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tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
Here are some pointers for people who might stumble upon this group and not know whether they're welcome or not - or even if they want to join.

What you need to know when you join (or if you're thinking of joining):
1. Everybody's happy to have you, so join anytime you want - you can always leave later (introduce yourself if you're new, in the comments).
2. You need to be a hardcore (or at least softcore) fan (read at least two of the books, loved at least one, have a favorite or three <-- these "requirements" will probably change as the group changes)
3. Should be relatively active and involved (this isn't a necessary, I know people are busy. But try.)
4. Be inclusive, all topics for all ages and people - not just directed to a friend or two.
5. Spread the word! We want all the good fans so we can have good discussions, so if you know anyone who's read and enjoyed at least two of the books, invite them - the last book comes out May 15th, so time is ticking! Theories all around! Let's get the good news out there!
and last: 6. anyone can post a topic, but if it's not about the Penderwicks, it will get deleted at any moment without warning. (that's a warning.)

So thanks for dropping by or even joining, hopefully we can get to know each other and have some fun!

New Member(s) You Should Get To Know

message 2: by Juny (new)

Juny | 66 comments Hola everyone! I'm Juny, I love to read, and I LOVE the Penderwicks (duh that's why I joined this group). I am all for Skeffrey, also I'm a relatively new fan since I just read them last summer, so I've only read them once, so now I'm debating whether I should read them all again before the new one comes out...Thoughts? I kind of want to but then if I don't finish them all by May 15th and the new one comes out then it will feel weird leaving off in the middle. And I have a few other books I am reading and am really busy and so am unsure if I will indeed finish them all by May. This problem happened last year when another of my favorite books came out and I was rereading all the previous ones before it came out and then I didn't finish and tragically I didn't end up reading the newest of the book until like June!

Anyways, Thank you for inviting me to this group!

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Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Hi Juny, welcome to the group! This isn't an easy question because all books have hints, are quite different and very good. I would compare the 5 books with a classic tragedy with 5 acts. The first one ist the character introduction, then a plot development, third the turning point, then plot development and finally the solution. The 5 books are set in Arundel, Gardam Street, Point Moiette, Gardam Street, Arundel.
You should start the fifth book with the fourth in mind because the sisters are grown-up and Lydia will be the narrator. There are the most important events remembered.
But I think you could omit book 2, if you haven't enough time (The Penderwicks at Gardam Street) because there's almost nothing about Jeffrey or essential story hints. It's a lovely book and there are Jantha, Ben, Tommy and Nick introduced, but nothing important happened but the wedding. Book 1 has Arundel. So if you want to refresh the place and the very first meeting with Jeffrey, this is a good deal. Book three has some hints (Jeffrey's family), but the plot isn't essential. Though, there are the most Skeffrey scenes (:
I'm rereading the series because I'm writing a fanfic . A silly idea, but I can't stop because it's done in my head and I'm longing for the happily ever afters ever after book 1.

message 4: by Luna (new)

Luna (lunawashere) | 59 comments Yep WELCOME guys!!! I agree w Verena, because while the 4th book was my least favorite, I think it might be kind of the most important when it comes to reading the fifth in a couple of months! And the first might be like a good reminder to find out where they all began, how they met, and how everything came to be the way it is now.

If you don't have time, don't worry bout it cuz Jeanne Birdsall does a good job of starting where she left off and even tho this book does have like a few years after the fourth, I think it will still be easy without having to go through the whole series again.

I'm prob just gonna skim through them all :))

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tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
Same, I decided I would just skim the first two (because they're more Birdsall trying to figure out what she wants to do and where she wants to go with the series), and then really read hard with the last two and take in as much as possible.

Me, I'm waiting until the end of April to really read - skimming is pretty quick and reading hard is easy when you have 15 days. And besides, I have to wait until it arrives and then once it does it can sit for one or two days while I hurry and finish. idk, tho, that's just how I'm doing it. :)

message 6: by Juny (new)

Juny | 66 comments Oh good thoughts guys! I shall think about it :)

message 7: by tabascosauce (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
whoa guys we lost Esther.

message 8: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Perhaps we aren't interesting enough. Well, perhaps a fan cast, trailer and fic isn't enough. But Luna, Sharla, Juny you can also suggest topics, like discussions, quizzes or polls! We're still a grup/ club and at the moment Twicebaked and me are running our discussion here, but you are always invited and included!!

