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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments here we go!

message 2: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 27 comments Hello so do you want to talk about the details of this Roleplay?

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Ia this one ours? It says Nina and Kate....

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments Yeah, Nina, it’s ours.

message 5: by Nina (new)

Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Okay perfect. Can you please post the idea here for me?

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments Muse A is a new nurse at a psychiatric clinic where Muse B has been for the past six years. Muse B has been known to be incredibly violent and aggressive having a history of altercations with patients and staff alike. Everyone fears Muse B. When Muse B notices Muse A, he isn’t harsh at all, but still pulls an intimidating personality. When the head doctor notices the way he acts around A, he assigns her to him. No one expects for them to fall in love.

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Thanks... so character bios now... how detailed do you like your characters to be?

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments Name

for this i would be a bit more detailed just because it’s for a hospital

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Alright.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments i’ll post in a moment

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments Name: Jackson Andrew Wells
Age: 22
Appearance: https://goo.gl/images/7DpPdt
Personality/ history: Jackson is a very aggressive man. His mother and father abandoned him to his aunt when he was young and he was bullied throughout high school. His aunt, who visits regularly, believes that the aggression started his sophomore year when he would begin to partake in altercations and started his tattoo addiction. According to her, he was a very sweet boy when he was young

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Name: Andie Jo Benson
Age: 21
Appearance: https://pinterest.com/pin/36148430758...
Andie is a sweet, kind, patient woman who is all about saving people. That is why she went through four years of med school to become a nurse and the mental hospital. She is a bright and happy person for the most part. She has lived a happy life even in the times of despair. Her parents had died and she had to live with her grandparents. And yet, she is still happy and cheerful.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments awesome!! i’ll post in a moment.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments Jackson huffed as he sat in the common room. He dressed in a white tank top, grey sweatpants and some tennis shoes. Under his eyes were dark and tired, his eyes hazel and bloodshot. A smirk formed at his lips when a nurse passed him by, obviously holding her breath. It wasn’t that they ignored him, just...avoided him. They never really gave him his medication out of fear. He had just been released from the Behavioral Unit to see a new nurse back in Unit One.

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Andie had gotten a new patient, a Jackson Wells. Apparently, he was like the devil around here. The other nurses said he had a temper and that she needed to be careful. She just rolled her eyes at then and chuckled. "I'm sure he's not that bad." She said grabbing his medicine. She walked towards him and smiled. She wondered how he saw her. She was the only nurse in yellow scrubs, everyone else was wearing blue or green but Andie had chosen the bright cheerful yellow scrubs. She waved to Jackson. "Hiya. My name is Andie Benson, and I'm gonna be your new nurse. Now I got your medicine here so..." she smiled and handed the cup to him along with a cup of juice. She winked at him and held a finger to her mouth. "Don't let Nurse Darcy know I stole some of her juice for you."

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments As he rolled his eyes, he swore he could see his brain. Great. She was cheerful. “I’m not taking that shit,” He snapped nicely- er, nicely for him. Jackson’s hands shoved into his pockets as he raised his eyebrow at the overly excited nurse. Didn’t they tell her to stay away?

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Andie sighed and shrugged. "Alright. Fine. Just take the juice then. I'll put these aside for you. You can take them when you feel like it. Though, I do warn you. If you dont take them now I have to stay here with you till you do." She grinned. Honestly, Jackson did frighten her a little, but she would not show it. She sar down beside him after she set the cup of pills down beside him. She hummed Paradise City by Guns N' Roses while she danced to the song in her head and grinned at Jackson. "So... do you have any favorite songs, Jackson?" she asked him as if they were old friends.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments Jackson wondered what her deal was. He didn't want her damn juice. No one ever really was like this with him and he didn't know what to do. He noticed a nurse giving her an odd look, walking away quickly. "I wouldn't know." He grumbled, trying to be as polite as possible. Truth was, Jackson hadn't listened to music in years. He had been trapped here for what felt like forever.

