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Jess | 995 comments Here's the second one

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Jess | 995 comments Hmm I prefer mxm but fxf would be fine as well

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Jess | 995 comments Yikes d.e.c.i.s.i.o.n.s lol. Uhm fxf for this one then if that's alright.

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Jess | 995 comments Cool is there anything you want to discuss before we do characters?

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Jess | 995 comments Nope I'm good

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Jess | 995 comments Sounds good

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Jess | 995 comments hmm early 20's?

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Jess | 995 comments Sweet

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Jess | 995 comments
Name : Aileen Skye Foster
Nicknames : Prefers Skye
Age : 24
D.O.B. : June 26th
Sexuality : Lesbian

Appearance :


She has this tattoo on the back of her neck
(view spoiler)

This one is on the inside of her left wrist
(view spoiler)

Likes :
♡ Musical Theatre
♡ Books
♡ Acting
♡ Baking
♡ Nightime
♡ The city

Dislikes :
♥ College
♥ Mornings
♥ College
♥ Skirts
♥ People telling her she's going through a phase
♥ Retail
♥ C.o.l.l.e.g.e


Skye snuck a hamster into her dorm on a dare


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Jess | 995 comments Zendaya is my fave I love her

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Jess | 995 comments lol yea

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Jess | 995 comments
Aileen groaned, her roommate was going to have her head her not only did the whole place smell like booze, but there was a very large, very real looking pentagram in the middle of the kitchen. She really hoped that was red paint and not blood although now that she thought about it where would her friends get blood and when did they bring paint? Aileen couldn't remember anyone bringing paint tonight than again she doesn't remember a lot of last night, just snippets of other people drinking, a very drunk game of Mario Kart, and she believes someone was chanting Latin sometime during the night. Ugh her head hurt thinking about it, now that her friends had left she was reminded of how much it hurt and why she'd gotten drunk in the first place and now that she remembered she wanted to get drunk all over again. However she was out of alcohol a fact she confirmed by scrounging through her fridge for the twelfth or fifteenth time. With a sigh she closed her fridge, well if she couldn't get drunk might as well try to kill her headache. Aileen opened up the cabinet where they kept the painkillers, she grabbed the first bottle she felt not bothering to even try to read the label. She wasn't able to read without her glasses and she'd left those in her room when she stumbled out of bed that morning, which in retrospect was an extremely terrible idea because not only was she suffering from a hangover she was half blind as well. Aileen walked over to her coffee machine thanking the heavens that she'd had half a mind to start it, she quickly poured herself a cup and washed the painkillers down. With that taken care of she could finally relax and sit... ok maybe not sit, the table looked like someone had been recently murdered on it. Desperate times called for desperate measures, she'd have to sit on the couch and if her roommate caught her than so be it. With that thought in mind Aileen began to head over to the couch, except she'd forgotten about the open cabinet door and like the idiot she was, she ran right into it. "Jesus fuckin Christ," she said thankful she hadn't spilled her coffee as well, she supposed there were small mercies in her current situation.

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Jess | 995 comments ((Hmmm i mean really it's up to you, whether she was there the whole night or if she just got there. It's really up to what you want to do))

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