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sydney For all of your medical needs that surpass the training of the on-campus nurse.

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Tyson couldn't help but kinda freeze up when Rylee said she was in love with him, because that was wrong. She wasn't supposed to still love him, not after everything he'd done. Not after he'd skipped out on her for the past 7 months because he couldn't handle the idea of being a father. Yeah, that was supposed to force her to move on and get over him and fall in love with someone else. Not for her to hold onto things. Not for her to tell him she had full name privileges because she was in love with him. I mean the baby thing? Yes. But the in love with him thing....that was...she wasn't supposed to.

But he couldn't very well ask her to elaborate as she was sitting there in pain because there was a baby trying to push out into the world. Nope. Right now was the time to focus on her breathing, and get into the ambulance with her because she was looking at him with those big doe eyes of hers and piercing his heart with a knife. Because how was he supposed to say no to eyes like hers? He'd never been able to. Her eyes had always been a big downfall of his. All together too familiar and wide....and trusting and awed. Like he was something amazing or something.

Obviously Rylee wasn't up to date on the whole Tyson is terrible with babies, information thing. But what she was, was scared. So he took her hand and smiled at her, despite the fact he wanted to throw up because jesus he was so not ready for any of this parenting stuff. "Everything'll be fine, Rylee."

And then he kept talking. Anything to distract her and try and comfort her right? So he talked. Rambled in his nerves actually. Even going so much as to tell her what he'd had for breakfast and how his cornflake had looked a bit like Morgan Freeman.

And once they got to the hospital? Well then that was a total mess, because apparently the water breaking meant that the baby was coming like right now. So apparently it was a big rush of Rylee to a room and Tyson getting pulled aside to ask what his relation was and after a hesitation and a stammered "f-father." He was permitted to stay with Rylee and keep telling her to breath as he held her hand, and at that moment? Rylee's grip was like a python, getting tighter and tighter.

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Rylee looked at Tyson and tried to give him the bravest smile she could muster when he told her that everything would be fine. She knew that he had to be just as scared as she was, but she would have to thank him later for keeping a level head as they hospital bumped and jolted her along the way. The five minute drive seemed like five hours, but she focused only on Tyson's voice, anything to keep her from squirming in pain. She held Tyson's hand with one hand and rubbed her belly with the other, almost in a failed attempt to calm baby Kyler down. She wasn't ready to have him, her parents weren't even aware yet that she was going into labor. Rumor had it that Tyson's parents didn't even know that he had gotten Rylee pregnant, just that they had broken up after the year due to unresolved conflicts. "We're going to be okay." Rylee replied looking up at Tyson, even if he didn't realize she was talking about their little family.

They were in the hospital in a flash, Tyson was pulled away from her for a few minutes. She didn't like that at all because she didn't want to be alone in this. The nurses helped her into the nearest delivery room and stripped her out of her now ruined dress. They helped her into a gown and laid her down gently. She sighed with relief when she saw Tyson enter the room as well, he had changed from his dress clothes into scrubs and resumed his place beside her. Rylee took his hand and squeezed it tightly. "Oh God." She looked up at him and choked on her tiny bit of laughter. "I'm going to break your....hand." She winced in pain once again.

Dr. Brilliant (view spoiler) entered the room, he looked flustered, he had probably been sent for from home the minute that Tyson had called an ambulance. "The anesthesiologist will be here shortly for your epidural. On a scale of one to ten what is your pain right now?" He was staying calm, which for some reason worried Rylee more, she would much rather listen to Tyson's hurried tone.

"I'm like...a seven." Rylee responded with a groan. She was ready to have this baby, she was hurting immensely and the sooner he was out the better. She started crying as the pain in her lower abdomen intensified. "I'm lying. A nine, definitely a nine!" She squeezed Tyson's hand tighter and felt the tears run down her cheeks again. "Hurry with that epidural please.."

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It was true. She probably was going to break his hand, but as Tyson saw it? Well he probably deserved it for behaving the way that he had been behaving lately. I mean, this was the most he'd been involved with her the past 7 months and it was only because she was pushing out their baby and he was freaking out because, early births. Those were dangerous weren't they? He wasn't certain, but he was pretty sure they were and- just.....if anything happened? To Rylee or Kyler? He would never forgive himself for not having been there for her this entire time.