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tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
lol yeah we're just the water-treaders. Feel free to make a new discussion/topic. Maybe add a couple new ideas to the fan casting, which reminds me, only Verena and Luna have been adding - we need more ideas! This is the pinterest board we've been adding stuff to:

Also we should add Juny and Sharla to the board, so if you guys would follow the board or tell us your users, we could add you as collaborators.

message 10: by Luna (new)

Luna (lunawashere) | 59 comments Ok wait, no one add anything else to the board JUST yet, bc we might be transferring to another account/link.

And Verena, Im sorry I havent been too active, and it sucks that Esther left, but Im in the midst of creating a quiz so Ill share that with you all when Im done.

message 11: by Juny (new)

Juny | 66 comments I've just been really busy but I love this group! I also created a Penderwick quiz on here :) It's kind of simple though, like ten questions or so.
My Pinterest username is @JJ Morrison, and there is a picture of a cat for my profile. I'll follow the board and you'll see me pop up!

message 12: by tabascosauce (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
Luna, you're in charge of giving us the ok. I won't add anymore (I know Anthony Perkins makes stuff blow up sooo), but we do need to know where it is so we can link back to it while we cast more ppl here. Not time sensitive, though.

Yayyy, I'm glad you like the group, Juny. I know people are busy so take your time and as long as you stay involved and know what's going on it doesn't really matter how frequently you post. If you aren't added as a collab on the board, it's nothing personal - we're just waiting for Luna. ;)

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tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
btw if you're creating a poll, Luna, are you creating it on here or somewhere else? bc if you're creating it somewhere else, do others on here so that we can have the majority of our stuff concentrated in one place. Now I really want to make a poll...

message 14: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Nice to hear of you, Juny! But whatever you have to do, it's important and no one forces to contribute here. I'm glad that you love our group!
Well, if we go into the quizzes, we should check that we haven't too similar questions. Luna, I've just taken one of these other Penderwick quizzes ( thanks for the challenge!), but it's quite odd for me sometimes because I have only read it in German and I don't know which words were used in the English original. That's why, I guess, I won't do a quizz. But I'll see what you are doing and perhaps I'll do a Little Women Penderwicks comparison quizz (but this depends on how well you know it and if this is useful), or only a character quiz, I mean something different from your quizzes then and something for which I don't need to know the original words literally. I'm exited to see your quizzes!!

message 15: by Sharla (new)

Sharla (thehonestavocado) | 23 comments hey guys! if I'm not on it's not cause I'm not interested. I'm finishing up exams this week so was kinda busy. is the group switching to a new site?

I have a question about the books:

Which character is your favorite? (I realize that's kind of unfair but do your best)

message 16: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Good luck for your exams, Sharla! I'm also actually a bit afraid that I spoilt my exam because of focusing too much on Penderwicks stuff, but my English became so much better (:
I don't guess that we're switching, the question was related to the place for Luna's quiz, I assume, and the fancast link on Pinterest.

My favorite character was always Jane and I think only because I'm also an imaginative dreamer of writing (Do I seem then also so crazy like her? Some things also happened to me (: ). But I know I should also stress my Skye personality. I actually think I have a bit in common with Batty (I liked her first in book 4) and Rosalind. Probably I'll switch to Lydia in book 5 if she's lost her princess attitude. Then she could beat Jane. But she isn't an original Penderwick, that's why this wouldn't influence the previous books.

message 17: by Luna (new)

Luna (lunawashere) | 59 comments Ok so i deleted my board bc i felt like I dont like putting a certain face on each character, but thats just me personally. the sucky thing is that since i was the owner of the board, and since i deleted it, it deletes from all of ur accounts too so i cant simply leave it. ugh. so what i did was i sent twicebaked all the pins and shes gonna remake the board and add u both as contributors.

and im creating the poll on here and ill send the link in a hour or something; just finishing it up.

and dont worry bout it sharla, good luck. i havent been too active lately either cuz i have sooo muchhh hw. honestly, do teachers just think we dont have a life?? i havent picked up a book for a few weeks agghh.

we should make a topic for which character is our fav. sorry im like a organization freak so is that fine if i make a new one?

message 18: by tabascosauce (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
Sure, go for it. Make lots of topics - currently it's just Verena and me making topics so I really don't care. Anybody can make one as long as it's about the Penderwicks. :) glad you guys are back, but make sure school comes first because I do not want to be held responsible for your failing grades! :P

Also who watched the UMBC/UVA game today??? CRAZYYYY! (it's basketball, that's all) My bracket is so bust.

