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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments Here we go! : )

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments Yay! I’m excited for this. ^-^

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments Me too!

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments I’m gonna take a nap before I finish and post my character

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments Name: Aurora Smith
Age: 18
Personality & History: Aurora is a care free spirit. She isn’t ready to be bound to an object that will send her to earth to grant wishes of whoever finds her object, but she knows soon she and her friends will all be trapped to that life. They have been learning the rules of wishes they could and could not grant since they were very young. Aurora would rather cause mischief in their world than grant wishes, the mischief was always more fun than having to be careful like she would have to be on earth.

I changed her up a bit to fit the plot better. ^-^

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments Name: Mara
Age: Appears to be in her 20s, but is centuries old.
History & Personality: Mara used to be a genie, but she never liked following the wish guide lines. When the humans that would find her would ask for love, money, power, anything she gave it to them, because what was the fun of granting wishes if it wasn’t something they truly wanted? After several warnings she was stripped of her powers and left on earth alone to figure out her new life. Now she is determined to trick a young genie into giving her all of her powers back so she can take revenge on her old world.

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments Name: Blake Kiln
Age: 19
History & Personality: Blake is an adventurer. He enjoys taking risks and seeing where different paths will take him. He has already gotten in trouble with the genie counsel before, and is treading on relatively thin ice. He has yet to be assigned an object to be bound to, but the time to be given one is shortly approaching. He is often found with his best friend, Aurora Smith, causing some form of mischief in the genie world, who knows how it'll go when they get down to earth?

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments Yay! ^-^ Would you like me to start?

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments Yes please!

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments Aurora sat with her back against Blake’s looking out over the river. She playfully made small water spurts pop up in the water and disappear at random intervals before sighing and leaning her head back and to the side so it was against his shoulder. “I don’t want to be bound to some object and forced to grant wishes. How is that fair to our people?” She never understood why everyone was so eager to be assigned to some random object to make wishes of strangers come true.
“I’m not ready to not be around you and getting in trouble with the counsel for all the mischief we normally cause,” Smiling Aurora tried to think of her favorite prank they had pulled together, but that was pretty hard to pick really. “Promise we will still follow each other when we aren’t summoned to make sure we are safe?”

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments Blake actually sat still for once, which was hard for him to do, but he was content enough sitting back to back with Aurora. She was his best friend, through thick and thin, especially through the thick, like how a few days prior to this they got in trouble for trespassing just to retrieve an item that was some how tossed over the gate.

Blake looked down at her, and smiled. He thought on her words before replying. “Something must limit us, and that does, otherwise we could and probably would be causing more mischief, except it would be on earth.” He said basing his statement of the fact that earth was delicate and couldn’t handle the amount of magic that this place (we need to name it) had.

“I’m not either. I’ll miss it, but we will return here after each job is done.” He said turning back to gaze across the water. “I promise.” He said though he wondered what were to happen if they were both summoned at once. They could end up far away from each other.

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments ((I looked through a random fantasy realm name generator what do you think of Bajital?))

Laughing a little Aurora looked up at him, “We have plenty of limits,” she commented as she held up her wrists with the intricate golden bracelets, they may as well be handcuffs though since they meant with in the next few days she would be bound to some strange object on earth. “Making mischief isn’t so bad. They’re all just to old on the counsel to even recall being as young as we are. And it isn’t like we are allowed our full powers on earth anymore after what all the genies that broke rules did.”

Closing her eyes she nodded, “I know we will always come back here instead of being in some cramped space thank the gods for that, but... I don’t know. I’m so used to you always being around when I need you. Even as often as we have gotten caught and in a lot of trouble together you didn’t leave my side when anyone else would have.”

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments ((That works!))

"So very true." Blake said looking at his own golden bracelets. They appeared more masculine and were beaded instead of intricate designs like the ones on her bracelets. These "cuffs" are believed to be reflective of the host, and showcase themselves. Even after they were bound they still had access to wearing them, if they wished.

"Right?" He said looking down her and raising an eyebrow. "That is so very true." He said with a chuckle, he had read and was told about those genies who strayed from the "correct" path.

