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Jenny Clark I thoroughly enjoyed reading the work of debut novelist David Tooby. His command of descriptive language paints a beautiful picture of the landscape that serves as the background to this thoughtful novel which entwines the lives of a group of brothers, friends and acquaintances in the far north west of Australia. I quickly became immersed with the characters, their traits and relationships, be it with each other, the landscape or acquaintances that lead to the exploration of current social complexities.

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Kylie Outtrim David Tooby has delivered a debut novel as eloquent and poetic as it is heart-stopping and gripping. Written with a sharp eye and a love and understanding of the landscape, it demands of the reader to feel and to question in equal measure. I happily put my life on hold to finish it.

Craig Gripping novel with captivating events and characters that keep you reading. The main protagonist reaffirms their resolve that inaction is the easy way out; challenging both themselves and consequently the characters around them. This fisherman’s adventure is well presented, giving insight into a lifestyle little known, in a landscape that is seen to be unyielding.

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