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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Well simple skelly...


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Bamma | 5135 comments Name:Fenrir
Looks: https://pinterest.com/pin/ATaWh5vjeLv...

Name: Sylver Hatter
Looks: https://pinterest.com/pin/38794295538...

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Name: Rue Halloway
Age: 21

Name: Ashton Roberts
Age: 25

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Bamma | 5135 comments So idea! Both of the girls are a team and both of the guys are a team?

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments oooohhh yes!!!!

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Bamma | 5135 comments Awesome! You want to set it up hon?

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Sure sure)


I woke up in one of our safe houses and i just stretched out as best as i could. Walking out of my room and into the hall, Sylver and I were trying to find a job this time around. We had to pay our rent in three of our safe houses.

I walked to our little kitchen and started brewing up some coffee, I wonder if she had a good time last night? I was just trying to hit the internet and surf some good things to steal or do.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Sylver
I groaned as I woke up looking around blearily. "Holy fuuuuuck." I mumbled under my breathe. I looked around. I was in some kind of motel. I glanced over my shoulder seeing a broad sleeping back. I was bruised but in a lovely way.
"What the hell did I do last night?" I mumbled to myself. I slipped out of bed quietly dressing silently. I grabbed my phone tip toeing out of the motel room.
I called Rue flinching at the sunlight. "Ugh goddamn sunlight bullshit." I mumbled under my breathe.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Fenrir
I woke up putting on my glasses checking Ash's room he wasn't back probably hooked up after I left the bar last night. Went into the kitchen calling him making sure I didn't need to bail him out of anything....or pick him up from Mexico....again.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ash

I felt someone move on the bed and honestly i was too fucked up and hung over to actually fully wake up and see who the hell did i spend the night with. I hear the door close and my eyes started blinking a little bit.

Damn am i in a motel? I groaned a little before i managed to get my boozed stinking ass off the bed and went to go take a shower.


I was drinking a cup of coffee when i hear my phone ringing somewhere. I jump a few of our couches when i reached out and got the phone and realized it was Sylver

"Let me guess you didn't sleep in our place last night did you?" I asked going over to grab some shoes.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Sylver
She answered the phone no hello not that it would have been answered with warm friendliness. She guess that I didn't sleep at our place last night.
".....no....I actually have no idea where the fuck I am." I told her glaring around. "Is there coffee? Because I can be home in a few minutes and I need coffee...." I said sniffing my shirt. "And a shower....and Advil." I told her.

"Hey Ash, call me back if you need bailing out you were hanging on that girl when I left so I don't even have to guess what happened last night." I snorted. "Just get your ass back here asap, yeah?"

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ash

I get out of the shower and i may feel a little better but i really do grab some meds and hope to god this hangover just gets over it. I looked at her and just smiled at my phone

I went ahead and called Fen back and just smiled a little bit. "Oh wow, hey dad did you not go out and get laid again." I tell her.


"Just use your phone, and find your way back. You do know that all phones have GPS right?" I asked her grabbing a doughnut from Dunkin before i reached for more cream and sugar.

"Of course i have coffee, you know that's the only way i know how to work it."

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Bamma | 5135 comments Fenrir
He called me back and I snorted. "Well *some* of us have to look for work and not just chase tail junior." I told him smirking. "And are you really going to taunt the one that can cure your hangover....really Ash?" I said smirking

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah yeah. I know phones have a GPS I thought you'd just like to know I was okay," I said with a fake pout. "Gee some den mother you are." I grumbled playfully. I pulled my phone away from my ear looking at where I was I hmphed.and took off towards home.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue

"I am literally younger than you Sylver, you should be the den mother not me." I tell her and just rolled my eyes a little bit when she hangs up. I honestly don't know what job to get us, I don't want to do a thief job but it's the only kind of job that actually gives us some profit now.


"Oh come on Fen don't you know, I had already taken your special pills before you even realized it." I tell him and just grab my stuff and change and quickly checked out of the motel before i'm obligated to pay for another night.

"So where we at right now? Do we have a new place?"