Blake lifted the opposite arm that wasn't weighed down by her head resting on his shoulder, and brought it up to poke her nose after she closed her eyes. Blake was such a goof sometimes, but he couldn't help himself, she had given him the perfect opportunity.

An older generation of genies had been stuck in their respective items, but thankfully it hadn't been that way in a long time. "I would never willingly leave your side. Someone or something would have to force me away." Blake said referring to the summoning that was bound to be an occurrence was he was bound to an object.

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments ((Perfect! ^-^))

Aurora traced the pattern on her cuffs and sighed wondering how these really represented her. Yes, her personality was a bit intricate in how she acted differently with some than she did with Blake, but it wasn’t that different.

“I wonder what is so bad about giving someone love though. I mean as long as they aren’t in love with their genie why does it matter if we make two humans fall in love?” She had always thought that one was rather stupid. The no giving them powers and money made sense, but love? It seemed silly.

Aurora laughed and opened her eyes looking cross eyed at his finger poking her nose, “What was that for?” She asked lifting an eyebrow at him. She was used to his goofy side. It was probably the only thing helping her survive this really.

“I know you wouldn’t. At least not until you marry someone,” she teased as she judged her elbow into his side. “It’s going to be weird when summoned away. Everyone has a different experience on how they appear I wonder what our’s will be like?”

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments He saw her trace the cuffs, and he could guess the reason she had that design, though it would remain a guess and never be confirmed. It was possible that she had a intertwined-like design to represent how easily she got along with someone, she seemed to always be capable of finding her spot.

"Then that questions the whole fate and destiny thing that humans seem so entranced by." He said offering his best solution to the reasoning why no love wishes were to be granted. It was silly, but he didn't wish to meddle with love magic, seeing that it could go wrong in so many ways. It was better to let it happen naturally, that way you would know if it was to work out or not.

A goofy grin was there when she opened her eyes. "Just cause." He said smirking before looking away innocently. "Gotta keep things interesting." He said giving a small shoulder roll to bother her seemingly comfy spot on his shoulder.

"Hey!" He exclaimed, leaning into the side that she jabbed and it so happened to be the shoulder that she was resting on that dipped downward, her head was not going to stay on that, well maybe. He hadn't ignored her words about marriage, he just didn't want to admit to his thoughts about it.

"I don't know. I guess only time would tell." Blake said sighing, and moving to lay down in the grass, instead of leaning against her. His back had begun to ache, but there was no way he would complain about it out loud.

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments “True. I wonder what their obsession with fate is. I hope to learn that while on earth,” she said with a grin. Humans were always fascinating to her, but she was scared too if she was honest. She knew she was stronger than them thanks to her magic, but the worry of them tryinf something stupid was in her mind and wouldn’t go away.

“Have things ever not been interesting with you around? If there was ever a dull moment I sure don’t remember it,” she said with a bright smile. “Hey stop,” she laughed when he rolled his shoulder only to be surprised by his dipping down from her elbow into him.

Laughing softly she sat up better since her head would soon hit the ground. Watching him lay down she smiled thoughtfully and soon laid down beside him only she laid on her stomach instead of her back. “Time will only tell which part? Marriage or how we disappear from our world?” She joked knowing very well which he meant. Blake never seemed to talk about relationships so marriage was definitely something that made him squirm.

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments ((Off to sleep))

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments ((Me too))

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments They would probably get closer to the answer, but never find an actual answer. Humans were sketchy sometimes, he read about some of the history of he human race, and boy was it interesting. Genies and human may share similar physical characteristics, but they seemed to have different base values.

He made a face that showed him thinking hard about her question. "Not that I recall." He stated in a 'matter of fact' like tone. He settled down in his spot on the ground and sighed, looking at the deep blue sky. It was a nice evening/morning ((Which one is it?)).

Blake looked over at her, then turned away, his face turning a soft red, partially from embarrassment, partially from reality hitting him. They were eventually going to disappear from here, then come back, then leave again, and it would be an endless thing. The silence caused him to gulp as he thought about the marriage part. "Both." He said after clearing his throat. He wouldn't meet her gaze.

