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LJF | 118 comments A book where the MC is a good person- who accidentally killed someone- and is guilt-ridden and has to learn that it's okay to be happy again. Maybe in a car accident, maybe they were a soldier, maybe some other way. Bonus points if MC is suffering from severe PTSD or has recently been released from prison (from manslaughter convictions).

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Rachel | 1531 comments A few which sort of fit the bill:

Driver's Ed - an older YA book about a group of teens who steal a stop sign, which results in someone's death.

Critical Injuries is about a teenager who accidentally shoots a woman during a robbery (she is paralysed, not killed). The woman and the boy who shot her eventually meet as part of his rehabilitation process and try to make peace. If I remember correctly, the boy is either in prison or preparing for his release during the book.

Save Yourself has a character whose dad kills a child in an accident and the sons have to decide whether to turn him in. Nothing from the father's perspective though. Similarly In the Middle of the Night is about a boy whose father caused several deaths by mistake, and the impact it has on the family years later.

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Pamela Love | 1077 comments Lost in the Sun by Lisa Graff. The main character accidentally hit another kid with a puck during a hockey game, and he died. Lost in the Sun

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