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Books with compelling depictions of "The Other"

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Michael Murdock So I am looking for novels with compelling depictions of "The Other". When I say "The Other" I mean not technically human. Whether it be extraterrestrial, vampire, elf , etc. I am looking for a compelling narrative that has characters with an alien mindset or worldview

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yves. yves. Most strongly I would recommend Monstrous Affections in that it showcases many different types of creatures with a good range of opinions and moral types. In addition to that, Holly Black is a very strong fantasy/faerie writer; her Coldest Girl in Coldtown does a good job of digging into the vampire mindset. That being said, I am primarily a YA reader and these are both aimed at that general group (in case you're specifically an adult-genre reader). If anyone else has suggestions, I would certainly be interested; this is both my interest in reading and in writing!

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Michael Murdock Thank you very much. Will check these out

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