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мαr ♚ | 264 comments Music could be heard easily from outside of the Gilley's Bar, Sissy smiled as she walked through the doubles doors, nodding to Marshallene who was working behind the counter as usual, she ordered herself a beer and turned around, leaning against the counter. No where near as many people came into Gilley's during the day as they did at night, there had to be some twenty people tree including Sissy, which was not even close to the number of people that came after the sun goes down. She pushed her black cowboy hat back on her head, taking another drink of her beer as she looked around, not looking anywhere in particular.

Marshall stood next to the dance floor, beer in hand which he raised when he saw Sissy, letting out a whoop then looking away, back at the dance floor where a beautiful blonde was just dancing away, she was one of the only ones on the dance floor, and by the looks of things she didn't care what everyone thought about her style of dancing, she just wanted to dance. And that's what Marshall likes in a woman, someone who doesn't give a hoot what other people think about what she does and who she is.

Coreen sat at the counter, a glass of tequila in her hand, she had gotten fired off of her job today, and wasn't really in the mood to go home, so instead she went to Gilley's, which was normal, Coreen was almost always at Gilley's. But so were many others, drinking down the rest of her tequila she ordered another, and it was served to her a few moments after she had asked for it. "Now that's what I call good service," she murmured under her breath and took a drink out of her newly filled glass.

Steve had his feet resting on one of the tables by the dance floor, he, like most of the people here were part of the Gilley's staff. And like always during the day, it was slow. He couldn't wait for the sun to go down and everything to get louder as people poured in through the double doors. Smiling to himself he watched the dance floor, taking a drink out of his bottle of beer by his feet on the table before setting it back down and leaning his head back, lacing his fingers together and placing his hands behind his head.

Coral~walking~among~the~stars | 25 comments Bud let out an uneasy sigh as he pulled into the Gilley's parking lot, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal the white V-neck tee shirt underneath. He climbed out of his black Ford pickup and adjusted the fit of his black cowboy hat before walking through the double doors, he settled at the counter and ordered a beer, looking over at the dark brunette not to far from where he sat. Staring at her for a moment Bud took a long swig from his bottle of beer, turning around and leaning against the counter, crossing his legs, watching the dance floor and taking swigs from his beer every now and then along with casting sideways glances at the brunette.

On the dance floor, Julie was dancing away, her blonde hair moving with the way her body moved, after the song ended she let out a sigh, turning around to see a man staring at her, of course that was nothing new. Julie was always being stared at, whether it be by men or women it didn't matter, she was absolutely beautiful, which is why she didn't have many friends because all the girls she would be around would get jealous that she attracted so much attention. Walking over to the side of the dance floor where the man stood with a beer in his hand Julie smiled up at him, "hey there," she greeted him turning around to lean against the table.

Bob shuffled into Gilley's taking a seat at the counter not to far from a pretty dishwater blonde who held a glass of tequila in her hand, he ordered himself a double shot of Jack Daniels

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on the rocks and drank it down, quickly ordering another before getting a beer and taking his hat off, setting it on the counter next to him as he glanced at the dishwater blonde with the tequila out of the corner of his eye.

Mariah walked over to the table where Steve had his feet up, Steve was a well known man in the Gilley industry, almost as well known as Mr. Gilley himself, him and Mariah had a bit of a friendship though it never was fully developed into an actual relationship, she sat down across from Steve, sliding him a full bottle of beer and taking a long drink from her own. On days like this there was nothing to do but watch the dance floor, Mariah sighed and looked over at Steve. "Don't you ever get bored?" She asked him flicking her dark chocolate brown hair out of her face.

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