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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay)

Kylie McGinnis
[ 26 years old | bisexual ]
[ 5'7" | 130lbs | toned ]
[ dress pants | pencil skirts | blouses | plain heels | assorted earrings ]

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments alrighty :)

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments Paitent 33142
Appearance: https://media.gettyimages.com/photos/...

Name: Jackson A Rheed
Age: 24 DoB: May 1
Height: 6'3" Weight: 210.8#
Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual
Marital Status: None/Single

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Tone: Pale/Ivory

Date of Admission: January 16, 2012 (six years ago)
Physical Condition Upon Admission: Very Poor, Weak with multiple bruises, malnutrition, broken nose and multiple joints out of place- possibly from an altercation
Mental Condition Upon Admission: Very hostile and aggressive when he woke up. Jackson demanded to be left alone and cursed at nurses and doctors. He was restrained.

Diagnosis: Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD), Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED)
Treatment Script: Will not attend group sessions, regular visits with a psychiatrist and behaviorist
Medications: AS OF JUNE 2017:: Alprazolam 2.5 mg 2x a day, Lithium 600mg 3x a day, any form of sedation as needed

Previous Admissions: April 12, 2010
Previous Discharges: September 9, 2011

NOTES: Since his most recent admission, Jackson has been held responsible for (17) altercations and has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act on November 3, 2015. He refuses treatment and most nurses and doctors fear him. According to the California Court of Law, Jackson Rheed is too unstable for a prison confinement

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) (Awesome, link works now : ) I have a lot of female face claims to choose from so if there's any physical appearance preferences you have like hair or eye color, they're more than welcome xD Since she has to be a professional, she obviously can't look too crazy, but would you prefer someone pretty normal looking or maybe someone a little interesting? Like tattoos (she'd cover them at work obviously) and maybe unusually colored hair, stuff like that?

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments Hm, maybe. a little on the shorter side, but otherwise i really don’t have any prefaces.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) http://25.media.tumblr.com/b804a0905f...

I was thinking her maybe? She’d wear long sleeves of course so all the tattoos would be covered. But potentially hiding a weirder side that maybe she and your character end up bonding over?

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments Yeah. sounds great :)

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) What are some of his interests/hobbies? Both when he's in the ward and when he has full freedom

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments Over all probably music and working in the tattoo shop, but he can’t really have those in the ward so he’s pretty much resulted to sulking around angrily. I’m going to say, secretly I want him to be like super romantic n shit. (not really a hobby though)

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Ahaha I can work with that. In the tattoo shop is he one of the artists then? Maybe after a time she could arrange for 'art' therapy, allow him to sketch or draw things while in session or something? And maybe if I make her a bit softer in attitude towards him, it slowly pulls the romantic out of him? I'm thinking she might like a bit of weirdness in the bedroom when possible, but she'd prefer someone loving and loyal over top of that.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments sounds great.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) I will try to get her profile posted up tonight at some point, but it’ll only be very bare bones and a lot of blanks since I don’t have the time right now to fully sit down and fill it out. I’m actually going on a 99% rp hiatus for the next two weeks because of all this crap I have to get done for school, so I won’t be posting much, if at all, during that time. Sorry about just starting an rp and then ditching it for that length of time .-. But I’ve never had a 20 page paper to write before and rp is very distracting, it turns out xD I will be back though, and when I am I can hopefully finish filling in her profile and we can actually get started

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments that’s fine. i know what you mean lmao. i’m totally procrastinating from all my classes.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Latest I’ve ever left an assignment was thursday night when it was due friday, like yesterday friday. Omg. So glad to be done. If you’re still interested in this, I can get my character’s profile up in a day or two :)

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments totally :)

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Done!

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments i’ll have my post up tomorrow. :)

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments It was a typical day in the Common Rooms, a typical sitcom on one of the many televisions, patients shuffling around in their sweats as nurses and orderlies try to calm some down and keep a mild peace. It disgusted him. His first day back and they had already threatened him back to Unit 2, not that that bothered him any. He had made his place and an everlasting impression in there.