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments Aurora smiled at his answer, “Exactly, never a dull moment.” Turning on to her back she looked up at the darkening sky, the days since getting her cuffs all seemed to fly by in a blink. ((I figured it can be turning into evening.)) Sitting up on her elbows she covered her legs with her long skirt better knowing she would get cold soon with the sun gone.

She stopped messing with her skirt and turned her head to look at him. She hadn’t expected an answer to that question. An eye roll and him shrugging her off? Sure, but nothing verbal. “Both?” She said softly as she laid back down beside him. “Well, That is surprising. You never seemed overly concerned about marriage or any type of relationship besides friendships.” Looking over at him she saw his slightly red cheeks, but said nothing hoping to not embarrass him more.

Thinking quietly she stared up at the sky until stars were starting to show. “I think how we disappear will depend on our object. I just hope it isn’t painful.” It took a lot to hurt them, but the weird ways she had seen her sister disappear always made her curious and she would never tell Aurora anything.

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments She was shifting around, trying to adjust something, but he didn't look up to see. why had he responded that way? That was not like him, at all. "Well...I mean... It's going to catch up with us eventually." He noted now looking at her. He knew that there would always be something between them, even if he choose to marry someone else, though he didn't know who besides her, would put up with him.

He smiled weakly and turned his gaze to the sky. The stars twinkled in the sky. He laughed at the thought of disappearing and feeling pain at the same time. "Maybe our magic will prevent the pain." He said remembering that he had watched his own brother disappear. It looked like a gradual process, not an instantaneous one. His brothers object was a necklace, so when a human puts it on for the first time it summons him by pulling him through a small space. Kind of like in movies how the genies are pulled into or out of the lamps.

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments “Yes, I know,” she kept her eyes on the sky not really wanting to think about it herself. Had she thought he would answer a real answer she wouldn’t have joked that way. Not right then anyway. Not with them both finding out their objects soon which would mean one of them would disappear sooner rather than later. The one good part with humans though they were stupid enough to burn through their wishes quickly. “I just hope you don’t end up with someone that doesn’t accept how close we are,” Looking over into his eyes she blushed lightly before looking away. It was easy for anyone that looked at them to see the special bond they had, Aurora had lost count of all the times she had been asked if they were dating. She had been fine when someone older asked, but when it was other girls her age she would always get jealous deciding they had to like Blake to be asking.

“You’re probably right. I remember my sister almost dissolving into the air the first time.” Her sister had been bound to a book which had made Aurora happy at first because she thought it would mean she wouldn’t be gone a lot, but apparently it was in a public library that her particular book ended up at so she was gone a lot more than most. Smiling to try and break the tension around them she looked at him, “I bet you get bound to something lame,” she teased Blake.

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments “Me too.” Blake whispered. He did not want someone who would try and snap his and Aurora’s bond. He would be careful in the selection process, and would make sure to figure intentions out before they happened, instead of during or after something went down. He knew their bond was strong, and he didn’t mind the pull of it that bagged him in her direction.

His thoughts turned on the sky, would this sky, a vivid combination of deep colors that seemed to so perfectly combine be similar to that of earth’s? For some reason this sky helped him to feel grounded. Maybe it made him feel as home.

Blake laughed loudly at her comment about getting bound to something lame. “Like what?” he said lifting his hands in question. Her answer better be good, she had already got him to expect something extremely funny.

If anyone was going to get bound to something lame it was likely to be her. He could already picture it. “Aurora Smith, you’re bound to a bobble head car display.” He said in an attempted serious tone that was mocking of the head binding counselor.

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments Reaching over Aurora took hold of his hand since it wasn’t really an odd thing for her to do. They had already been through a guy she dated trying to keep her away from him and that wasn’t something she would ever accept again. She also slightly wondered if any of the boy genies she knew would even be interested in her anyway with how often she was with Blake. Shaking that thought away though she realized she didn’t care.

Hearing his laugh after several moments of silence she couldn’t help but laugh along, especially when he said she would be bound to a bobble head. “How in the world would that even work?” She asked through her laughs. “Hmm if I’m a bobble head you are going to end up bound to one of those cheesy dancing flowers they put in their cars,” she smirked looking over at him.