As it was he just gave Rylee a reassuring smile, because really? He didn't know what to say other than a sort of laugh, "Well if you do....I think it's understandable." Because it definitely was. She was pushing out a small person and yeah if she broke his hand while she did it? It would be perfectly understandable. But then again....Rylee was sort of small and delicate and he doubted she would actually be able to break his hand, but if her inner Hulk came out? Well he could handle it. Right? God he hoped so. He had to be strong for her right now.....

So as the anesthesiologist came in and got everything going? Tyson held Rylee's hand and encouraged her through the process, the very long process. And he listened to her as she screamed, and even shouted at him a few times, because yeah, she could definitely let out her frustration on him.

And to only took 15 hours and 25 minutes to push out that little tiny person.

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sydney Tiny was right, their little baby Kyler was only 5 pounds and 8 ounces. She knew later when she had finally gotten enough rest she would apologize to Tyson for all of the profanities she shouted in his direction. The pain was unbearable throughout most of the 15 hours, but having Tyson by her side was comforting. The best part of it all was the sound of her baby boy crying. She didn't know that crying would actually make her happy, but it meant that he was alive and having him early didn't kill him. She cried happily and kissed Tyson's hand, she looked up at him and just shook her head laughing exhaustedly. "We did it, Tyson."

The nurses brought Kyler back into the room, they had him wrapped in a blue blanket and looked at Rylee and Tyson expectantly. "Do you want to hold him?" Rylee nodded fervently at the question and shifted so she was in a sitting position. God knew that she was in a ridiculous amount of pain, but more than anything she wanted to hold Kyler to her chest and let him officially meet his mommy and daddy. Rylee held her breath as she had Kyler placed in her arms. "We will have to take him back soon, he needs to be taken to the NICU, he's not regulating his temperature well yet, but you can have a minute with him and the father alone."

Rylee looked down at Kyler, he was so small, and she knew that there was no way she couldn't love him. Rylee continued crying again, she smiled at her child. "Hi, Kyler. I'm your mommy." She whispered down to him. He was perfect, so beyond perfect. She tugged her gaze from Kyler and looked up at Tyson. "He has your eyes, so big and blue. I meant what I said earlier too, I love you and I love our baby."

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To think, all that work, that long of a time and it was just this tiny little small thing. I mean it was amazing, because it was a person, but seriously....tiny. Then again maybe it was just because Tyson wasn't used to being around babies? Then again....he was pretty sure that the baby was supposed to be bigger, but Kyler was also early. Which is why he had to be taken to the NICU soon. But honestly? Tyson just kind of leaned in and over them, because there was no way he would be able to hold his son. I mean....what if he broke him? Knowing Tyson? He probably would.

At Rylee's words though? Well Tyson didn't really know what to say? Because how did you tell someone that you still loved them. That even after so long of pushing away from them and being a huge coward and a failure to them, you still loved them? But maybe it was just a parental urge because Tyson knew he loved Kyler. Even just then, he knew there wasn't anything he wouldn't do for that kid. Even if it meant buying his kid an iguana.....unless the iguana broke his kids arm. But still......yeah. He just really loved Kyler.

"I love you."

And it didn't matter that he didn't say it with any general specific meaning, because he loved them both. So it covered both of them. And he couldn't help but feel like laughing a bit, because he had no doubt that later Rylee would apologize for her profanities. She was like that. All sugar with very little spice, and when her spice came out she felt the need to apologize. No matter how many times he told her it was fine.

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sydney Rylee handed Kyler off sadly to the nurses so they could get him set up in the NICU. She didn't want to see her child go, especially after she had done all that work. But in the end she knew it was for the best, they would watch over her blue eyed angel and she'd get to talk with Tyson for a while. That is until her parents, brother, and sister-in-law busted down the door. She was honestly surprised they hadn't came in yet, though they were probably getting close as they had to drive from Utah. She yawned but looked up at Tyson with wide eyes when he responded back to her. She thought that her words would encourage a run out of him, but he did the complete opposite.

"I love you." Those three little words held such great meaning. She hadn't heard them since before she found out she was pregnant. Rylee had wondered at the time if he had even meant to say it, as she had just been a bet the whole time. They were said in an almost offhanded way. They had been laying together in his bed after the first time they had had sex. She was laying against his bare chest and the covers were pulled up around them. Tyson had just been stroking her hair and then he kissed her forehead saying it to her.