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Bamma | 5135 comments Sylver
"What does you being younger than me have to do with anything?" I said suddenly behind her after using my super speed to get home. "Coffee...." I groaned going over to my coffee pot. I grabbed a cup adding a lot of sugar.
"We are doing alright but we could really use a new job," I told him. "All we are getting though is more theif jobs..." I told him. "And I found a new place yeah." I told him. It was on the older more isolated part of the city.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ash

"Alright in that case how about you send me the address and i'll head over there ASAP." I tell him going on ahead and taking a car that was being given to the valet driver and i took off placing Fen on the bluetooth so i can hear him.

"Oh another job that sounds lovely, now tell me who do you want me to be? How about i shift to a dashing escort? Maybe i can set you up on a date." I tell him laughing a bit.


"God i actually hate when you pop out all of a sudden." I tell her seeing, her make a dash towards the coffee without a care in the world. I just roll my eyes a little bit and pinch my nose. God she smelled like booze and one night stand.

"Like i said, you're older you need to be much more mature." I tell her.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Fen
I rolled my eyes and gave him the address chuckling softly. "Ash....I will start testing my drugs on you again." I told him shaking my head. "It's mainly theft jobs." I told him. "Nothing to exciting big guy." I said smirking.

"Well one of us has to have fun." I told her draining my coffee. I smirked at her. "It's fun." I told her. "Popping from nowhere." I told her, I ran a hand through my hair grabbing a V8 and an Advil. "I'm taking a shower." I told her. "Have you found a new job for us yet?" I asked her as I went to my bedroom to grab a change of clothes.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ash

"You say that like if it's a sacrifice." I said to her and just laughed a little bit when he tells me that there isn't anything exciting about this job. I just shrugged my shoulders a little bit.

"In that case, I will definitely get you laid in this next job, come on Fen it's been fucking forever. Rose was... She was a bitch okay but what can you expect from a Russian assassin?" I tell him, besides that was literally a year ago.


"Yeah i know it's fun for you, just like it's fun for me to open every single kind of lock and key or any fun doors." I tell her and just see her ran sack our kitchen for her survival of the hangover.

"Was the one night stand good?" I asked her, smiling seeing slight sightings of hickeys on her.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Fen
"Will you stop worrying about my love life?" I sighed. "I'm fine I will get laid when I want." I told him chuckling slightly. "You just worry about not catching something from one of your hook ups." I told him smirking looking over my computer. "Hmm this job looks interesting...it's corporate stuff." I told him.

I grinned as she asked me if the one night stand was any good. "Hmmm he was amazing," I sighed. "And kinky I loved it." I said lifting up the side of my shirt showing her the hand print bruise on my hip waggling my eyebrows at her.
"You should come with me next time." I told her. "It's been a while hasn't it?" I said delicately.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ash

"Of course i worry! I live with you man, i have to pretend i aint hearing shit when you're pleasing yourself in the other room. You have to be able to get some from a woman." I tell him finally finding the place where he settled down for us and i get out of the car.

"SO new job?" I asked walking in on him researching.


"Yeah no, i think i'll pass on that offer, I mean no offense but i like to keep myself concentrated on jobs for our money." I tell her and let her go off and clean herself off when i finally find a job

"Oh there's going to be a gala for corporate company with the theme of casino royale! That means, a buffet of wallets and jewels!"

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Bamma | 5135 comments Fen
I felt my ears grow red as he mentioned that he could hear me at night. "I'm fine." I insisted hanging up when he walked up behind me.
"Yeah it's a gala, casino themed so lots of wallets and jewels we can heist. Even win some money at the card tables probably." I told him.

"Sounds great!" I called from my shower shaking my head. "Honey you need more action then your dildo!" I called as I shampooed my hair.
"When is the gala?" I asked her.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue:

"I don't use a dildo! And you know it!" I tell him crying out just a little bit when she called out to me from the bathroom. That was just the downside from actually having a roommate.

"Well it's tonight! Oh that's great we're going to make rent to our Tokyo and Italian house!" I tell her clapping my hands that we can use one of our dresses that we've shoplifted in Fashion Week.