I'll be over to vote on your poll either today or tmrw, tho, Luna. I love polls lol - and yeah I'll get the board up asap, though that's not very promising if you know me ;) but I'll try. ik it's kind of hard to imagine them when you have a face in your head. It's no fun so don't worry if you're not into the fan casting, np.

Oh btw Sharla we were just talking about the Pinterest board. This group is going nowhere (in a good way haha). My favorite character is Skye. Or Nick. Or Jeffrey. Female: Skye; Male: Jeffrey. Because Nick only started being awesome in the fourth, and Jeffrey's been consistently awesome the whole series. OK I'm done now! No more long comments today :P

message 19: by Sharla (new)

Sharla (thehonestavocado) | 23 comments Hahaha! What about Jane? She's also pretty rad, but she just doesn't have that connection with Jeffrey like Skye does. So I feel that's why she's not on the top of my list.

Oh pinterest board noice! I love pinterest. I found some cool fanart some people made of the Penderwicks on there. I will try to share it. Some of it was good some of it wasn't but hey it was cool.

message 20: by tabascosauce (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
I saw some Rosalind fan art that Luna pinned - it was pretty good. Her hair was sweeeet. :P I'll get the link to the new Pinterest board up soon, and then you guys follow it and I can make you collaborators.

Jane's fiiine (sorry Verena) but idk she's too...flowy and flowery for me.

Oh I forgot about Iantha. I love Iantha, she's a doll.

message 21: by Sharla (new)

Sharla (thehonestavocado) | 23 comments Iantha is amazing too! I also love their Aunt Claire.

Also, does anyone think that Jeffrey's dad will be married in this last book?

message 22: by tabascosauce (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
I hope Mrs. TDM will have an eye opener moment and they'll get back together and Jeffrey will be happy but I don't think that's a thing. :( I bet both parents will be married - just not to each other.

Aunt Claire is the best - I was so excited when I read about her and Turon getting together. Sweetest match ever <3

message 23: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
I agree, Jantha is one of my favorite characters and she would be my favorite sister if she was one of the sisters. That's why I have great expectations for Lydia. Jantha+ Mr. Penderwick (and Latin was always my favorite subject), I mean it would be cool if she could connect the family and share some similarities with everyone.
If Mrs Tifton and Alec got together, that would be awesome! I've also thought of that, but this depends on if Alec would go with Jeffrey on tour in Europe, possibly with Batty (Jeffey promised in book 4, worst case for Skeffrey!)
Aunt Claire and Turron is a rare romance in the series, but I would prefer to see the the sisters happy in love. I really like Aunt Claire (I definetely would when she gave me so many books like in book 2 (: )

message 24: by Luna (new)

Luna (lunawashere) | 59 comments guys can make we change th group name if possible? cuz like I feel like Skye is just as important and Nick so like we could do the Nick Geiger+skeffrey fan club?

message 25: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
I wouldn't mind, but see what the others say. We should stress our "belief" in Skeffrey (:

message 26: by tabascosauce (last edited Mar 19, 2018 01:01PM) (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
yeah idrc, but idk about the others...? (you could make a poll, get everyone's input)

message 27: by Juny (new)

Juny | 66 comments I'm good if you want to change it :)

message 28: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
I actually remember that the original name included Skeffrey. It's my fault because I complaint about too much Skye and Jeffrey in the name. ( Skeffrey instead of Jeffrey would be a fair change).

message 29: by tabascosauce (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
oh did it? I totally don't remember, obviously :P

Sounds like most of us don't care, so change it whenever. We can always change it back if we don't like it :D

message 30: by Sharla (new)

Sharla (thehonestavocado) | 23 comments Change it to Skeffrey!