But him saying it right now was all that mattered. Rylee gave Tyson a very small smile, he looked just as exhausted as she did. She slid over and took his hand gently this time. Rylee pulled him down beside her and cuddled up to him. There didn't need to be any words now, because they had both covered it and they were both beyond tired. Staying up 15 hours into the early morning would be taxing on anyone. Rylee leaned up and kissed Tyson's cheek feather light. She closed her eyes and rested her head against his shoulder, finally drifting off to sleep next to the man that she missed with her whole heart.

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Watching as Kyler was taken away, Tyson almost left to follow, because yes there was a part of him that wanted nothing more than to follow his kid and make sure that everything was okay. Because if things weren't okay? Tyson would never forgive himself. As it was he was already feeling this odd sort of feeling in his chest as if he was sinking into the ground. Dear God....was this worry what it felt like to be a parent all the time? How did people live through this? How did parents handle this? When he got back to campus he was going to seriously need to talk to that Bond guy and ask how he managed to go through a day without suffering a panic attack.

Being pulled down by Rylee though, he felt better. Because that's what Rylee did? She brought out the best in him. And isn't that what all romances were supposed to do? Bring the best out in the other and save them in every way possible? Well then again....this was coming from a guy who'd pretty much only ever seen Titanic as any real reference to what a romance should be. Rylee? She might not have been his first in bed, but she was his first relationship. The first girl he actually slept with after they'd had sex rather than just leaving her. And laying down beside her, with her curled up next to him, it helped ease his worry.

Enough that he wasn't a second away from rushing after the nurse and demanding to be by his kid. Instead he was able to concentrate on Rylee, on the way her body curved against his and the tension left his body as if he could never fully relax without her. Now that she was at his side again? It was like she had never left. And when she fell asleep? He waited a few minutes before pressing his lips to the top of her head before pulling back and smiling slightly, albeit a bit sadly. "I'm sorry Rylee. I'm sorry you got stuck with such a coward....and I hope I can make it up to you someday...." And with those words he finally drifted off to sleep for a few hours. Exhausted from the emotional roller-coaster that had been the Fall Formal.

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sydney "Wait, did she and that boy make up?" Rylee heard the whispered voices before she opened her eyes. That was definitely her brother Cameron, or maybe she was just finally losing it from the drugs they had pumped into her veins. Either way, she felt Tyson's strong arm around her and she couldn't help but smile as she stirred awake. He had stayed by her side the entire time and he was still here, she couldn't feel anything but love for him. Rylee kissed his cheek lightly, though she blushed due to her entire family sitting around her. They probably weren't too pleased that she was laying in bed with Tyson, but then again, they had been very supportive about the pregnancy so seeing her like this probably wasn't a big shock. Rylee smiled at her family and gave them a small wave. She didn't want to wake Tyson, but she felt him move beside her so she figured it would be okay to speak.

"Have you seen him yet?" Rylee's smile widened even more when she talked about her baby. They could clearly see the exhaustion in her eyes, but it was almost masked by the love she had. It was crazy to her how easily she had fallen for her blue eyed baby, but then again, it hadn't taken her long to fall in love with Tyson. Her smile faded when her mother shook her head. "The NICU won't let anyone but you two see him for the time being, he just needs a little more help than babies who are born on time. Not that he's not okay." She added the last bit quickly when she saw the worry grow on Rylee's face.

God, the worry she felt in that moment was immense. Would she worry like this all the time? She hoped not, it practically killed her soul to even think that her boy had to be in the NICU, and then to think that he could be suffering. She knew that she would give anything for him or Tyson, even if it meant her life. She was ridiculously loyal. Rylee took a deep breath and reminded herself that the doctors were amazing at what they did, and they would do everything in their power to take care of Kyler. When she felt Tyson move again, she turned her head to him and greeted him with a warm smile. "Love, my family is here."

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Tyson had always been quite the heavy sleeper, it was just one of many faults of his. So yeah, he slept right through her family entering the room and their hushed whispers. And he probably could've slept through her entire conversation with her parents too, if he hadn't been all wrapped around Rylee. So what when she stirred? It certainly disturbed his sleep pattern and caused him to start actually waking up. A process that usually took about 5 different alarms in the morning, because Tyson was one of those people that really enjoyed his sleep.