It was strange the feelings she always got when she looked at him. Sometimes it was just looking at her best friend and other times she thought there might be more. Looking down slightly she smiled, “I’m just glad we get to wear our normal clothes instead of those horrible outfits you always see in human shows or movies of us wearing.”

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments Her hand was slightly colder then normal, so he placed his other hand over it as well, in an attempt to warm it up faster. He knew that there was girls who wanted him, but he couldn't bring himself to actually go out with them, seeing that he had tried a few times and failed miserably, though that was a story to be remembered at a different time.

Blake shook his head as he laughed. "I don't know!" He said shrugging and still maintaining his laughter, he didn't know why, but picturing Aurora being summoned every time a person made the head wobble was hilarious. He could totally see her showing up with her hands crossed and starting off by saying 'What?!' in the most irritated voice.

"Oh absolutely." He said after the laughter had died back down. He looked over at her and smiled, it was getting late and hopefully she remembered what that meant. "We should probably head back, but light tag on the way back?" He asked raising a brow, and cocking his head to the side. Light tag was simple, using their magic as they past through moonlit areas then would send a beam towards the other person. The beams of moonlight were not harmful, seeing that moonlight was dimmer and less concentrated then sunlight.

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments Aurora looked over at him when she felt his other hand on top of her’s. Feeling butterflies in her stomach she knew eventually she was going to have to tell him how she actually felt, but she wasn’t ready. She probably never would be since she didn’t want to chance losing him as her friend.

Laughing Aurora shook her head. “That would be annoying. Every time some idiot whacks it on the head if I’m not someone’s genie at the time I would have to go.” Rolling her eyes she finally got her laughing under control. “I kind of hope I get someone that faints from surprise just because that would be hilarious.”

When he mentioned the late hour she looked over at him and sighed, “Yeah I guess we do need to get home. Tomorrow can potentially be long.” As she got ready to stand up she replied, “Um duh? Of course we are playing light tag.” Grinning
Mischievously she tapped his nose with her finger making a small flash of moon light touch his nose as she did, “And you’re it!” She shouted as she got up quickly with her long skirt gathered in her hands so she could run easier.

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments “I would pay to see someone faint at a genie Appearance.” He said his laughter starting again. It was a genuine laughter that seemed to be easily spread to others around him. He held his hand tut to say ‘stop making me laugh’ and then calmed down.

“Tomorrow is binding day.” He said looking at her, and rolling his eyes as he dragged out the over glorified title. ‘Binding day’ was both good and bad, and the popularity of it among the genies was scattered. Some genies couldn’t wait, others dreaded it.

((I hope you don’t mind me making up a few things/games along the way, if you do mind, let me know. Or if you wish to add anything feel free to do so.))

“Why you little...” He trailed off as he watched her crouch in a ready to run position. He furrowed his brows and she tapped him on the nose with a moonbeam. “Come back here.” He said getting up quickly, tapping his pockets to make sure his folded paper was still there before running after her.

The path he took was off to her right, and he didn’t bother with the amount of noise he was making. Keeping his eye out for the beams that seeped through the treetops above he past his hand through one, pointing it and tossing it directly at Aurora.

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments ((I’m off, but you can still respond))

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments “I would too,” she smiled thinking of how amusing it would be to have a human suddenly faint because she appeared. Soon she shuddered though when he mentioned binding day, “Why don’t they just rename it Dooms Day?” She muttered completely dreading it. She had dreaded it since they were children.

((I don’t mind at all! I think it is really cute to be able to show their playful/flirty sides with each other through games. ^-^))

Smiling as she had taken off running a laugh pulled from her again, “Never!” She called back to him. He was always faster than her, but she was more nimble than he was so their games usually ended in a tie. Hearing him to her right Aurora tried to push herself faster, but there wasn’t much she could do in that. Seeing the moonbeam coming her way she tried to duck in time, but failed.

