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мαr ♚ | 264 comments Oh my gursh I'm excited for this onnnnneeee

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мαr ♚ | 264 comments Joseph woke up, dazed, he looked around, rolling over quickly in the sand as he took in his surroundings, all he remembered was the flight attendants screams, and then nothing, in front of him there was a broken airplane, one of the engines running dangerously, people were scattered all over the place, and he was sure that there was still plenty left in what looked to be the tail section of the plane. Heaving himself to his feet, Joe immediately started going around and helping people who were injured or had to get away from the plane, before rushing over to the next person.

Sun's eyes opened wide as she gasped, had what she just experienced really happened? She wasn't so sure, her ears were ringing and she looked around, sure enough, there were remains of the tail section of the plane everywhere, she could barely hear the people around her, the ringing in her ears growing more intense by the second. Holding her head in her hands Sun tried to get her thoughts straight, and eventually she only settled on one. "Jin!" She yelled the moment she thought of her husbands name, looking around for him. "Jin!" Sun called again.

Sayid got to his feet as quickly as he could, running to help with anything he could, lifting pieces of the plane off of people, helping who looked to be the doctor carry people a safe distance away from the plane. Pretty much anything that help was needed for, he volunteered to do, adrenaline pulsing hot and fast through his veins as he tried not to pay attention to the dangerous engine that was close enough to him he could feel the force of it sucking air through it as he helped lift a piece of the plane off of one of his fellow passengers.

Claire held her hand against her stomach as she was helped away from the planes remains, she rocked back and forth, legs crossed, praying that her baby was okay from the force that the plane had crashed into the beach. But most importantly, where was she? She couldn't remember any place like this, or even if she had been here before which probably meant she hadn't been here, she took a deep breath, trying not to panic.

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