In fact it was probably a good thing Tyson was such a groggy person in the morning. Because otherwise? He would've heard the words that Rylee's mother said and he would've panicked....because likely all that he would've heard was 'he's not okay' and that would've caused Tyson to leap right out of that bed. Thankfully, he was the guy that heard practically nothing save for a bullhorn when he was fully under and it was probably only because the hospital was kind of cold that he was even stirring as much as he was right now.

So he opened his eyes, caught sight of Rylee's smile, closed them, heard her words and opened them again rather quickly before sitting up just as quickly. His hair was sticking in all manners of directions but he couldn't really care about that right now, because no doubt Rylee's family hated him. I mean he was the guy that knocked her up, and then skipped out on her for 7 some months and now here he was sleeping in a hospital bed with their daughter. And Tyson didn't know how much her parents knew.....but he knew they knew more than his parents. Who didn't even know that Rylee had ever been pregnant.

Still, Tyson's first question was directed towards Rylee, "He's okay?" And it was obvious that he was asking about Kyler....because right now? Kyler was above everything else.

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Rylee nodded, she took his hand to soothe the initial wave of worry that she watched crash over his face. "My mom said that we can go see him anytime, but they just weren't allowed to yet." She was only focused on Tyson right now. She knew that her family was there and watching, but she was only concerned about him and her baby. Since Kyler wasn't in the room, she could be completely engrossed in Tyson. "So later today we are free to go see him and whatnot." She kissed his cheek again, just gently before turning back to her family.

They all knew that Tyson had left Rylee when he initially found out she was pregnant, but her parents were very forgiving and would no doubt welcome him into the family with open arms if he chose to stay by her side through everything. Her brother Cameron on the other hand... Well, it's safe to say he wasn't happy about any boy even talking to Rylee and to find out she was pregnant and abandoned, that just made him lose his mind for a good while. Only his newly wedded wife was able to calm him down. Her parents stood, which surprised her. "I feel like you two have a lot to talk about, so we can leave you alone to do that and then get cleaned up before you go see your boy again." Her father looked over at Cameron who seemed to want nothing more than to stay and talk to Tyson himself.

They all left, and Cameron was grumbling while his wife rubbed his back gently. They closed the door and Rylee turned back to Tyson. "Now would definitely be a bad time to ask you to shower with me huh?" She laughed weakly, she was still not too strong and the offer was more of a tease. Though she knew that help standing in the shower would be very nice. Tyson looked pretty nervous though, hopefully due to the threatening glares of her older brother. Was it awful of her to remember back to the times when they had showered together? God, those were some of her complete favorites. They would have to sneak into the bathrooms late at night and just sit under the warm water together, exploring each other.

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Maybe Tyson should have felt lucky that Rylee had such a forgiving family and wasn't about to burn him at the stake for abandoning Rylee in her time of need like any other family might have done. Instead? It just made him feel a hell of a lot guiltier. Thank God that Cameron at least gave him a dirty look. Made him feel like things were at least a little bit normal. Maybe it was just a Tyson thing? But he'd rather take a fight upfront and get it done with than feel guilty and torn up over it....then again....maybe that was just a 'guy' thing. Still, when they left the room, Tyson felt relieved because he had definitely been avoiding looking at them directly.

But Kyler. Going to see him, that was a pretty good plan and when Rylee's parents and brother and sister-in-law had left, leaving him and Rylee? Well at her comment he pretty much almost choked on the air he was breathing, because yeah. I mean of course he'd liked those moments. Hell he'd really liked those moments. Still, somehow he figured that Rylee was teasing more than anything, and after a few moments he smiled at her. "Might be a little too tempting of an offer, Ry."

Pausing though, he bit his lip before meeting her eyes and searching them as if he could figure out what she was thinking. "I'm sorry, Ry." Because he was. She didn't deserve everything she'd gotten with Tyson. The pain of knowing he'd only started talking to her because of a bet. Having to deal with the pregnancy. She didn't deserve any of that, and he really was sorry that she got stuck with that end of the deal. "I promise you though, I'm going to make things right. I'm going to make it up to you, and Kyler. I'll make it up to both of you...if you let me." Because it was all Rylee's choice. He wouldn't force her to deal with him, and he wouldn't have blamed her if she hated him and told him to leave and never talk to her again. He doubted she would.....because for some stupid ass reason she still seemed to love him. But he wanted to make sure she really did want him to stay around.