Jackson was wearing sweatpants and a tight fit white shirt, his tattoos visible under the fabric. The grey pants hung low on his waist as he leaned against the wall. His bright hazel eyes flicked around the room, taking in the familiar place. Though he had only been here less than a day, he had already been restrained and taken back to his 'room'- the equivalent of a jail cell- only to come back without permission, earning him getting scolded by some very short orderly, the one that nicknamed him 'The Incredible Hulk'. Like he'd listen to her.

The public called him a criminal, the doctors called him unstable, his aunt called him misunderstood, and he agreed with none of that. It was true, Jackson had issues but he refused to believe it. In fact, he convinced himself that there was nothing wrong with him and that this was all a big mistake.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) ((Given her job as a psychiatrist, I don't know if Kylie would be out on the public floor ever? I feel like she'd live in her office when she's on shift because of the sheer number of patients she'd be dealing with))

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments //Maybe, I know that sometimes they do go out on rare occasions- visiting uncooperative patients in rooms or just making sure everything is running as smoothly as possible. She may just check back because it is his first day back from the behavioural unit.

message 21: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) ((She would have met/assessed/had a or some session(s) with him already then?))

message 22: by kate~ (last edited Apr 17, 2018 12:25PM) (new)

kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments //yes before he was taken to the separate unit, but not now because he had just returned

message 23: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) ((So she would have a while ago, but hasn't seen him for a while because he was separated. But now that he's back, he would start seeing her again. Is that correct? How many 'sessions' would he have had with her prior?))

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments //Correct :)) And maybe three or four.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Kylie surveyed the open space as she came into the room. She didn’t often visit the common area, but once in a while tried to observe her patients in a less formal setting, see how they were doing. Today she was here specifically for Jackson, though. To observe covertly, and then approach if it looked possible without him reacting badly. He’d got himself thrown more or less in solitary, and Kyle was worried the progress they’d made—what little there was—had gone out the window. It was really hard to work with someone with Jackson’s disorders. Which wasn’t to say Kyle didn’t want to, just that something like being taken away from the public spaces could make him back step.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments With a heavy sigh, he pushed himself to stand straight and ran a hand through his hair. The room smelled like old people as Jackson pushed himself into a chair in the corner. He knew the doctor chick was back, having heard mumbles from orderlies around the institution. Did she come to check up on Jackson, making sure he was a good boy? Puh-lease. The day had barely started and he was already on edge and annoyed.
Soon, an orderly approached him with medications and water he would (most likely) childishly refuse. Eyeing up the poor nurse with daring, hazel eyes, he cocked an eyebrow and a smirk fixed his lips. He took the cup of water and set it aside before taking the cup of pills and glancing over at a group of patients before dumping the pills in the water and stood before pushing by the woman. In no mood for her, he stopped in his tracks as she started her spiel about why he needed to take them because "he'd get to leave sooner." Spoiler alert- he was probably never getting out- even if he did take the damn medication or follow the damn rules and therapy blah, blah, blah. Whatever. He was acting like an angsty, angry teenager- to be honest, he had never really grown out of that or had a chance to. Jackson walked away, ignoring her telling him to come back and listen to her.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Kyle sighed to herself as she observed. What little progress they had made together was far from noteworthy, but she still felt like what she’d just witnessed was a back step. Once he was away from the group, she approached. Casual stride, coming partially from the side instead of the front. Less confrontational that way. Concern showed in her soft smile, like she not only wanted to say hi but also ask how he was doing—how she could help. “I would have thought you’d be relieved to be out of solitary, Jackson.”

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments Jackson pursed his lips when she approached him. “I’m still here, aren’t I?” he retorted sassily. He had met with Kylie a few times before being sent to the other unit. He had always been a bit more sharp with her, but had never done her any physical harm- unlike many of the other personnel in the hospital.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Unlike a lot of the other staff, Kylie was very hard to ruffle. No doubt she'd gotten training as part of her job; a lot of patients would get defensive talking about the things they were supposed to with her. She wasn't a very tall woman, but her face and eyes were sharp, hinting at the ferocity hiding underneath. How she kept it so tame was anyone's guess. To Jackson's comment, she simply smiled and nodded. "True. But you can now walk around more than an 8 by 8 cell. That has to better, right? I know the socializing here isn't the best, but you aren't alone at all hours of the day anymore at least."

