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The Ghosts
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Brother/Sister meet ghosts who were killed in a fire. [s]

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Amberlori | 3 comments I read this book when I was around 12 I think, so mid 80's, but couldn't say whether it was published around then. It was about a couple of kids, a brother sister, who were visiting/living in an older house. They were wandering the grounds one day and somehow went back in time (there was a rock wall I think) and met the kids who used to live in the house. SPOILERS These ghost children asked for help to solve the fire mystery and the brother, I think, was the one who ended up saving the day and solving the mystery of how the fire started and who started it. The present day children when in the past were not visible to the past characters.

I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the book. The cover was purple with "ghostly" figures on it (if I am remembering correctly). I read this book a dozen times probably, 35 years ago, and would love to share it with my daughter.

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Debra Firestone | 124 comments The Ghosts by Antonia Barber? If this is it, it was also made into a movie in the 70's called The Amazing Mr. Blunden.
The ghosts were children killed in a fire.


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Rats Debra, you beat me to it. I also think that's the book. (And I loved the movie too.)

Amberlori | 3 comments YEs! Thank you. You know I googled "The Ghosts" and tried to find it on Goodreads because that was in my head, but had no luck. I had no idea it was made into a movie. Thanks for the help. :D

Amberlori | 3 comments Local library doesn't have it. :(

Debra Firestone | 124 comments I actually have an old yellowed copy. I tried Amazon for you, but they are all old copies and expensive. YouTube has some scenes from the movie.

Debra Firestone | 124 comments Ask your local library to check OCLC. My library allows us to borrow from around the country. Your library can see if anyone has it on OCLC.

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