Making a path to get closer to Blake she tossed a moonbeam towards his legs and barely missed. Scrunching her nose up she hurried after him debating if she would have to trick him to be able to get him with a beam again until she saw him approaching a large gap in the trees that they had no choice but to go through. Tossing another beam his way she grinned to herself.

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments ((Off to bed myself.))

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments Blake pushed onward, even after he tripped over the tree roots that had been sticking further up then expected. He watched as the beam hit her in the shoulder area. He smiled and brought his fist close to him. “Yes!” He whispered to himself, realizing that it was now her turn to get him, so he turn and ran.

He didn’t see the first one coming, but luckily one of the strides he did was perfectly planned so that the beam passed right through his legs. “Hey!” He exclaimed throwing his hands up and grinning. “Close but not close enough.” He called out continueing on.

He came to a large gap in the trees, the field, geez. There was absolutely no cover the whole way through, so pausing for a split second he ran into it, making it about a quarter of the way through the field before the beam hit him in the middle of his back. Knowing that getting it was kind of his fault, seeing that he was ahead and a big target he turned and walked backwards, which was really going the same way he was.

Looking at her frame coming he smiled in a way which you could know he was up to something. He had a plan, keep going until and if she tried to pass him he would grab her. If she didn’t try to get past him he would just have to go and get her.

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments “Yeah, yeah,” she called when he taunted her for the miss. That was one thing that this game of their’s had helped with, she had gotten much better with hitting moving targets when they were playing tricks.

Smirking when her beam hit him she called out as she broke out of the tree line into the field, “You’re fast, but you always forget about this field.” When he began walking backwards she lifted an eyebrow trying to figure out his plan. They were both completely exposed until they got to the next tree line. Glancing behind him she wondered if she could get there before he got her if she could slide and dodge his beams.

Or since you are both walking, get closer and run before he has time to react. “I know that grin,” she murmured to herself as she got within a few feet of him. Stopping completely she smiled sweetly at him before she took off running towards his left, she always went to the right, so she hoped the opposite direction would throw him off.

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments ((Okay no rush. ^-^))

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments ((Okay, goodnight.))

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments "Or do I appear as if I forget it on purpose?" He questioned, hoping to confuse her and her reasoning about why he always seemed to enter the field first. It was a clear and level field, it had a few shrubbery scattered around, but it was mainly empty.

He stood his ground as she walked closer. She looked cute tonight, but he would never admit that out loud. His thoughts wandered to why she had choose to wear a skirt today, to what he would eat for dinner.

He cocked his head to the side and looked at her, trying to figure out that sweet and seemingly innocent smile. But he knew her better, there was no fooling him, their relationship was too close. He had already seen her pull distractions in this game before so he wasn't overwhelmed when she ran to her left. He shifted his weight since he had been set up to run in the opposite direction and took off after her, narrowing the gap between them.

Snapping his fingers and thrusting his arm over his shoulder, a similar motion to that of throwing a baseball, he launched a moon beam in her direction. It was highly unlikely for it to miss, but it was Aurora here, she was nimble and small.

"Got you." He called, still closing the gap despite his beam hitting or missing her, he had something planned if everything went down a certain way.

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments Her eyes had narrowed at his question. Was that what he did? Most likely not since there had been times she had gotten to the field first. Those were very rare thanks to his speed though. Luna smirked, “Well if that is the case show me what you got.” She taunted him knowing very well he was never one to go light on her in any of their games.

The way he cocked her head before she took off running had made her giggled. It was always cute when he did such an innocent gesture. Of course they both tried anything they could to be distracting to the other. Glancing over her shoulder at him when she had run left she scrunched her nose up seeing going the opposite way had no effect on him.

Hearing his fingers snap she knew exactly how long she had before the beam would be at her back. Counting in her head slowly when she got to three she stopped, spun around to face him, and used some magic she had been practicing to deflect the beam back towards the sky. Giggling she lifted a brow at his claim to having her, “You sure about that?” She asked watching the beam disappearing to the sky.

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments Seeing her deflect the beam was shocking to say the very least. It was also a very creative way to mix up the game. Good thing he had his own trick to do as well, otherwise she wouldn't be able to leave knowing that she outsmarted him.