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Andie raised her eyes and then bit her lip. "Alright. Well, then, while I'm waiting for you to take your pills we can listen to music." She grinned and then pulled put her phone. She grabbed out her headphones ans plugged them in. She gave him on earbud and then put the other one in her ear. She then turned to her phone and turned on one of her favorite songs, Says She Loves Me by Aer. She danced along to the song and mouthed the words. She looked over at Jackson. "You like this song?" she asked him.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments His eyebrow was raised, looking at her like she was crazy. A huff left Jackson's lips and he got up, walking into the cafetorium as the bell toned- it was like high school. Sitting away from everyone, he spat leave at a nurse who brought him a plate- she quickly went away.

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments ((Crap... sorry responded to a friends of mine...))

Andie watched him walk away and shook her head. She sighed and roleld her eyes. She stood up, grabbed both cups and walked over to him. She eaised her eyebrows. "You are such a child. This is not high school Jackson. Take your pills and I'll go get you some good food. I brought some of my homemade chicken strips with some ranch and hot sauce. So we can share that." She said nodding. She set the cups down besjde him and left him alone. She then smirked and looked back at him and waved befkre heading into the nurses locker rooms for her lunch.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments Jackson got up, tossing both the pills and the cup away and slouching back in his chair. This nurse was going to be the death of him! In his mind, there was nothing wrong with him. He wasn’t crazy. He was like the Hulk. When people pissed him off he exploded. He didn’t have Paranoid Personality whatever or what they thought.

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Andie grabbed her lunch, some more pills and anotber cup of juice for Jackson since she figured he would either throw them on the ground or away in the trash. She saw him slouching and shook her head. "You know you shouldn't slouch, its bad for your back." She told him setting down the other cup. She looked in the trash and shook her head. "Tsk, well gold thing I brought another cup of pills for you and I srole some more juice." She smiled at him and sat down beside him. "Alright, you hungry? Everyone loves my chicken strips. So here ya go." She pulled out two containers of chicken and set one down beside him. "You can eat it or not. If you would prefer I can get your some of the recommended food.

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments ?

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments //Omg I'm so sorry!!

"What do you care?" He snapped. Jackson pushed the food aside. "I'm not hungry," he muttered and crossed his arms. "I'm not taking those." Jackson glared at the cup of meds and rolled his eyes. He didn't need this. Rubbing his tattooed arms, he huffed.

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Andie sighed softly and bit her lip. "I care, Jackson. You know, my older brother was in a place like this." She looked down to her meal and ran a hand over her arm. Her older brother had been in the car crash that had killed her parents and it had messed him up. He had once been sweet and loving. But after the crash he was cruel and violent. He was a danger to himself and to others. She felt the scar on her arm and then shook her head. "I want to help ones who are like my brother." She told him. She looked to the food in front of him. "Just take your pills, please. You don't have to eat my food if you don't want to. But take your pills. I'll tell you what, if you want, tomorrow I can sneak in soda for you to take with your pills." She told him with a smile.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments "I don't want your help." He didn't want to be rude, he just couldn't help it, and besides, he needed to get his point across. "And I don't need it either." Jackson rolled his eyes and pushed himself away from the table. This girl was being so stubborn, so happy, so much smiling. After the bell, he walked back to his room and sat outside the door and watched the orderlies pass. Technically, patients weren't permitted into rooms until lights-out,

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Andie groaned as Jackson walked away from her. This was so much harder than she had thought it was going to be. She bit her lip. Perhaps, happy and friendly wasn't the way to go? She gave it some thought before nodding her head and then grabbing the pills and juice before heading to his room. She found him just outside the door and place the juice and pills in his hands. "Alright, take it." She demanded with her arms crossed. "I swear, if you don't take it I'm gonna find a way to force the pills in you." She told him. She knew that most likely she couldn't force this man to do anything but Andie was persistent, she would find a way somehow.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments When Jackson looked up, he smirked when he saw her. "Oh really? Send Me back to Unit Two so they can force it into me with needles?" He raised an eyebrow. He had had enough IV over there, having fought and resisted every one. "I'd rather die." Crossing his arms, he leaned back against the wall. Andie was so tiny it was hard to take her seriously. This new attempt had taken him off guard, though. He wasn't expecting that from her. Jackson rested his head against the cool concrete, his hazel eyes burning up at her.

