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мαr ♚ | 264 comments Taylor stood in front of her mirror, running her hands through her hair until she finally took a pair of scissors and cut her hair as best she could. She had simply grown tired of it being so long and decided to just cut it off herself and not have to pay to get it done, she had actually done a pretty good job. Throwing what she had cut off into a trash can Taylor walked out of her tent and made her way to the stables where the diving horses were kept, walking up to Lightning's stall and stepping inside, petting the big geldings nose.

Remus put his buckskin coat on, adjusting it so it fit the way he wanted it too before practicing speaking in the mirror. He nodded and let out a sigh, walking out of his tent, flicking the flap out of the way and walking towards the diving tower, shielding his eyes from the sun as he looked up at the tall structure, a smile creeping across his lips. He lowered his hand and turned around, looking up at the stands where the people would be sitting in a matter of hours.

Nevada sat on one of the many hat bales in the stables, chewing on a piece of hay, her hair pulled back out of her face as she watched what was going on around her with no interest in any particular thing. She propped her head up with her elbow, head in her hand as she spit the piece of hay out and pulled another one from the bale she sat on, starting to chew on that one as well.

Albert walked through the fairgrounds, looking up at all the carnival rides, eating caramel corn. He really should be back at the stables helping Remus, but Al just wanted to get away, so he did. Walking through the lights and the laughter and all the loud rides Albert let out a quiet sigh as he stood still, watching the Ferris Wheel for a long while, eating his caramel corn before moving on to watch The Zipper, smiling as he remembered the first time he had rode The Zipper it had scared him to death. But Al had outgrown that fear a while ago and now he could go on it hundreds of times in a day and not get scared once.

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