"Oh that's so cool i always wanted to play black jack out of millionaire's pockets. Oh the many sexually frustrated young wives there will be in that place, there's no way you won't get laid." I tell him excited and went on ahead and walked over to the kitchen to grab some left over.s

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Bamma | 5135 comments Sylver
I snickered softly and got out of the shower redressing. I came out drying my hair and grabbing the vinager from the med kit. "That's great! Hack us some invitations girl," I said. "And separate hotel rooms....just in case you decide to unlock your chastity belt for a night." I teased her. I dabbed my bruises making them fade.

"Ash I'm warning you I'll slip you a pill where you won't be able to get it up for a year." I told him shaking my head as I got us invitations and back stories.
I swear I was gonna kill him one of these days.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue

"Okay okay, I'll go on ahead and get us the invitations you go ahead and make sure your brazilian wax is still good." I tease her back and just shrugged my shoulders a little bit when i started typing away. Getting us an invitation and back story of course. I was kind of excited for tonight, i mean it's been a while since we've been to a Gala.

"Make sure we have enough sleeping elixirs." I tell her.


"Sorry man, there's no need for you to throw the no action pill man. I mean i am seriously concerned for you, maybe a date wouldn't be so bad for you just think about it." I give him a pat on the back before i walk on out and head to one of the beds.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Sylver
I cringed as she mentioned my Brazilian. "So painful and yet....so worth it." I said grinning as I went to our store room. "Yeah I'll check." I called over my shoulder as she asked me to make sure about the sleeping elixirs. I did a quick count over them.
"We're good, but we need to stock up after this job." I told her as I grabbed my phone and made a salon appointment for the both of us.

"It's alright man just...quit being such a nag over it." I told him chuckling softly. "I'll get some when I want to." I told him. Our tuxes would still be good I just needed my contacts and the covering creame for my tatts and we would be good.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ash

"Yeah yeah i know don't worry about it." I tell him until he starts over thinking on his tatts. "Dude as your bro in life, leave the tattoos chicks really do dig guys with them. The girl from last night... damn she was a ride." I said laughing when i leave and just take a nap before the big day.


"Yeah so you keep saying." I tell her when i finished our invitations and i hacked into some near by jewlers of the area and made an inventory on which jewels were being rented or bought for the event.

"Oh these are indeed gorgeous, we're going to be well off for a while if we get to of the most expensive ones, but the smaller pieces are still a worth.... oh hell no! I'm not going to a salon." I tell her fixing my glasses.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Fenrir
"They're not really corporate, Ash." I said chuckling softly he said the girl from last night was a wild ride. "Finally meet someone can keep up with you?" I snickered softly though he didn't answer going off to the land of nod.

I covered the mic of my phone and looked at her. "Yes you are," I told her as I finished making our appointments. "We'll make a list for it even the small peices have to be worth a lot." I said. "There is nothing wrong with getting your hair, nails, and make up done at a salon."

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue

"No you're going to make me that stupid brazilian and i don't like it. I like to trim." I tell her and just didn't want to deal with the after effect of the brazilian. It's not my style at all, I looked back at her and just tried to keep completely calm as possible.

"i'm going to take a shower, tell me when it's time to ride to hell."

(skip soon?)

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Bamma | 5135 comments Sylver
"No I'm making you get your eyebrows waxed." I said smirking. I nodded. "Hmm you have half an hour." I told her leaning back on the couch and flipping on the TV.

(Sure! :)

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ash

I was so ready to help my friend getting laid tonight, that and i already pick pocketed at least 3 wallets in an hour. I was looking forward to actually play some black jack. I looked at Fen and just give him a nudge.

"Come on man, just relax a little there's countless of gorgeous women around us, and if you don't want any. Look at that wine."

I was done with the whole beautify tactic here. I mean it's one thing to make me look like i'm oozing for sex. But that's just the way sylver always works and sometimes it makes me wonder... why can't she let me be the geek like side kick.

We've been half an hour in this gala and guys have already checked me out way too much... and some girls.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Sylver
I didn't let her do that because she was more to me than that. I wanted her to live outside of her computer and science. I shook my head seeing her look self concious as she got checked out. "Relax honey, you look fantastic." I told her softly. We had already slipped some jewels off people and got some wallets. "Have a drink." I advised softly.
I chuckled softly. "Just worry about yourself man," I told him softly grabbing a glass of red wine from a passing tray. When he didn't have a snappy come back I looked up seeing him slack jawed.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ash

I looked at Fen and just took a breath when i ordered a glass of rum on the rocks. Just keeping it slow and mellow for a bit whenhe tells me that he would be fine.

