulated.

Renee E Netherfield. Bingley is usually out of left field, lol!
Oct 07, 2014 10:26AM

Neither..although they make excellent characters in my favourite novel of Jane Austen. Before any of you get ready with your pistols and put me within firing range, here's why: Mr.Darcy, the misunderstood stoic man of Lizzie's dreams is also the guy who would most likely stand in the corner of a room during a party, arms crossed and judging the silly merriment of the congregation while you are busy tapping your feet to the ground. On the other hand, would you choose the man who can hardly make up his mind without his dearest friend's say so? Your choice.

Darcy....always Darcy. Bingley would be a great brother.

Mr. Darcy.

Mr. Darcy, I hope one day meet one just like him.
Every time I read the novel or watch the movie I am Jealous from Elizabeth and wish to be with him instead of her.

Mr. Darcy all the way!! I just loved the way that he always loved Elizabeth since he first saw her and throughout the whole book. Mr Darcy is my ideal guy. I love him.


Bingley would likely give me diabetes.

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