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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA Thriller, possibly prom-themed; high school girl falls for sociopath obsessed with his ex. Written 1993 or earlier.

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Heather (finraziel) | 13 comments I was in the sixth grade in 1993 when I read this YA paperback. It seems the plot was about a high school girl who was so flattered to be on the receiving end of attention from a hot guy that she kept ignoring all the warning signs. I think he was obsessed with his ex-girlfriend and kept projecting her onto the main character to the point where he even used his ex's name for her. Eventually she realized his plan was to murder her at their prom or homecoming dance, which is where he is finally arrested.

I mostly remember the cover of this book, so that might be more helpful. It is a back view of the antagonist. His arm is hidden behind his back and in his fist he is clenching a black rose. I think his fingers are bloody. It was close up so you don't see his head or legs. His back was like 3/4 of the front cover.

I might have the plot details mixed up with any number of teen thrillers of the era but the cover of the book is the main thing I remember.

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