message 31: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Apparently, I'm too stupid to invite you, but I made a Penderwicks quizz:
A kind of warm-up (:

message 32: by tabascosauce (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
sweeet! That was a ton of fun, mostly bc I knew the answers lolol. You should make an even harder one (maybe after the last one comes out) - I loved when I got to Ryan Gosling lolol <3

message 33: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Yes, I'll do it (:

message 34: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Dear Penderfriends and Skeffrey shippers,
We have a new member here!
Welcome Emily, thank you, you are a faithful, loyal Skeffrey fan and so we are six now in the group.
We have a poll, a fanfic and some quizzes, sections with literature references, and of course a lot of discussions.
And second, how should we handle now the last book, The Penderwicks at last. I have read it carefully now and it was hard not to be persuaded by Birdsall. So, what's our club life now after worst case? I guess most of you (but not all) didn't like it, but what will be the Skeffrey legacy? Is a sensible, peaceful discussion apart from spread glimpses of shock possible?
Or do you want to forget it and don't talk.
I mean it's clear that Birdsall had planned it entirely because you just have to look at the endings, that we see Jane and Skye framing Batty and Jeffrey. Just one last word: What annoyed me most was Birdsall's try to expell all thoughts about Skeffrey and also to move Skye away from the scenery.
OK, short and good: Welcome Emily, and now WE have to rethink the purpose and value of Skeffrey fandom.

message 35: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Welcome Mona!
Now we are seven!

message 36: by Emily (new)

Emily Grace | 1 comments Thank you guys for the warm welcome!! :)

message 37: by tabascosauce (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
YES! Skeffrey fans unite! I think we should keep talking about it, and maybe then we'll have some good points for Birdsall to write a sixth and right that wrong (write that wrong? ok that fell flat). I wish the fifth weren't in the series but were maybe a side story like hey for you Baffrey shippers, here's something to be happy about (ew). So I say keep discussing. And send lots of letters of protest to Birdsall.

message 38: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
We have to pass it to her agent since you can't reach Birdsall directly.
I guess there's enough here to post it.
What Birdsall should have done is perhaps write like some modern authors different possible ends: like a end with Batty, one with Skye (main part!) and perhaps one with Jane for the JJ shippers ( yes, they exist). You can't write like about a couple and then just in the end: They broke off and found finally worthy matches... That's Alcott style in Jo's Boys..
Did anyone look at Birdsall's book "My favorite pets" from 2015? I guess she was more influenced by her animal love than the Penderwicks. It's about sheep at a farm and some things like reading to sheep and it's about a guy called Gus ( by the way, the name of the guy who wants to marry Marlene Robinette). Birdsall recycles too much!

OK, some fun fact odds:
Ben sounds like Oliver (or perhaps Nick?) -he's braggy and loves disturbing movies- what do you think? It's nice anyway that he calls Skye his favorite sister.
Lydia's stay away love chant seems to be based on Swan Lake theme. - but not fitting exactly. I just wanted to mention it because I had Swan Lake theme song also in my fanfic and probably no one noticed it in Birdsall's book. It's nice anyway to include Swan Lake..(: But Birdsall should have watched the Swan Princess movie - one of my major reasons for Skeffrey.
The idea of a music college is similar to Plumfield in Little Women. I had Penderwick Paradise for Skye and Jeffrey also in my fanfic because I was afraid that Birdsall wanted a music school and that's why forced Batty and Jeffrey together. But this can't be faithful LW because Jo was supposed to get Plumfield. Is Batty Jo??? Or just random elements?

OK, more I don't remember at the moment...

message 39: by tabascosauce (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
ewww I really did NOT NOT NOT like the idea of turning Arundel into a SCHOOL. That's just terrible, a beautiful mansion turned school, gross, that's like The Wolves of Willoughby Chase themed. Don't like that at all.

message 40: by Juny (new)

Juny | 66 comments Yeah I would rather have it just be their house or summer house or something.

message 41: by tabascosauce (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
Same, even if it's Baffrey living there :(((

message 42: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Now at last avialable on Goodreads creative writing (until Birdsall sees it and removes it)

message 43: by tabascosauce (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
Yes! I'm reading it now :)

message 44: by Verena (last edited Oct 12, 2018 02:41AM) (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Why are so many good reviews? I really can only explain it that Birdsall managed to lull the brain of her readers. It's not only Skeffrey. Actually, I guess that the disappointed readers are the one who reread the series and not just have the The Penderwicks in spring and a little bit of the fist book in mind.

