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March 2018: Autobiography > The Last Black Unicorn, by Tiffany Haddish- 5 Star Audiobook!

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message 1: by Joi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Joi (missjoious) | 3782 comments This audiobook was a f*****g EXPERIENCE. A hilarious book in itself, listening to the author read it herself transformed this memoir into a stand up comedy show about Tiffany's life, stories, past- the good and the bad. I didn't know too much about Tiffany Haddish before- seen her on @Midnight a lot, and knew she was in the comedy scene- but now I will be following her work.

First things first- Tiffany is HARSH. She is unapologetic for who she is, her tone, what she may say that might offend. So if you're offended by pretty much ANYTHING (cursing, talk about sex, talking bad about anyone) stay away. Seriously, the F word is in this book probably 1000 times at minimum. It's pretty known that in comedy anything is fair game. So this book is too. I was a little unsure about the part about Tiffany's encounters with a handicapped man- is she being ableist? Maybe a little, but I think this is simply a story, and this just happens to be part of it.

It reads (or listens) almost like a comedy set. There's a lot of back and forth chronologically. This bothered me. We hear about her upbringing- being completely illiterate until 9th grade when a drama teacher noticed. We hear about her having to go through the foster care system because of her mentally ill mother. There are a few chapters that are just hilarious stories. There are a few stories about her physically and mentally abusive ex husband. And it's rounded out with a story about how she took Will & Jada Smith on a groupon Swamp tour in New Orleans. HILARIOUS!

But overall- the entertainment trumps everything for me. Yes, this had flaws- but I don't even care because all I wanted to do was listen to more and more and more. I'm sad this book is done, and now I want to go find her stand up, her movies, anything she is in.

Nicole R (drnicoler) | 7717 comments I also loved this one! The audiobook definitely made the reading experience for me too.

I was sick last week and ended up watching lots of Tiffany Haddish clips (she meets Oprah on the Ellen show and it brought a tear to my eye) and I recently watched Girls Trip. Which is just as graphic and offensive as her book but I could not stop laughing.

She told the story about the baggage handler guy on Trevor Noah's show and it was definitely a bit odd. Even in the sea of her other odd stories.

Her personal story is amazing.

message 3: by Jason (new)

Jason Oliver | 2063 comments I am interested in this. Great review, hitting the high and low points. I do not know who she is but this book sounds like an experience.

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