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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 483 comments Walking home late at night sent the best idea for Mercedes to do. But there were no cabs for her to take her mother was out on a flight as an attendant. Her dad was working late as a waiter so she was pretty much alone. She shivered at the cold walking home after getting off of work and her bag. She went further through the streets the dark scaring her. Looking around when she thought she heard footsteps. She ignored it screaming when someone grabbed her from behind. Covering her mouth with a white cloth with what seemed to be a drug. She still struggled being dragged into a black van her struggles ending as she fell unconscious. A man looking down at her. The car disappearing in the dark.

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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments Private Detective Hayliegh Wright got back into her car. It was too early in the damn morning to be working. It was 3am now, and hour since her police chief big brother had called her. She sat in her car in front of Mercedes house. 'Who would do this to that little girl. Shes only 19...hasnt even gotten to live her life.' She had to stop thinking emotionally like that. she tool a swig of her coffee. Took a deep breath and went over her notes.

*long black hair
*homeschooled entire life
*worked at diner up the street
*only thing found was locket

Hayliegh took the locket from her pocket and looked at it. Gold finishing and a small initial engraving on the back. So obviously not a robbery... what on earth could the motive be? Ransom? Sexual? Just for fun? She would have to get more information to find out. She decided to drive to the diner where Mercedes worked, wondering even now if she was alive.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 483 comments Mercedes was working at the diner working on serving the costumers working hard. Though seeing a customer eying her she ignored him and went straight to helping her boss and bring the food. She saw him come up to her taking the food that covered her arms on hot plates. "Thank you sir but I didn't need any help." She said to him.

"I'm just here to help." His voice said with a deep harsh voice. Going back to sit down she shivered because he had rubbed her back. Her boss Taylor went over to help her. "Are you alright?" He asked her curiously. "Yeah I just he didn't have a right to touch me like that." She was a bit shaken up. "Well why don't you go home I"ll finish up here." He said to her. "Thanks I"ll see you tomorrow Taylor." She promised him. She left the dinner.

Mercedes woke up to seeing the man in front of her rubbing her shoulders. "Don't worry relax I'm just here to help." He said to her. Mercedes eyes widened when he said that to her. He was the man in the restaurant scaring her half to death. He removed the duct tape from her mouth looking at her. "Don't you dare touch me!" She said to him harshly shaking bad. "Sorry honey I can't do that. You are mine now." He kissed her cheek making her shiver and cry.

Taylor was cleaning up the restaurant watching the news about Mercedes sighing. He couldn't believe anything happened at all. He was shaking so bad there was too many problems to him. Who would want to take a sweet and innocent girl? He didn't understand but just hoped she was absolutely safe and now hurt.

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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments

^^^^this is Mercedes

^^^^this is Hayliegh

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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments Hayliegh pulled into the diner. I was empty except for a few late night truckers stopping for a snack and the old dodger who lives under the docks begging for food. Hayliegh walked in the doors, pulled out a ten and laid it in the dodgers lap without looking at him and walked straight for the bar where a man who looked like he was in charge was standing.standing. Hayliegh sat down at the bar, not wanting to make a scene and looked about the diner. Standard looking fifties setting, although it was dark and dreary being in Seattle at 3 in the morning. She ordered a small coffee just to get a feel of the man. She could always tell when someone was lying, everyone had their own little tells. But lying, that was universal. He seems gentle and innocent in this however the questions had to be asked. She cleared her throat. "Excuse me, Sir. Do you know a Mercedes?"

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 483 comments Taylor saw Hayliegh enter he was serving some food giving all the good left overs to the dodger like he did with all his food. He then went back in seeing Hayleigh getting her coffee putting it in front of her. "Yes I'm her boss." He explained to her getting more food his check and two waiters got everything ready and done. "Tragedy that she was taken last night." he sighed feeling so bad it was so bad to him that this happened to her. He knew some good things about what happened he hoped Hayliegh was a detective so he can share what he knows.

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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments "I'm a private detective and sort of consultant for the Seattle Police Department. I was asked to help with this case and I'm hoping we can find her within the next 48 hours. What all can you tell me about her?

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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments ((sorry its short, it'll get longer just give me a few.. I'm still tired XD))

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 483 comments "She's a good girl, smart, kind, independent. She didn't let anyone bug her she was caring she brings her left overs to the beggars and helps them giving her money. She's a great person." He explains to her.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 483 comments ((It's all good:)))

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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments 'Right' Hayliegh thought to herself. 'Good girl, nice and sweet...nothing to go off of. There has to be a different side to this girl that would cause someone to take her' Hayliegh shook her head and started to get up. "Has anyone been bothering her lately? or maybe have you noticed anything strange?"

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 483 comments "No one has been bothering her. She's been just having a normal life until last night. A man was watching her he helped her when she didn't need it. Rubbed her shoulders as if to comfort her. She hates it when someone does that. I let her leave it was the end of her shift. He left right before her like five minutes before."

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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments "Now that is useful thanks. Do you have any security cameras in here?" She asked looking around. Maybe she could catch something on the tape and if not maybe some of the other customers that were here last night could help her. She would have to get their names too. First she would go back to Mercedes house and check in with the parents

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 483 comments "Yes I do this way." He lead her straight to office where they are turning on the videos of the last day revealing mercedes working he put it right where the man was watching her. "Since her shift started until it ended he was there." he explained to her.

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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments "Great, you mind if i take these?" She asked. the image was a tad grainy but Mike could fix that up. He was the best virtual analyst in the country. The man on the tape was tall and bulky, easily able to over power the small girl. His body language showed hostility but why? It didn't seem that Mercedes had ever met the man or if she had didnt recognize him at all.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 483 comments "Yes of course go ahead and take them. " He said to her giving the exact copies. "Also he did come a few times many few days when she was working but she ignored him. "He always tried to speak to her but she never talked to him." He explained to her it was easier to see.

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