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments "You act like being shoved into another box of schizophrenics is a dream." He muttered shortly as he walked. Rubbing a tattooed arm with a tattooed hand, feeling another bruise from an IV treatment only a few days ago. In Unit Two, Jackson had refused medication so much that they began to sedate him and give them to him through IV every three days. Jackson took a turn in the hall back to his 'jail cell'- or room- though patients weren't permitted back until four that afternoon. He refused to say much to Kylie- or anyone for that matter

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "No. Of course not. That has its own set of difficulties. The system has shortcomings, I admit. But being in solitary like that isn't good for, Jackson. You need space, socialization... a life. You don't belong in here and we both know that. You deserve to get out of here and live the life you're supposed to have. But you need to give yourself a chance to do that. You keep shooting yourself in the foot here." She followed him, walking a little fast in order to keep up with him since he was so much taller, but otherwise calm.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments Rolling his eyes, Jackson chuckled under his breath. "Oh, really? Now how can that be when the world thinks I'm a criminal?" Hearing her footsteps behind him, he wished he could just break her toes to end the sound. Jackson was skeptical of every living a 'normal life' and not just because of a record and a bad temper

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) “Prove them wrong.” She said it so emphatically it was hard to doubt it as truth. “It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, only you. If you think better of yourself, you’ll do better and people will catch on that they should hire you or be your friend or whatever it is you want from them. You view yourself as a criminal right now. Like you deserve being here, or will never get out. The first change you need to make is that attitude. You’re just feeding the cycle by thinking that.” Her words were firm, but her tone had the warmth of a mother trying to give advice to her son.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments Jackson was losing his temper with her quite quickly. What didn't she understand about this whole ordeal? He was viewed as a monster, a criminal, and quite honestly, he had long ago given up on being able to change people's mind. Once the public got a grasp of bad news, they wouldn't forget it, but he got used to it- people walking quickly away from him afraid, the stares, the lack of eye contact. "Yeah, okay." He said, hoping that at least acting like he agreed wouldn't show his annoyance.
Walking into his 'room', he stretched out his arms and sat on his bed. He hadn't missed it here, but at least it was a bit more comfortable than Unit Two.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) She sighed. "You don't believe me. Jackson..." she stopped in the doorway, looking disappointed. "You've been in and out of places like this for how long? And through all that, the one thing that hasn't changed is your attitude. Wouldn't it be worth a shot to change that and see if it can make things better? You know nothing else is going to work. But you can't give up. You deserve--" her voice cracked then and she seemed to realize she'd made a mistake allowing so much emotion to show through. Once she was in control of her voice again, she lowered her shoulders and straightened them, trying to be professional again. "You deserve so much more than this, Jackson. You are more than this. And it pains me to see you throwing that all away without even trying." She took a couple steps back, looking towards the common area and then back again. "I'll be around if you end up feeling like talking, okay?"

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments Jackson looked at her as she went on in a spiel he had heard a thousand times before. With a raised eyebrow he left off a chuckle. “Right.” He smirked.
The rest of Jackson’s day was pretty much the same as always, pace his room, over think and get pissed off, punch a wall or two, lie down and cool off before being dragged out to the commons by orderlies. He usually put up quite a fight against them, one of them ending up with a bloody nose or bruises or the sort before they pushed him into the open with the crazies. Jackson felt like he didn’t belong here- hell, he knew it. These people were insane! They saw things and shit! With a huff, he shoved himself into a chair

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Kylie was busy the next few hours with patients, but during her breaks her mind always strayed to Jackson. He didn't belong here. But it wasn't as easy as signing discharge papers and letting him out. He had things to deal with, things that jail wouldn't help with. But this kind of environment wasn't helping very much either. She didn't know what to do. She had a couple years experience, but was more or less brand new to the field and constantly consulting outside sources for help. She couldn't understand how, even though he didn't feel he belonged here, he made no attempt to get himself out. He had will for everything else, so why was it broken for this? She made a couple notes and supposed the only thing she could do was talk about it in their next session, arranged for a few days from now now that he was back in the commons.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments As he sat, Jackson thought to himself. Maybe it was best they just locked away from everyone, unable to cause any more hurt or damage to anyone but himself. It was useless to be discharged anyway. His thoughts were interrupted when someone sat beside him. It was one of the schizophrenic patients coming to warn him that the cereal in the cafe was from the government and not to trust it. Jackson 'listened' to his spiel before pushing himself to stand and walk away. After the persistent man followed him to another seat, he gave a 'fuck off' before snapping at him and walking into the back towards his room.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) ((Should we skip to the session? Kylie isn't likely to have lots of floor time over the next couple days. Probably manages it one a week, maybe twice if she's lucky))

