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мαr ♚ | 264 comments Peter flew through the air over the land of Never Never Land, looking down on the landscape and smiling. This was his home, exactly where he belonged, not some big city where people do work and then sit around and eat all day when they have free time. No, Never Never Land was truly his home, where he belonged, and where he would always stay. Never growing up, just staying a boy and having fun, taking care of his Lost Boys and flying.

Melanie looked up at the sky before continuing on her walk along the beach, her left hand was full of sea shells she had thought were pretty and would look good in her collection, while her right hand held nothing except for the skirts of her dress so she wouldn't step on them while she walked. The ocean water washed over Melanie's feet and she let out a little shiver, what she hated about the ocean is that it is always freezing cold and she can never swim in it, always having to stay out of the water.

Christopher sat in his tree, playing the flute he had just finished carving and looking out on Never Never Land, watching the ocean tides come in and go back out as he continued to play and watch. Not watching any place in particular, just watching. Keeping an eye out for anything that might be dangerous or threaten the many homes that are in these trees, but Christopher saw none, so he relaxed and stopped playing, leaning against the tree trunk with his hands behind his head.

Jamie rolled over in her bed, she had always been a late riser, and that was true. Even though it was close to noon, Jamie was still tired and she felt like she could easily fall back asleep, but she forced her eyes awake, knowing that if she slept in any longer Peter would come looking for her and wake her up. And she didn't want Peter to wake her up, he had woken her once before with a bucket of ocean water and ever since then Jamie has been careful about how long she sleeps.

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