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Reimagining with Disney?

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tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
OooOoh I really liked it. You should try iMovie, next time you make a trailer. That would be really good. I can tell this took a lot of hard work and time, thanks for doing it! It looks great. :)

I also really like the idea as Rapunzel for Rosalind! I'm going to add that to the fan cast right away, thanks for the idea. Did I miss it, or did you just never mention it? That's such a great great great idea! :D

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Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
But I think if you like to do something, I think you'll succeed, too. You need time, luck and love for your profect. Your trailer would be different. Because we have a bit different interests. And I couldn't do it the way you would suggest...

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tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
Good, keep your mind on Penderwicks because priorities! :P

No, I'm not very interested in fantasy. Romance is fine as long as it's funny and not weird. I don't love ballet, but in short spurts it's nice to watch.

WOW. That was really good for a first trailer! I don't know how I would start. And can I just say, your casting is so good! Snow White as Beth is just incredible, I loved that you used her sleeping as a hint that Beth is skrrrrt. haha (and Belle as Jo is an amazing idea) and then Amy and Meg are really good, but still. Beth and Jo are my favorites so far.

Who do you have as Laurie? I wish he had just married Jo. :(

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Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Prince Philip is Laurie (and Aurora is Amy). Well, I have Adam (aka Beast) for Bhaer, like Belle is Jo. I can accept these couples easier. There's the cast below! But you can imagine it also different (:
My ballet project would be a funny modern highschool story instead fantasy, I decided. A plot twist (:
The Penderwicks are always priority!

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tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
wow that is so smart...Father Bhaer being transferred to beast. I really like that idea, it kind of makes it better and easier to swallow - and then I can forget the age gap lol. You're good at fan casting, you know that? I wish I'd thought of the beast as Father Bhaer...that's so good lol. I can kind of see Prince Phillip as Laurie, but I always imagined Laurie with dark hair, maybe because I imagined Father Bhaer as yellow hair turning grey. idk, but I guess Prince Phillip has dark ish hair.

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Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
BOK, I got now that the boys' cast ist a bit confusing, especially because Jo calls Laurie Teddy in the trailer. Yes, Laurie is partly Italian, but I had to care for the scenes. A big deal was finding the right cast and it was harder than doing the Penderwicks. I know the boys aren't introduced, but in comparison to the original trailer it should be clear, I thought.
Aw, Belle and the beast was also a little bit the heart of my project. Because I wanted to have a younger Bhaer. Great that you like the idea. (Would you accept Aurora/Amy as Skye? Then we could have Philip for Jeffrey. I mean Belle as Jane then, etc. But Skye wouldn't wish a kiss. Therefore I had to use the Don Bluth characters for the Penderwicks cast.)
Well, I'm not good in casting real people, but this is my similarity to Jane...Collecting ideas for inspiration..and connecting different people to perfect book characters (and that's why I don't want to use real life characters too much.)
I think the animated Disney characters could be a fun way for introduction because there won't be too many fights for the looks. We also still need Nick in our castings! (our club topic!)

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tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
ooh yeah you could discuss possible Nicks, that is a really good idea because this IS the fan club for it lolol (this is rlly a Penderwicks fan club but most ppl like Nick the best so I decided to go with something original - btw we can always change it to the Penderwicks Fan Club or something, if you want but I'd need feedback).

And yeah I've seen the LW trailer. It was really good - I don't want to be traitor to the Penderwicks trailer because that was good and of course it was the Penderwicks but I think the LW trailer might be better...? I feel so bad for saying that because I need to be loyal to the Penderwicks! (butitreallyisbetter) And yeah it was totally clear. I've never seen the real LW trailer but I could follow it easily. You did really well on that, it must have taken a lot of time (and probably frustrating, too).

I could kiiiiind of see Aurore as Skye like in this picture
but when I look at the other pictures and her facial expression + shape of her face, I have a hard time picturing that as being an astrophysicist! And, again, I could kiiiind of see Prince Phillip as Jeffrey. In fact, I could see him as Jeffrey better than I could see her as Skye tbh.

And I could totally see Jane in this picture (tho I could also totally imagine it as being Rosalind maybe even more than Jane):
And definitely add to your pinterest board! I'm curious to see what other ppl get matched up with what! :D (sorry this is so long)

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Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Haha, I also really wish Frank had kissed Beth awake like Snow White. The curious thing ist actually that everybody tells Skye how beautiful she is and she's always angry because she wants to be lauded for being intelligent. That's why I chose the Swan princess for Skye because that's actually the plot ( Odette refuses Derek first because he says he would be in love with her because she's so beautiful. In the end he says how intelligent and brave she is and this is all Odette/Skye accept.) But who could be then the Beast? I'd choose actually Nick (or Tommy if it's Rosalind). Jane and Rosalind are both quite simiar. But in the Penderwicks trailer Anastasia's love interest Dimitri could be easily Artie, I think .
Anyway, if anywhere, then this corner or we write pms, but if you don't like it, we don't have to discuss it) and LW. Since it is the original for the Penderwicks, it isn't too foreign for the club.

