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message 1: by Austin (new)

Austin Gaylord | 8 comments Hello everyone, I am seeking betas who are interested in my thriller/mystery novel, The Dilemma of Sanity and I'm interested in a swap.

Synopsis: Alyssa Yorrick is a private detective who has worked on some of the Orlando Police Department's worst cases - cases that they themselves don't even want to take. As one of the solemn few working for a private cold case unit, she is responsible for grappling with the thoughts and feelings of those left behind and seemingly forgotten by the justice system.

However, this case was different. This wasn't because the nature of the case made it any more or less foreboding. Rather, Alyssa is assigned a new partner who seems to harbor many of the same secrets she has devoted her life to uncovering. As the mysteries of this suicide investigation begin to unravel before her, so to do the mysteries surrounding her partner, James Lawrence.

Some secrets, however, are better left buried. After all, where there are secrets, there are those lying in wait to uncover them.

(Thanks for reading!)

message 2: by Keith (new)

Keith Oxenrider (mitakeet) | 1166 comments Sencha a PM.

message 3: by Siyabulela (new)

Siyabulela Mbalekwa | 22 comments Inbox me if you are interested

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