message 45: by tabascosauce (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
Yeah that would make sense bc rlly if you've read the whole series (or are more familiar with the first cpl ones) then you get a better feel for the girls and you feel more attached to Skeffrey, I hadn't thought of that tho

message 46: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
I mean following points:
Who was in The Penderwicks in Spring a big role, managed to jump in the last one (but still without Artie - I really assume that he was like Ginevra a side character, Pearson - he was only mentioned together with random friends, and Keiko - perhaps Batty has not contact to her friend from fifth grade?
And just reading the Penderwicks in Spring, you see Skye just rejecting Jeffrey and here in the last book, Birdsall didn't show any memories and even not them together. Skye was turned into Jo (proof: Skye's hair is short in Spring), and Batty turned into Amy, with becoming a singer and going into a mentore-relationship. I really think that Skye was the main character of the three previous books, but in the Spring Batty is the main character and that's why the other sisters are faded.
I'm still wondering if this was planned entirely, but I guess the first possible fix point was the second half of The Penderwicks at Point Mouette. When Batty talks about marrying Jeffrey, and Jane points out that Batty would marry Jeffrey anyway, and in the end Batty arrives together with Jeffrey and Alec in the car - but that's all only a possibility, it's still open.
And actually what made me most mad is that Alice tells Lydia that her father Cagney told her that Batty kept talking about marrying Jeffrey at Arundel.
I mean Batty said it once in the first book, but no more , and neither Jeffrey nor Cagney got to know it. In the second book, Batty doesn't mention it. In the end, you see Jeffrey with Jane and Skye framing him and Batty on his arm. (I think Batty said "I like you so much!"). Then Skye and Jeffrey, Tommy and Jane are tickling each other. This doesn't count pro Batty.
And okay, Batty talks about marrying Jeffrey at Point Mouette, and Jeffrey shows first Skye the moose, and later Barry, but here Skye and Jeffrey are so close and Skye even does like music there. When Jeffrey and Batty have their first piano concert, (which isn't mentioned again. Even in case of Batty and Jeffrey I would miss this memory.). Since the fourth book, Batty doesn't remember wanting to marry Jeffrey and even doesn't understand, when Skye tells her. In the last book, Batty still isn't in love with Jeffrey, and that's why it feels like LaLaland. There's a gap and actually, also the departure of Wesley is as sad as in Lalaland.
And Birdsall didn't put work in Mrs. Tifton's back story. She's just the crazy marriage huntress like in the fourth book and I liked the hints in the previous books and tried to work it out in my fanfic.
I think the similarity to Lalaland is also the disappointment. Have a couple, and they declare they aren't suited for each other, the girl marries a random man, and the boy is a jazz pianist.

message 47: by Verena (last edited Oct 12, 2018 02:42AM) (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
I have just skimmed Point Mouette again. It's really hard to tell because there Batty calls Jeffrey the only boy she likes. And Skye says that she doesn't want to marry Jeffrey. But this is actually the realistic part. Skye is 12. Batty is 4. It's growing.
And actually, I'm still Team Skeffrey.
By the way, Skye dances with Jeffrey. She enjoys Batty's concert. She listens to him, when he's talking about music. And in chapter 16, this is what me persuaded to Skeffrey.
Last odd: Alec's dog was Hoover, in The Penderwicks at last he comes with a dog called Dyson. WTF, how careless and poor is this book written?

message 48: by Juny (new)

Juny | 66 comments Alec could've gotten a new dog, I mean it has been more than 10 years since the third book and Hoover probably wasn't a puppy in that book so it makes sense that he could've died :(
And it's crazy that Skye and Jeffery has had so many moments together as you pointed out the dancing and the moose talk in the third book, the first book when they're in the music room together, the moments we don't even get to see in the in between years of the third and fourth books...and then in the last book KAPUT! She didn't even make an effort to make it seem like they were still friends and happy about it....Blah!

message 49: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
I changed the Penderwicks wikipedia article a bit. I mean for Little Women purposes. I'll take care of Nick now.

message 50: by tabascosauce (last edited Jun 04, 2018 04:47PM) (new)

tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
UGH GUYS THAT IS SO TRUE, all of it!! ikr? Juny you put it rlly well - the relationship just fizzles out, it bugs me so much! Birdsall builds on the relationship the WHOLE SERIES, so what the heck is up with her just throwing it out the window like ???

no do not break, whatever you do, Verena - you're still Team Skeffrey ok? NO FREAKING MATTER WHAT!!!! Get that in your head and keep it there because we can't afford to lose any more supporters! Think of how cute they would be together and how disgusting Baffrey is bc they are seriously SEVEN YEARS APART. 🤮🤮🤮 she was ten when he was seventeen. That is so much NO.

and s/o to all the people who had the courage to reread any of the previous books, you guys are so brave. I looked at Point Mouette on my shelf and felt like crying all over ugh that book is so chock full of cute Skeffrey moments

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