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message 1: by Katie (new)

Katie Q- Why do I have to graduate?
A- You have to graduate to get the hang of roleplaying in a big and active group, and it's good practice. Most roleplayers now have been through the newbie rp, like me and Wolf, which we are now moderators.

message 2: by Silver (new)

Silver Q- What if I already know how to roleplay?

A- This is a group rule that everyone who wishes to roleplay in Warriors Lovers, starting in September 2008, must graduate from this group first, regardless of their roleplaying abilities.

message 3: by Katie (new)

Katie Q- How long does it take me to graduate?
A- It depends on how much you roleplay it can take 10 days to 3 months. Most people graduate in 2-3 months, but anything can happen.

message 4: by Silver (new)

Silver Q- What if I was in Warriors Lovers before September of 2008 but I haven't really roleplayed since then?

A- You still need to graduate, but it probably won't take as long!

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