"Alright man, I have complete and total trust on you, and just don't be afraid to check out hotties with bodies." I pat his back and walk ahead and towards the poker tables.


"Thank you, I'm just trying to keep us off of unwanted attention." I tell her and just took a glass of red wine and started wandering away from the party over to the outdoor balcony. There was no one outside and honestly it was a blessing.

I loved Sylver, but sometimes she can get way too carried away on me. I take a sip of the wine and looked at the city scenery.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Sylver
I shook my head and smiled softly at her. I just wanted her to have a good time. I looked around heading towards some of the tables. Smiling slightly at some of the players but in the back of my mind watching all the tells. But a man bumped into me know me off slightly. I looked up. "Oh I'm sorry I must have been distracted." I said lightly smiling at him.

I shook my head and sipped my wine walking around the edge of the party before I noticed a woman on the balcony. I stepped out behind her. "Hello." I said smiling softly.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ash

I looked over and quickly caught the girl that bumped into me due to another clumsy asshole. "No it's fine, it wasn't your... fault?" I said looking down at the young woman and feel like a total idiot seeing that it was my one night stand.

"Evening." I said smiling at her. no use in being awkward.


I feel someone coming in the balcony. I turned around to see a handsome man in front of me, silver hair? Well that's pretty daring and different from the gala.

"Uh hello." I whispered and just tried cleared my throat a little bit when i looked back at the man. "Are you going to need the place?" I asked.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Sylver
Oh shit....I smiled slightly. "Evening...." I said awkwardly. "I didn't know you were invited to the gala." I said smiling softly at him trying to be normal but this was so awkward.

"On no," I said shaking.my head. "I thought you would like some company?" I ended on a question smiling softly at her.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ash

I chuckled a little bit just smiling a little when she seemed to be looking like a deer in headlights. "Yeah I got invited, not a real big time here really." I tell her looking at the black jack table.

"how about we forget how awkward this is in a game of black jack?" I asked her.


I looked at him and just smiled a little bit when i took a sip of my wine and i just leaned in to the edge of the balcony. "I really do appreciate it. Are you having fun?" I asked blushing a little bit.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Sylver
I chuckled softly. "Yes some black jack would be fantastic." I told him smiling softly at him. I relaxed and we went over to a slower black jack table. I stopped a waiter and ordered a gin and tonic.

"Kind of? I mean not really my scene I'm just from the IT department." I told her chuckling softly. I sipped my wine. "I mainly came because my friend drug me here.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue:

I laugh a little bit when he tells me that his friend was the one that dragged him to this event. It was one of the only things i noted was truth. "I can relate to that, my friend thinks that i don't put myself out there long enough." I explained to him.


"By the way... you were amazing last night. you were fast in leaving too." I tease her just a little bit when i asked the dealer to hit me another card.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Fenrir
I chuckled softly. "You don't want to know what my friend thinks." I said chuckling softly. I sipped my wine. "But to stop him from nagging I came along." I said.
I chuckled softly. "You were pretty amazing too." I told him. I chuckled softly. "Well....I had to go home and get ready...you know how long it takes us girls to get ready." I teased.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ash

"Yeah right, I know for a fact that you wanted to bounce because awkward small talk is so boring," I teased her back and i leaned in and placed a stray of her hair back behind her ear.

"Sorry but i do think you're amazing to look at." I said to her and just smiled a little.


"I bet my friend is much more crass than yours." I said smiling and arching my eyebrow at him and i just let out a sigh. "I mean the wine is good the music is great. So... I guess the company isn't so bad to look at either." I said to him

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Bamma | 5135 comments Sylver
I laughed softly as he teased me back I motioned to the dealer that I was going to stay as he tucked a peice of hair behind my ear.
I smiled blushing slightly. "Well thank you." I told him.
"Would you have preferred it if I stayed?" I teased him grinning.