He smirked, and contained his excitement still, "Absolutely." He said lifting both hands to create a wall of moon light and pushed it into her as he wrapped his arms around her waist, taking her down to the ground. He used his momentum to turn and land first, so she had a somewhat of a softer landing.

He breathed heavily, trying to catch his breath. Well that was exciting. He held onto her for a little bit longer, despite any protests that she exclaimed. "I'm pretty sure I got you." He said softly

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments Laughing at his expression she started walking backwards towards the trees. “I told you I had been practicing something you shouldn’t look so surprised.”

Tilting her head at his confidence she was about to ask why he was when he lifted his hands. “What are you...” she trailed off until she saw the wall forming and yelled, “Blake!” Laughing when he caught her waist and pulled her down.

A small scream escaped her as they fell, but she was surprised when he turned to make her fall on him instead of him landing on top of her. Trying to catch her breath from the shock he gave her she looked down into his eyes. “I’m pretty sure that is cheating,” she laughed not making a move to get off of him. “When did you even learn to do that?!” She exclaimed before sliding to his right side, her head on his shoulder, and her leg draped over his still.

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments His breath returned to him after a moment of being unable to breath from the landing and laughing at her reaction. " not cheating." He managed to get out, while looking up at her.

"Better question is when did you learn to deflect like that?" He retorted, asking a question he knew would probably frustrate her. As she slid off of him his initial excitement dropped, but hovered around for a little bit longer. "I've been practicing." He said after a moment, he also smirked then stuck his tongue out at her.

The ground was beginning to get cold as the night crept further into the field. He knew that they should get going back, but he did not want to move from his spot. Honestly, he could sleep here, he would be out like a lightbulb if he tried. Maybe he would, and maybe Aurora would keep him company? He turned to look at her, with a look in which said that he had another idea.

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments “You created a wall!” She laughed, “How in the world is that not cheating? The only way I could escape a wall of moon beams being thrown at me would be being summoned right then.” Shaking her head, but she was still smiling.

“About two weeks ago,” she grinned. “Like you I have been practicing because I needed something to surprise you with,” she smiled. Sticking her tongue out right back at him she was trying to stop laughing, but it was hard with him.

As the cold started to seep through her clothes Aurora felt her body shudder and instinctively moved closer to Blake. She had been looking at the sky when she felt his eyes on her and turned her head to look at him, “What is it?” She asked softly.

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments "I need to step up my game in order to impress you..." He didn't plan on letting that last bit slip so he trailed off aimlessly, averting his eyes from her intense gaze. "Did it work?" He asked returning to look at her, a questioning look in his eyes. He really wanted to know, and now that it slipped out, it felt like he could breath again.

He rubbed her shoulder after he felt her shiver. He himself hadn't gotten cold, and he never really did, so that was a good thing. But since she was already cold his idea might be plausible. "I don't want to go home tonight. I'd say lets stay out here, under the sky, but you're already cold." He whispered back, keeping his eyes on the deep blue sky. There was a little bit of purple that could be seen and it was beautiful.

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments Aurora’s mouth dropped open slightly in surprise before she found her voice, “Impress me?” She asked. Why would he want to impress her. Smiling when he looked back to her eyes she nodded, “Yeah, it worked,” she admitted as she felt her cheeks heat up from embarrassment. She hoped he couldn’t see it is the moon’s silvery beams.

Laying her hand on his chest Aurora smiled as he started trying to warm her up. Looking back to his face she sat up slightly to look in his eyes easier. “I don’t want to go home either. Not with what tomorrow is.” Looking down at her hand on his chest, she bit her lip slightly, “And we are genies,” she said as she used her hand on his chest and pointed beside him making a blanket appear.

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments ((awe this is so cute and fun! It's my favorite rp so far. But I'm off to bed. I'll respond tomorrow.))

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments ((It’s my favorite too! They’re so cute! ^-^ Sleep well!))

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments He was relieved after worrying over her shocked reaction. He didn’t want to make a fool of himself, though he probably did so anyway. “Good.” Was all he chose to respond with after she said it worked. That was a good sign, now he figured he could express himself more. Hopefully he hasn’t read this situation wrong.