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments //go ahead :)

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Kyle didn’t have time to come collect every patient when they could be just about anywhere in the building. Nurses brought them in. Some fighting, some giving in, some in between. She waited behind her desk, leaning back to seem more casual, as Jackson was brought in. She wore black jeans, a light blue dress shirt, and a black suit jacket. Her hair was down today and she was wearing black frame glasses. Smiled politely, softly, as Jackson came in, regardless of if he was struggling against the nurses or not.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments Jackson was in typical institution clothes- heather grey sweatpants and a white t-shirt. He fought against the orderlies, arms and elbows thrown as they dragged him along, curses exchanged. Being shoved into the office, the man huffed, slouching in a chair opposite her desk, the shirt's fabric tight and showing his tattoos

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) “You don’t have to fight them, Jackson. They aren’t bringing you anywhere awful. I know you probably don’t like being in here with me, but you also know I don’t like making you do anything you don’t want to unless it has a high likelihood of being able to help you.” She pushed back from her desk a little bit, slipping out of her shoes so she could cross her legs in her chair, hoping to make this feel a bit more casual.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments His hazel eyes looked at her before his hands laced together. "Nowhere awful, huh? And yet, I'm still here." Jackson restlessly pulled at his fingers as he watched her every move. She definitely was a pretty thing but he didn't trust her just yet. Kylie was in authority here and he was not a fan.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "I mean my office, Jackson. Nothing bad is going to happen to you while you're in here. I want this to be a safe space for you. Nothing you say in here leaves this room. Nothing you say in here will get you in trouble." She looked at him with a hard to read expression, part yearning or longing maybe. She rubbed at her ankles, tucked under legs. Shifted in the chair to pull her knees up and lean against one of the arm rests. "This will never be an interrogation, Jackson. At least, I never intend it that way."

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments He rolled his eyes. Not an interrogation? Yeah, right. “So you’re just going to ask questions and act like its just causal smalltalk.” Jackson passed his tongue over his lip and ran a tattooed hand through his hair, giving a laugh.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) “Of course not. Not if we’re not talking about small talk topics. But I don’t want you to feel attacked or that I’m trying to pry it out of you. That’s a dentist’s job, not mine. If you aren’t comfortable talking about the bigger things yet, it can wait. You don’t trust me, I understand that. I work for this place, so you probably think I’m a terrible person. They don’t treat you that well here, either, I know that too. I should tell you it’s budget, which it is somewhat. But a lot of people here just don’t take their jobs seriously. Don’t care anymore. I do. I want to help. Authentically. I don’t want to drown you in meds that make you feel dissociated or groggy if you don’t need them. I don’t want you in this facility if you don’t need to be. But I can’t assess either of those things unless you work with me.”

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 415 comments “Then let me ask you a question,” he shifted his weight in his chair. “What do you think it is?” Jackson looked at her. “If you’ve studied this so much, why am I so fucked up? Or am I just a pretty little boy with mommy issues and a temper like his father?” he needed to test his waters with her.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) “I don’t want to give it a name before I’ve talked to you. Yes other doctors have made notes and I’ve read them. But I want my own opinion. I don’t take what others say as blind fact. You do seem very angry, and you do have a lot of issues. But that’s what it means to be human. It’s not the issues you have that’s put you in here. It’s how you deal with them. You have the ability to handle yourself better, and when you get there, everything will get better for you. I want to help get you to that point. Yes, we’ll have to talk about some hard things. But you’re not just a mental patient, Jackson. You’re a human being. You have your own emotions, opinions, perspectives, memories... and I want to respect those. I want to use those to help you. I don’t want to ‘fix’ you. That suggests you’re broken. You just operate differently than most people. And because the world likes things a certain way, that makes things difficult for you. I want to make them easier.”

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