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Andie shook her head. "Nope. I was thinking something along the lines of me jumping on you or whatever." She said with a smile and shrug. She looked down at him. It really wasn't fair that she was so small. Even with Jackson sitting in the floor he came up to her thighs. "I am not gonna send you back to Unit 2, Jackson. But i do need you to take your medicine." She told him holding the small container of pills out to him.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments “Nah.” he said simply and waved off the cup. “Give then to the Manic Depressive. She’ll love them.” Sneering, Jackson raised his eyebrows a bit daringly, wondering what she would say to that. Was he expecting to be scolded? Yes, but usually didn’t care of the consequences.

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Andie groaned. "I take it Manic Depressive is another patient here?" she asked. "Unfortunately, I can't give her your medication since she's most likely on different meds then you are." Shr told him. She narrowdd her eyes and then sat down across from him. "So, hard way it is then." She grinned as she began to think of ways she could trick him into taking his pills.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments Jackson smirked. God, why was he so sadistic? "Yeah, she is. You've probably seen her hanging around." When was this woman going to learn that he just wanted to be left alone? Jackson's eyes rolled back once he heard her last statement. Yeah, okay. She was- what- 5'3" and like 110lbs? "I don't need them. I'm not crazy and I haven't killed anyone."

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Andie raised an eyebrow at him. "So then why are you in this place?" she asked him. She leaned her back against the wall as she awaited his answer. She would figure out a way to get him take his medicine one way or another. She had a feelinf that this guy didn't care really if he was sent back to Unit 2 or not. He seemed like the kind of guy who didn't care whether or not he was in pain.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments Rolling his neck back he leaned into his arms. “Who’s asking?” Feeling a pop in his neck, he rubbed the tattoo on the side of his collarbone. “Don’t you know, curiosity killed the cat?” Jackson said cooly.

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Andie raises an eyebrow and rolles her eyes. "I'm asking. And besides, a cat has nine lives. I don't think cats are too worried about dying from curiosity." She told him with a Cheshire grin. "So... you gonna tell me or not? Why are you in this place?" she said lookimg at his tattoo. She bit her lip. If Andie was being honest, tattooed guys were her type.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments “Let me tell you what I have figured out. Humans have one life. Messed around, got in some fights, people got killed” he shrugged. Jackson leaned his head back and looked up. “Why do you wanna know?”

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Andie eyes went wide and she looked directly at Jackson. "Okay, what did you mess around with? Who were the people you got in fights and who was killed? Did you kill someone?" she asked him. Honestly, she knew that he honestly could have been screwing with her but she wanted to know. It was curiosity. Besides, Jackson intrigued her to no end. Almost every other nurse in this asylum wanted nothing to do with Jackson due to being frightened of him. But, Andie wasn't frightened. She had a feeling that what he showed was an act. She wanted to know the real Jackson. "Why do I want to know? Because I want to get to know you."

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments Jackon rolled his eyes yet again. “I didn’t kill them...but they deserved it.” When the nurse said she wanted to her to know him he almost laughed “Yeah right.” he scoffed. “You’re just like the rest of them! Once you say something brcahyyou think that you can trust them they fuck you over and I end up back here or in Unit 2”

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Andie nodded. Honestly, she did believe that some people deserved to die as well, of course, she would never admit that to anyone. But, she did think that. She frowned at his outburst and shook her head. "I'm not gonna fuck you over, Jackson. I promise." She said softly. "I am not sure how I would fuck you over anyways. I understand you don't want to go back to Unit Two, and I don't want to send you back to Unit Two. However, I do need your cooperation." She told him.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments Jackson pushed himself to stand. He didn’t want to get into his life story- he hated it. Calmly walking off, he rubbed his neck. He couldn’t hurt her, raise his voice, they’d throw him back in a second. Leaning against the wall in the room before the Commons, hr watched as the people flittered around the room. He wasn’t like them.