“Oh yeah, that’s right.” He said moving his hand to his forehead in a face palm gesture. He worked himself free to get the blanket and he spread it out on top of both of them, it instantly felt a few degrees warmer but he knew it would warm up fast now. He settle back into his spot and stared at the sky. “Sometimes I forget I have magic when I’m with you.” He said not thinking first. He really did, she was all he needed, she was the magic.

He blushed and turned away realizing what he said. “Tomorrow is going to come too fast.” Blake said stating the obvious, if it being around midnight already. He saw a shooting star in the night and made a wish to himself. Allow me to never lose sight of Aurora. Please. it was a simple thought/wish but he knew that was what he wanted.

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments Aurora laughed softly watching him face palm, “You’re so forgetful sometimes.” She had never realized his forgetfulness tended to be linked to being around her, of course that would be impossible to notice anyway. When he came back to settle beside her again she had already made two pillows appear for their heads. Pulling the blanket up she curled her body into him again and looked up at his comment, “Am I that enchanting?” She joked lightly though she was nervous to hear his answer.

Looking back up at the sky she sighed gently, “It always does come too quickly after we have been spending time together,” she admitted to him though her voice was barely above a whisper. Watching the shooting star streak across the sky her wish was always the same, to never lose Blake. So far it had been coming true and she hoped that continued.

“I know we will still see each other when our humans put us back to our object or finish their wishes, but...” she trailed off worries what may happen if she finished the sentence. Biting her lip she took a deep breath and forced the rest out, “But I’m really going to miss you.”

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments "Are you?" Blake asked raising his brows in question and giving her a confused look. He didn't want to deny or confirm it, because then she would know the answer. "So very true." He said shifting so he was closer to her now that the star had past.

"Don't say that. I'll always come back to you. No matter how enchanting the humans are." He said with a sigh and then a yawn. He smiled and looked at her. "I don't know about you but I'm tired. So no more talking unless necessary." He said yawning again.

((Let me know if I'm rushing to much. I know if they keep talking they would never get any sleep, and we would never make it to the next day. So we could probably do like one or more two posts of talking throughout the night then move on?))

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments Aurora lifted an eyebrow back at him and laughed, “I like to think I am so,” she shrugged slightly. After he moved closer she laid her head on his shoulder, thankful he was naturally warm and the blanket had warmed her up so quickly.

“I know you will come back, but it doesn’t mean I won’t miss you in those absences.” Moving her hand to his she laced her fingers through his, that part with holding his hand she never did, but at this point she wasn’t overly concerned if he figured out she cared for him more than a friend. “Exhausted,” she murmured softly closing her eyes and jokingly telling him, “Shh sleeping,” a small smile tugging at her lips.

((Definitely agree we can have a couple more posts off talking or we can even skip now to the next morning?))

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Kya | Diamond | 666 comments ((Lets just skip to the next morning. I'll have a fade out.))

He felt her hand find his hand and he interlocked his fingers, understanding that gesture correctly. His heart seemed to flutter, she never has done this before but it was probably a combination of all the day's and tomorrow's event that was threw her off. Who knew?

"Alrighty, Shush then." He said bringing their hands that were together up near their faces, he giving her hand a small kiss before closing his eyes and saying no more.


The next morning came to quickly. The sun, or what was very similar to that of earth's sun, began to peak through the trees, and easily illuminate the open field. Luckily for them it didn't allow them to sleep in too long, and they definitely didn't want to be late to the ceremony.

His eyes opened slowly, and he looked around, trying to get his bearings about where he was exactly, that is until he looked over at Aurora who was next to him and it all came flooding back.

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments Aurora’s hair was half covering her face, but it wasn’t enough to keep the rays of their world’s sun from waking her. Groaning slightly she tucked her head down, feeling skin against her face, making her eyes fly open. She had forgotten about falling asleep in the field with Blake since she had slept so well. Meeting his gaze she blushed.

“Good morning,” she said softly while moving the mess of caramel colored hair out of her face. “We should be going to get ready for the ceremony and so we can hopefully have time to eat breakfast.”

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