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Coral~walking~among~the~stars | 25 comments Alright, I'll get started on all the characters for this one and the others:)

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мαr ♚ | 264 comments Harry Potter:

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мαr ♚ | 264 comments Adelaide buttoned up her robes, looking in the mirror one last time before walking out of the Gryffindor common room and heading down the hallway towards the great hall where the welcome feast would be taking place. It was a new school year at Hogwarts, and hopefully Addie's last one here before she was officially graduated. Ducking into the great hall Adelaide took her seat with the rest of the Gryffindor, waiting for Dumbledore to speak before she started eating.

Jasper sat with his Slytherin brethren, cracking jokes and telling them about he it was to get away from the school for a while, just be on his own. He told them about his adventures and everything he had done over the summer, they exchanged stories as they normally would and cracked jokes here and there, laughing so hard that they could probably be heard in the hallway, they quickly quieted down when the teachers filed in, Dumbledore at the head as always.

Alice skipped into the great hall just in time, Dumbledore was standing up to speak as she took her seat at the Huffelpuff table and turned in her seat to face the front, listening as Dumbledore spoke, and nodding to some of her friends, smiling at them. Once Dumbledore finished she turned to face the table, actually greeting her friends with words and not just gestures, starting to fill up her plate with food as she listened to them talk about their summer.

Timothy had arrived at the great hall early, as always, the rest of the Ravenclaw house joined him after a few minutes and he greeted his friends, telling them about what he did over the summer and quieting down when Dumbledore spoke just to speak up again after the Headmaster sat down. Tim put food on his plate and ate while he listened to his friends talk, smiling and laughing when it was appropriate and just keeping silent the rest of the time when he didn't know how to react.

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