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мαr ♚ | 264 comments Last of the Dogmen:
--Spotted Wolf
--Little Moon
--Running Creek
--Standing Tall

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мαr ♚ | 264 comments It was getting late, the sun was just starting to dip down under the mountain peaks surround the Montana Oxbow, Lewis took his hat off to run a hand over his graying hair just to plop the hat back on his head immediately afterward as he watched the sunset, he was supposed to meet an archeologist here, his fingers drummed against his arm impatiently as he waited, continuing to watch, patting his mares neck, she nickered in response and he smiled a bit.

Renée let out a sigh as she sat down on the hood of her Ford Fusion, across the road she could see what looked to be a cowboy with his horse, watching the same beautiful sunset that she was watched. She pushed a piece of her red hair out of her eyes and stared up at the sky, lost in the beauty of the ever changing colors of the clouds. She leaned back against her cars grill and shut her eyes for a moment, opening them again as the sky had already changed when her eyes were shut for just a split moment.

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