I chuckled softly. "Oh yeah? What did yours tell you?" I asked her grinning. I smiled softly as she said the wine is good the music wasn't to bad and the company wasn't so bad to look at. "Well I'm glad to hear I'm not to bad on the eyes. I think you look very beautiful tonight." I said softly keeping my eyes on her face.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue:

I tilted my head to the side just listening to him tell me that it was a good thing for me to see him as handsome. When he tells me beautiful it made me sort of blush. "You haven't seen my entire figure since us talking, i mean you've just looked at my eyes." I whispered to him.

"And she... she thinks i need to get laid... it's been a long while."


"I wouldn't mind waking up with you... but i was pretty wasted and i wouldn't had liked to have hangover sex with you." I explained to her and just cleared myself with the dealer, noticing my jack of spades and my ace of spades. Oh winning hand already.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Fenrir
"Your face is all I need to see." I told her smiling softly I shrugged slightly tugging at my cuff a little to cover up my tattoos.
I smiled chuckling softly. "Same." I told her smiling softly.

I chuckled softly and fiddled with my chips slightly acting like I wasn't sure about my hand. "Well I just saved us from more awkwardness." I told him smiling softly. I sipped my gin and tonic when it came. I looked over to him smiling softly. "But you did leave some bruises you know." I teased under my breathe smirking.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue

i looked at the man and just smiled when i saw that he was tugging at his tattoos. I reached out and held his hand looking at the outline of his ink and smiled.

"This is hot." I whispered to him when i looked at him again and felt my breath get hot a bit.

"But... we're not going to listen to them, I mean we shouldn't..." I bit my lip


"Well that's because it wouldn't of been horrible to replace the amazing sex with odd sex." I tell her and just smiled when i started bidding high until finally it was done. I flipped the cards over and won my hand in black jack.

"But I am happy to have seen you here today." I tell her.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Fenrir
I grinned slightly and rolled up my sleeve for her letting her look seeing as she liked them. I looked down at her as she stood close to me. "No of course not..." I murmured softly my eyes flicking down to her lips.

I hadn't been betting big so I didn't really loose a lot. I smiled. "I'm glad to have seen you here today too." I told him grinning.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ash:

I looked at her and smiled when i gave her half of my earnings. I really didn't mind i mean i got my fair share of the wallets and jewels here. And hey, i got to meet this amazing girl again.

"I'm glad to had seen you here today too." I whispered to her and looked at the dance floor.

"Dance?" I asked.


I looked at his ink and just bit my lip a little bit when he told me that we shouldn't. I opened my eyes to look at him and i saw him looking at my lips. My lips parted slightly when he did that and my heart was racing.

"How long since you've... been intimate?" I asked him

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Bamma | 5135 comments Sylver
he gave me half of his winnings which was very sweet. I smiled softly at him. He glanced at the dance floor before looking at me.
"I'd love too." I said smiling softly at him taking his hand.

Her lips parted when she noticed I was looking at her. She asked me how long I had been celebate. I blushed slightly. "A little over a year." I told her swallowing. I guided her closer to me. "You?" I murmured.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ash:

"Why thank you." I smiled at her and guided her over to the dance floor. My hand tugging her closer to me, as i placed my hand briefly on her waist and just kept her to me. Gently swaying us to the sound of the music.

"Sorry about the bruises." I tell her wanting to be repenting for hurting her.


He tells me it has been a little over a year and i feel like a total sap right now. "A year about." I whispered to him when he brought me closer to him. Oh god he was making my entire body shivering. I reached over and tip toed up.

My lips planting on his making me completely buzzed not of the wine.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Sylver
I smiled as he tugged me close to him. His hand resting on my waist
I chuckled softly as he apologized for my bruises. I smirked up at him. "Worth it. Plus I remember begging you to be rough with me." I murmured quietly.

She told me about a year. She tip toed and kissed me. I kissed her back cupping the back of her neck bending down so she didn't have to tip toe I held her close to me.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Rue

This is not happening because stupid Sylver got in my head. I mean the wine is just helping with my realization that I don’t have to take everything seriously. But damn his lips were making me weak right now. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him harder.

I moaned slightly wanting to taste more of him.


“Yeah but still I mean I could’ve gone easy on you.” I winked at her a bit and gently dipped her in the end of the song. I pulled her back up and just looked at those eyes.

“Why do I feel like you’re trying to undress me with your eyes.” I whispered against her ear.

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