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Louise Gorday | 7 comments Hello Fellow Group Members,

I'm looking for fans who are interested in reading and reviewing historical fiction. The Church at Parkers Wharf is set in a small Maryland coastal town in the early 1920s at the dawn of Prohibition. Maryland is the only State that didn’t pass statewide legislation prohibiting liquor. The result was a free-for-all of bootlegging, rum running, and a host of other questionable activities. The Church at Parkers Wharf spins a suspenseful tale of ambition, greed, and unrequited love.

Available format: epub, Mobi

If you are interested, please leave a message here or email me at Thank you for your time.

The old brick church at Parkers Wharf has endured the ravages of time and a War of 1812 naval bombardment, but can it survive the fallout from a 1920’s liquor war?
Jackson Dwyer would be hard pressed to remember the last time he attended church. But he has pined for Camilla McClelland—the teetotaling sweetheart who jilted him—for over thirty years, and fought the urge to drink for almost as long. He’s respected, financially secure, and energized by the prospect of marketing Ollie the Oyster crackers. And then, with Prohibition on the horizon, he is elected mayor and his life turns upside down. The bayside town of Nevis is overwhelmed by bootleggers, sniping temperance forces, and rumrunners seeking riches at any cost. With a tenacious reporter digging for a career-defining scoop, and racketeers knocking on his door, Mayor Dwyer struggles to strike a balance between Prohibition, the needs of the community, and his personal ethics.

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Mylinda Mayfield Lawhun (mlawhun) | 2 comments Interested

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Louise Gorday | 7 comments Mylinda wrote: "Interested"

Great! What type file and where do I send it? You can email me or post here. :)

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