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tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
Yeah I was going to go to PMing you but then I realized LW is the mom of the Penderwicks, so it's not like it can't be talked about lol. But I think LW is the only other book allowed here and that we shouldn't make new topics just for LW. And as long as we're still talking abt the Penderwicks instead of talking about other books in-depth. If you know what I mean.

idk if I could see Dmitri as Artie - I always thought of Artie as a tall, kind of awkward and shy dude who really likes Jane but doesn't totally know his place in the family. I hope we can see more of him in the fifth book (maybe with Jane lol). I could sort of see Anastasia as Jane except for her hair, though we could pretend it was darker haha. It could work, but it might be a stretch. idk who the beast could be, I'm lost! :P

I'll check out your Pinterest board, but not today - I have to go to an event so I won't be back until tmrw, but hopefully I can check it out then! :)

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Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Well, okay! I understand! See you hopefully tomorrow (:
Your description of Artie (tall, awkward and shy) is perfect! I was shipping Pearson before until you suggested Artie. I'm really shipping Jartie now.

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tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
You know, I didn't think about it until you said something about the description (thanks, btw!), but doesn't he sound like Anthony Perkins? (idk if you've ever heard of him - he was one of the leading actors in Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock film) Most people describe him as tall, awkward, and shy - I wonder if we could put him in the Penderwicks cast... though you did say that Bobby Anderson wasn't modern enough and I guess you could say neither is Anthony (he's been dead for a long time). But if I pinned a picture of him in color, would that be modern enough?

So glad I won you over! lol, I do like Pearson, except that he seems more like he has a crush (and on Skye, unfortunately) and not like he really likes her. Artie seems kind of like a puppy, following her around no matter what, you know? Definitely stress Jartie, that would be so cuute! See you tomorrow. :)

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Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
Anthony Perkins, well, I'm not against classics and not against awkward characters, but having a psychopathic, gay, crazy killer in the Penderwicks cast could ruin the board. But if you have a picture when he's young, this could work. Then Bobby Anderson wouldn't be the only old-fashioned cast.
I didn't know Anthony Perkins as actor, but I've looked up at Wikipedia. We just need a sweet picture. But I think I like the idea, such a cute, shy character is just missing (or Tom Green, from Dance Academy?). Perhaps I'm really like Jane because I always neglected poor Artie, always picking the wrong guys for her.
But actually I read mostly books 1 and 2, and he's introduced in 3-4.
Well, you have to know that I always believed that Jane and Jeffrey would get together ( my LW theory). Then I got to know theory with Batty. If I think of book 1, 3, 4 I would prefer Skeffrey. In book 2 (my favorite) it seems like Jane would be a bit in love with Jeffrey. And Pearson was there Skye's best friend and he crushed her because of the theatre play and he imagined Skye completely wrong. But it's true, he's never interested in Jane, even if both act together and seem to have a poetical touch. I actually hope that he's got together with Melissa Patenaude. And then was my Jane-Nick- shipping .
If you had read my fanfic, you would have seen that I'm heading to Jartie!

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tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
WAIT yes! Melissa and Pearson, that is SUCH A GOOD COUPLE! How do you come up with good couples, they are PERFECT together! omw yeah, I totally ship them. What would their ship name even be, tho?

Well he was only gay because he was scared of girls but then he met one, ditched the gay idea, and married her. And then he died and she went on to live until she was like 50 and died in the 9/11 thing (idk if she was in a plane or a building tho). So yeah he stopped being gay, but I could see why a gay psychopath wouldn't work for the Penderwicks 😂 good point

Yes! Keep doing Jartie, Skeffrey, and...idk, Melisson? << that's probably the best ship name I can come up with rn haha. Meanwhile I'll go look for an Artie picture (aka Anthony Perkins ma boi)

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Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
I don't have a problem with the gay thing, I meant actually the role in Psycho (gay or gay could mean different things), and I didn't know this tragedy! I think there were a lot of shy famous people gay because they were afraid of women, like Tchaikovsky.
Well, Melissa is in book 2, and this is one of my favorite books of all time!

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tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
Yeah I think she stops coming around after she popped in on bk 2. I guess Birdsall didn't really think her character would propel the rest of the series in any way so she dropped out. I mean, so did Pearson so I guess Melisson is the best way to go instead of reintroducing Pearson just to get him together with Jane. It could maybe be a footnote: "ohbythewayPearsonandMelissagottogethersoyay" and that could be the end of that haha

Oh yeah, I could see why someone would want to just be like "yeah I'm not into girls" so that the girls won't even try to talk to them, and then everybody's happy. Also his kids don't really look like him at all, it's very sad. :(

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Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
I really hope to see as many old characters as possible again. I think Birdsall has so many random characters, who aren't very important and we never get to know closer, what a pity. It would be so cruel to introduce new characters (like Alice) instead. I hope Birdsall won't waste her possibilities.

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tabascosauce (twicebakedsmallpotatoes) | 307 comments Mod
That's what I was thinking. I don't know why she should introduce someone new, though Lydia couldn't really be Melissa's friend or anything so you would kind of need a new character young enough to be Lydia's friend - but I hope Alice is the only new character she introduces because I don't think she needs more people. I really hope I like Alice (and, more importantly, Lydia)... I'm worried, but hopeful. :P

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