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message 1: by Magdaléna (new)

Magdaléna | 28 comments Please, add a cover to this book:

The cover is here:



message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 24803 comments Sorry we are unable to use google for covers or information. It is a copyright issue.

Perhaps the publisher has a cover on site?

We are missing the publisher, description & cover for that edition. Plus the author name looks strange.

Any assistance to fix this record would be appreciated.

message 3: by Magdaléna (new)

Magdaléna | 28 comments Hi, thank you!

The publisher webpage is here:, but I couldn't download it.

Authors: Pokorná, Holejšovský, Lasák, Pekárek a kol.
Publisher: C. H. Beck
* Učebnice navazuje na tradici beckovských „kursů obchodního práva“ a je ucelenou učebnicí věnovanou obchodním korporacím.
* Reaguje na rekodifikaci civilního práva a nový zákon o obchodních korporacích.
* Nabízí obecný výklad i detailní rozbor jednotlivých typů obchodních korporací.

message 4: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 24803 comments Thanks for that :)

I assume "a kol" means "et al" which stands for "and others"?

message 5: by Magdaléna (new)

Magdaléna | 28 comments Yes, exactly.

Thank you so much :-)

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