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мαr ♚ | 264 comments CORRRRRALLLL!!!!!!!

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мαr ♚ | 264 comments Cheyenne let out a sigh as she climbed onto her shiny silver motorcycle, starting the engine and riding down the highway towards the Quileute reservation, she slowed a bit as she hit the familiar dirt road, making sure to drive carefully on this road since there were a lot of kids that liked to play around here, and she didn't want to hit any of them. Chey pulled up at Emily's house, shutting the motorcycle off and walking into the homey cabin, setting her helmet down on the counter as she went towards the living room after Emily shooed her away from the kitchen since she was cooking. Cheyenne sat down and flicked on the television, flipping to a stupid reality TV show that would help her pass the time.

Carlisle sat in his office in his house, he could hear everything that was going on because of his advanced senses that came with being a vampire. He pulled his right foot up to set it on his left knee, bending his right leg to make a triangle, reading an old book he had found just the other night, one he had though he'd lost when it was really just shoved between several other larger books on one of his many bookshelves that lined the walls in his tidy office.

Seth walked out onto the beach, his hands shoved into the pockets of his sweatshirt as he looked out across the choppy gray water. Taking a seat on an old, white log that had it's bark stripped off from floating in the ocean for so long now the wood underneath where the bark should be was a ivory white color. He ran his hand over the wood, leaning back against the tangle of roots behind him and crossing his legs as he let out a quiet sigh, crossing his arms over his chest and shutting his eyes.

Leah sat alone in the woods, her short, black hair pulled back from her face. She looked up at the canopy of leaves above her head from where she sat on the ancient tree roots of a oak tree, common for the woods around the Quileute Reservation, though the woods were made up of many different trees, pines and oak trees made up most of it. Leaning back against the trunk of the huge tree, Leah shut her eyes and just listened, not listening to anything in particular, but just listening.

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мαr ♚ | 264 comments ((Twilight:

Coral~walking~among~the~stars | 25 comments Paul walked out of the forest wearing the usual cutoff shorts that were cut just above the knees. He could just make out the shiny silver motorcycle, a smile spread across his face, he didn't even have to guess who else would be at Emily's house, breaking in to a jog, Paul stared at the little cabin as he went towards it, he would've ran but it would've taken up what was left of his energy from patrolling a few minutes ago, so he just jogged. Once he got to the porch steps he slowed to a walk, his loud footsteps could probably already be heard from inside as he walked towards the kitchen, following his nose, Emily shooed him away with a wooden spoon, and Paul laughed heading towards the living room and smiling when he saw Cheyenne sitting there, he jumped over the back of the couch, plopping down beside her and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Esme looked up at the dark gray sky from where she sat on the couch in the third story living room, the clouds looked swollen they held so much water, but Esme couldn't complain, the rain is what shields her from having the humans find out what her and her family really are. Standing up, she smoothed down the fabric of her charcoal gray dress and walked upstairs so fast only a vampire could pull it off, perching against the doorframe of Carlisle's office, watching him read. "Carlisle." She purred watching him, a smile playing on her lips.

Sophie flipped the hood of her sweatshirt up as the sky started to trickle water from it's swollen clouds, she jogged down the beach, nearly missing the log where the copper-skinned, fifteen-year-old lay with his eyes shut. She smirked and silently walked to the side of the log he laid on, picking him in the cheek, he jumped and all Sophie could do was laugh, and she did, she laughed so heard that she had to lean against the tangled roots of the tree so she wouldn't fall over.

"Leah!" Kirk called smoothly, walking through the thick forest, he was supposed to be meeting Leah here, but he couldn't find her anywhere. "Leah!" He called again, cupping his mouth with his hands so that the sound traveled better through the woods. Going around a old oak tree, Kirk caught sight of Leah, she was leaning against it's trunk, eyes shut, she was probably just listening, since that's what she always did. He sat down next to her, waiting for her to open her eyes, not wanting to disturb her.

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