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Andie sighed as he walled away from her. Again. She stood up and set his meds on a passing tray. She smiled at the woman who looked shocked for some reason. She decided she would see Jackson a bit later. She would help with the lunch crowd. There were families visiting today who wanted to eat lunch with their loved ones. As she helped serve the food she took bites of her own food in between trips. She could see Jackson out of the corner of her eye in the common room. She bit her lip wondering what his story was. Andie was friendly with everyone she served and the little kids who were present she bent down to their level, not that she had to go very far, and talked or laughed with them.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments His hazel eyes glared as an orderly with a patient passed. He didn't mean to be so hostile and antagonistic but it was in his blood. Leaving off a sigh and looking at all the activities, he felt sick. It was too much for him. Jackson rolled his eyes and pushed himself from the wall and checked the clock as he started towards his room.
His aunt never visited anymore, for all he knew she was dead. No calls, letters, visits, nothing. Now, just seeing people happy with their families disgusted him.
A nurse looked at Andie. "I wouldn't get close to him...he's very diabolical." The taller nurse said. "I'm Brandy...Jackson's old nurse. I was here when he was first admitted" She explained

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Andie noticed Jackson's glare and frowned slightly. She bit her lip and then looked up at the other nurse. "He didn't seem diabolical to me." She said softly. She looked over at Jackson once more and smiled at him with a wave of her hand. She turned back to Brandy and shook her head. "Jackson's an okay guy. Sure, he's a bit rude but not too much. At least not to me. He still..." she shook her head and shrugged again. She wasn't going to sell out Jackson, not now. So what he didn't take his pills today. She would get him to take his pills a bit later.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments “Let me guess,..not taking his meds?” Brandy asked and watched him leave. “Good luck with that. The last time he was here he bashed an orderlies face on a wall and shattered about half his face somehow.l The brunette shrugged. “He’s probably going to say things to you, threaten you, whatnot. Just be careful,”

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Andie bit her lip and shrugged. She frowned. "Really? He did that?" she asked. She couldn't believe that Jackson had done that. Now, of course she really did not know Jackson's character just yet, but she had not thought of Jackson to do such a thing to an orderly. She nodded. "Of course, I'll make sure to be careful." She told Brandy with a smile. "But I don't think he would do anything to hurt me."

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments “That’s what I thought.” The girl said and fixed the sleeves of her scrubs. “He’s dangerous, kid. But hey, good on you for actually believing in him.”

Jackson dented his wall- again. Now he laid on his back, shirtless in the hall with bloody knuckles and a temper of regret. He missed his aunt. He regretted ever doing anything to her, she was the only one who ever loved him.

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Andie nodded absentmindely. "Yeah." She said going back to pick up the dirty dishes. Once she was finished she headed to Jackson's room where she found him laying down. She leaned against the door and sighed. "You hungry yet? I still have those chicken strips I brought from home. All the cafeteria food is gone." She told him. She wondered how to approach him. Clearly being rough with him didnt work too well. Being sweet with him, would only make him walk all over her. So she had to be somewhere in between the two.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 1787 comments When he heard her, Jackson sighed. “No” his eyes moved from the ceiling to where she was and back to the ceiling. “Why do you care anyways? It’s not like I’m fucking special or anything.” he said

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Nina (lananina) | 490 comments Andie bit her lip and then let out a soft groan. "Everyone is special in their own way, Jackson. It's just our job to figure out what way that is. And I want to figure out yours." She told him with a nod of her head. "And I also care if you starve yourself. So eat." She commanded and placed the container by his bed. "I'm leaving right now, so I'll pick up my container tomorrow. See you tomorrow, Jacks." She said and left his room. Andie headed for the nurses locker room and changed before grabbing her purse and heading out. She could feel the stares of the other nurses but ignored them.

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