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message 1: by Jason (last edited Mar 11, 2018 11:40PM) (new)

Jason Oliver | 2063 comments This is a short book. 130 pages, read in one evening.

This is the story of a Jewish boy/young man during Nazi Germany. One of the camps he survived was Auschwitz. Though this book does not go into much depth, there are still hard parts to read. The story mainly focuses on how a group of prisoners with purple triangles, the Bibelforcher or Jehovah's Witnesses, who could have signed a document and left the camps at any time, gave him the strength and faith to survive his experiences under the persecution of the Nazis. Once liberated, Max became a baptised Jehovah's Witness and married Simone, which I reviewed her book Facing the Lion: Memoirs of a Young Girl in Nazi Europe last month.

The last three sentences of the book sums everything up.

The murder of millions of Jews cannot be forgotten. I will not permit the voices of those who would deny or rewrite the past win out. The story of the purple triangles must also be told so that it may sustain and strengthen those who face desperate situation of their own.

Then the quote "May others take courage in the knowledge that hope can conquer despair."

I forgot to add, the victims of Nazi Germany that survived, only seemed to with help. Help from family, neighbors, strangers, and even some German soldiers. This story is no different. It amazes me the risk people took to offer a helping hand with nothing in return.

message 2: by Amy (new)

Amy | 8310 comments Phenomenal heartfelt review. I can see why you were connected to this book, it’s companion, and to this story. I love when a book not just touches but shines through you.

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