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Coleman Crockett “Fever 1793” is about a girl named Mattie Cook who survives the Yellow Fever epidemic in 1793 that spread rapidly through Philadelphia killing people quickly. She finds herself having to figure out how to survive alone while fleeing the city and when she returns to almost nothing.
The book is set in 1793 but even though it is not a true story, it is a fictional book about a real event. There were lots of true parts to the story and lots of history. It is like you are learning history at the same time. The story makes you feel like it really could be someone’s story or journal. The author was really good at describing the setting that it was easy to feel like you were watching a movie in your head while reading.
Mattie keeps having hard trials she has to get through to survive. She flees the city, gets abandoned in the woods, gets sick herself with the fever. She returns to an empty house and store and has to try and rebuild the life she once had at only 14 years old. She deals with thieves and looters and also has to help children around her who lost their parents to the plague. It seems like it is one conflict after another.
I thought the book was great, it was very interesting. Especially the parts where they discussed how they drained the blood from their veins to try and make them better. The way they treated illness and tried to cure people was so crazy back in the 1700’s & 1800’s so different then what we have now. I would recommend this book to friends especially if they like history. I liked that the facts in the book were real history it was cool to learn from this book.

Michaela Pooler This book is my all time favorite! I'm glad I found someone who likes it too!

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