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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments lets go

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Killjoy | 134 comments Alrighty do you have anything in mind?

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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments yea, my character is a 20year old werewolf.herparents were killed by werewolf when she was sixteen and she was turned as well. I'll post the full bio tomorrow. so maybe a clan war or idk a high school paranormal story?

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Killjoy | 134 comments Yeah sounds great

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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments high school paranormal? so are we already friends or do we meet and who us your character?

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Killjoy | 134 comments That works, my character can be another werewolf who's friends with your character

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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments sure. who starts?either one of us works for me

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Killjoy | 134 comments You can

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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments ((right and off we go))

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Killjoy | 134 comments ((Alrighty))

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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments ((wow I'm a genius...I can't be twenty and in high school,lets just up it to sophmore in college XD god I feel so stupid))

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Killjoy | 134 comments ((XD it happens to the best of us))

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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments The campus was swarmed with the newly graduated high school kids. All of them trying to act likeyheyve got their heads on straight when in reality they were panicking about fitting in.Lydia Black however knew how this first day went. Her dark auburn hair pinned in a curly messy bun. Her jade green eyes sparkled looking for the one person who could make this day easier. They had been friends for awhile now and this girl was like a sister to her. Both harboring a secret and both alone in this small town.

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Killjoy | 134 comments Daya Rawlings was getting unpacked in her dorm as quick as she could. She tucked a loose strand of her dark brown, choppy hair that kept getting in her face. She wanted to go and find her best friend Lydia as soon as she could. She still had yet to meet her roommate and was hoping it would be Lydia

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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments ((here's lydias bio))

Name: Lydia Black
Age: 20
Height: 5’10
Weight: 130
Eye Color: hazel with a gold ring around the pupils
Hair Color: Auburn
Body Type: Well fit, toned and sleek
Weapons (If Any): Knives
Powers (If Any): Animal Transformation
Animal Form/Monster Form (If Any): Golden Brown Canis Lupis

Character Background: Lydia Black is an upcoming ghost writer who grew up in the Hamptons with her parents as an only child, pampered until her 16th birthday when her parents were murdered and Lidia herself, cursed. That day forward she has led a life of solitude, trusting a scarce few and dealing with the curse with her best friend.

Character Bio: 4 years later Lydia has almost has full control over the curse in the begining of her second year of college. Since her parents died she has started literary school, becoming the best ghost writer in the east coast as well as taken 4 years of self-defense classes specializing in knives. Lydia despises all contact with humans except her best friend.All contact with the outside world is done through none personal ways unless absolutely necessary IE. Texting or email. After two years of being smothered by her extended family Lydia has now cut off the rest of her family, none of which know about the curse. Every relationship Lidia has tried to have, romantic or not has ended up very badly, so Lydia hasn’t been on a date in almost 3 years.

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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments Lydia walked up the dorm steps. All the freshmen girls were squealing and Lydia could almost smell the fear coming off their bodies. She walked down looking at the number on each door...248...249...250...251. Here this was her room, opening the door she was relieved to see Daya's back unpacking. Lydia wanted to sneak up on her so she started to tiptoe towards her friend, preparing to tickle her.

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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments

((^^^Lydia's Wolf form
I'm having issues finding the picture I had for her human form. It on my desktop and i have no clue how to get it from my desktop to here XD))

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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments

((^^^^This is Lydia Black without the marking on her face of course XD))

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Killjoy | 134 comments Daya had her headphones in as she was unpacking and didn't hear Lydia. There were boxes everywhere. Whatever ill clean it up later . She thought

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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments Lydia grabbed Daya's sides and ran her fingers up and down tickling her friend, laughing pushing her onto the bed making sure she couldnt get out of the tickle attack. "Good Morning Daya" she said grinning sitting up. "How about we finish unpacking after our first class? and go get some breakfast okay? we have an hour before it starts" She got up and took off her sweatshirt wearing a bright yellow tank top beneath. Her jeans were a little tight but she knew it was just because she had a huge dinner last night. "So, you wanna go eat?"

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Killjoy | 134 comments Daya shrieked when she felt someone tickling her, she turned around and saw her best friend with a huge grin plastered to her face. "Stop stop!" She laughed. "God you scared the shit out of me!" She exclaimed.

"Alright, let's go eat." She said smiling after Lydia got off of her

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Kass Schwarz | 35 comments After breakfast Lydia still felt hungry. She needed to hunt. "How about we go on a road trip this weekend?" it was Friday and she was thankful that they could go to the nearest patch of woods and eat as much as they wanted. They were on their way to their first class. Economics. 'Gross' Lydia thought. Human subject were so boring.

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Killjoy | 134 comments Daya was also still hungry after their breakfast. "Yeah sounds awesome, I get to drive!" She added. She has been feeling really restless lately and wanted to get out and hunt or just run, so this would be the perfect opportunity

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