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Rylee bit her lip to keep the tears from falling, they wouldn't be sad tears like she had experienced for the last seven months. No, these tears were finally ones of joy. And that's what Tyson brought to her, despite the lies and the fears she held, she knew that he was it for her. He truly made her happy. "Of course I want you in my life Tyson. I don't care what issues we have had or how we got here, what matters is what's ahead. And that we can do it together. You probably don't even realize what you mean to me, you changed me for the better every single time we were together." She wiped her eyes and gave him a smile. "You may be stubborn as hell, and scared sometimes, but I love you all the same. It's what makes you, you."

Rylee took his hand that was closest to her, she laced their fingers together. "Never have I felt more alive with someone, more free to actually be someone. You gave me a confidence that I didn't even know was possible for me to be capable of. And even if it never meant the same things to you, it meant the world to me to have you in my life for as long as I did. And I'd be so lucky to have you back." She wiped her tears away again with her free hand. Rylee truly meant everything she said to him, there wasn't any doubt in her mind that she was supposed to be with Tyson, and she knew that they would find a way to make all of this work out for them.

"And most of all, I want Kyler to have his daddy." Rylee squeezed his hand encouragingly. She had only truly known her child for a couple of hours, but she knew that he deserved the best that she could give him. That also included Tyson being a part of his life. "The fact that you want to come back and want this," She gestured to herself, laughing a bit as she knew her appearance was dreadful. "Is what matters, you want to try and I'm just so lost for anything else to say because there isn't anything else to say, but that I miss you. Oh God, how I've missed you.."

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It was crazy to Tyson how much Rylee liked him. How she loved him. Because honestly? Tyson knew she deserved so much better. She deserved a million times better than a guy who just last year was so crude as to use a girl to win a bet. Especially since he made her cry so much, maybe that was just more hormones though? Because even still, with those tears leaking down her cheeks he hesitated for a second before reaching up and wiping them off her cheeks gently. Because Rylee shouldn't cry, whether it was happiness or sadness, she deserved to feel like she deserved her happiness. Smiling slightly he laughed a bit, more of a chuckle than anything else. "Scared sometimes? Rylee Cooper, this whole thing terrifies me like crazy. I'm scared about Kyler's health. I'm scared I won't be good enough for him. I'm scared you'll realize that you can do a million times better than me. I'm-" Pausing, Tyson took a deep breath, calming himself before he continued.

"I'm hopeless for you. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, and yeah you were definitely just a bet at first. But you the end of our first date? After you were so nervous you knocked over your glass and it spilled everywhere and you got all flustered and blushed like crazy? I was already falling over my heels for you. Because, yeah I love you...and I have no right, because I've been a total ass to you these past seven months. And that was wrong, but I do love you Rylee. I miss you. I miss holding your hand. I miss kissing you. I miss making you smile and laugh, and- and- and the minute we get out of his hospital I am going to go out and get a ring to ask you to marry me, because you are the best I am ever going to have Rylee and I should really try and get you to marry me now before you realize just how much better you could do."

And that was probably the most unorthodox proposal ever, and technically it wasn't even a proposal, but hey. At least he was obviously trying, right? And so he had her hand in his, because yeah....he was going to ask Rylee to marry him. Because she was the best thing in his life, and she put up with him, and he was pretty much certain that 50% of the reason she put up with him was because of his blue eyes that could sway most anyone, but still.....she was his best. And he would try his damnedest to become what was the best for her. And for Kyler.

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His words were spilling from those lips Rylee loved so much, and they were hitting her quickly as he rambled when he became nervous. She couldn't help but smile as she leaned into his hand that was brushing away her tears. He was terrified just like she was, and that was something that they would have to learn to overcome. They were parents now and they needed to be strong for the child they were blessed with. Her heart sank when he spoke about Kyler's health, it was very present on her mind but she was trying to stay calm enough for the both of them. If anything were to happen to him, she'd never be able to forgive herself, it had to have been something she did wrong to induce her pregnancy early. And then her heart sank even further when he thought that she could do better. Rylee hated that Tyson never truly gave himself enough credit. He was amazing, beyond amazing to be completely honest. No one else had ever given her these intense of feelings and no one would ever take his place in her heart. Rylee knew that he was her one and only, who cared if they were young? Love isn't measured by the moments you breathed but by the moments that took your breath away.

