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The Exorcism of Sathish Kumar, MBA
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message 1: by Ramiah (new)

Ramiah Ariya | 1 comments My debut English novel,The Exorcism of Sathish Kumar, MBA is out in stores and as an ebook in Amazon and Google Play.
You can read an excerpt in Excerpt - The Exorcism of Sathish Kumar, MBA
The book is entirely set in Chennai, except for a brief foray into Ahi Loka (the underworld).

message 2: by Karthik (new)

Karthik Gunasekaran | 1 comments Best wishes for ur book.

message 3: by Lakshmi (new)

Lakshmi Hayagriva | 8 comments Lol, hilarious concept ! Can't wait to see the movie version !

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