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AngelReads | 52 comments I don't remember much about this book. It starts of with her finding her dead mother in their apartment. She then has to go live with her older brother, who she didn't know existed. He has a wife and a daughter that is about 5 or

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AngelReads | 52 comments Or 6 years old. She could be younger. She falls in love with this guy in her high school. I think he's popular, I'm not quite sure. What no ones knows (she tells the boy at some point) is that she has healing abilities. I don't remember specifically how they work. I think she can only transfer the illness of one person to another and these people have to be related. It turns out that her niece is sick and her brother wants her to heal his daughter. Their their grandfather wants to take her illness, but she ends up accidentally transferring it to herself. I think she leaves at the end.

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AngelReads | 52 comments The book is Keep you from harm by Debra Doxer.

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Alex | 247 comments Keep You from Harm (Remedy, #1) by Debra Doxer Keep You from Harm for the link

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