Rylee held her breath when Tyson paused, he ended where he was going and that made her nervous, for the briefest of moments she feared he was still planning on leaving. But she could never prepare herself for what came next. She didn't want to cry again because he looked so pained when she did so, even if they were tears of happiness. Tyson knew exactly how to strike her heart and he did so, he remembered their first date, the little things he missed, and he loved her. If there was any doubt in her mind now that they weren't going to be together, it was quickly quelled. Rylee couldn't contain the smile on her lips from then on.

She blinked rapidly, wondering if what she heard next was a trick of her exhausted mind or if he had really... I'm going to get a ring to ask you to marry me. Rylee's brain shut down and her heart moved into overdrive. She blushed, a ridiculous shade of red. She swallowed slowly. "You just asked me to marry you.." She said more to herself than Tyson. Rylee returned her gaze from their hands and up to his stunningly blue eyes. "Tyson, of course I'll marry you. Because you may think I'm the best thing, but you are literally the most amazing to come into my life. I can't picture anyone else I'd rather have as my husband and as the father of our child. There is no way I could do better than you because I love you. I love you so damn much, like excuse my language, but I can't deny how much I do. And I'll probably wear out the words, but you need to be told them every day."

Rylee slid closer to Tyson, she brushed her lips against his, just lightly. She didn't want to make him nervous, but God did she want to kiss him right now. She closed the rest of the gap between them and met his lips sweetly. It was just as good as she remembered, possibly even better. You hadn't lived unless you had the honor to kiss Tyson Parker, or so she was told, and she believed it like no other. And now she would have the honor to kiss him whenever she wanted because she was going to be Mrs. Parker. And she couldn't be happier.

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See, the thing about Tyson with his rambling when he was nervous? He didn't even realize what words were coming out of his mouth. His mouth would move faster than his brain and he'd end up saying things that he hadn't meant to say. Things like that he wanted Rylee to marry him. Because that was not the way it was supposed to happen. It was supposed to be grand and romantic. Not....Not this! Not a blurted out thought in the middle of a hospital room that smelled a bit like tapioca pudding and nope! It was supposed to be romantic with candle light dinners and lavish gestures and not this way!

Which was exactly what Tyson was about to say, when Rylee cut him off with her answer. Meeting his bright blue eyes with her own brilliant teary eyes. And those three words? 'I'll marry you'? Who cares if it wasn't romantic anymore, because he couldn't help the grin that stretched out on his lips the minute those words left her mouth. I mean, how could he not grin? The girl he loved just agreed to marry him and he couldn't stop smiling.

And when she was kissing him? Even with the lightest brush of her lips he felt a tingle down to the tips of his toes. Because man alive did he miss this. Missed Rylee. And now? Now she was going to be Rylee Parker......and Kyler Parker. And? Well let's just say that he kissed her back without any hesitation and when he broke their kiss for a moment, smiling his voice came out as a whisper. "So....that shower so we can go see our son?" Because the only thing that would make this moment any better? Is Kyler's presence.

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Tyson's smile was enough to make anyone feel warm and fuzzy inside when they did so. But for her personally, it was one of the best feelings in the world. She genuinely melted and was putty in his hands. He met her lips with the same enthusiasm that she had originally given. And it was like they were back when they had shared their first kiss, it was so innocent yet full of need. It was amazing how much she knew that she needed Tyson, he completed her. Rylee bit her lip lightly when Tyson pulled away from her, his hand was still on her cheek tangled in her deadened curls that she had worked so hard on before the dance. Rylee blushed when Tyson took the opportunity to offer up the shower. She smiled and nodded.

But that smile soon wilted away as she stood up. Pregnancy fat didn't just go away as soon as you had the baby, while she look significantly smaller, she knew that she wouldn't be the most attractive girl naked like she had been before. Her gaze drifted over to Tyson as he was getting out of the bed on his side. Of course he still looked like he'd been sculpted by angels. As if she wasn't insecure enough about her body. She touched the hospital gown lightly and walked into the bathroom not before clicking the lock on her hospital door. Having one of her family members walk in as she was planning on showering with her now-fiance, probably wouldn't go over too well.

Rylee turned on the shower and felt the hot steam embrace her. She knew that it would feel amazing on her sore muscles and then she'd be able to pull on the sweats and big t-shirt her parents had brought for her. Everything sounded so comforting from the hot water to Tyson. She looked at him again as she peeked out from the bathroom. "Come on then silly." She smiled and slipped back behind the door. She knew that she would have to get over her insecurities soon, she wouldn't just magically become the size and shape she was before without a long process and a lot of work. "I want to see our boy as well."

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