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Jason Chapman | 10 comments #Dystopia is now available for #Preorder From #Amazon

Here's a segment from my author's notes at the start of the book.

Do we live in a dystopian world?
That is the question currently being pondered by scholars the world over.
Most of us imagine a dystopian world seen through the eyes of fictional writers such as critically acclaimed author Suzanne Collins, whose popular Hunger Games series became a massive box office hit.
Other dystopian novels are considered as predictions or even warnings that the human race is stumbling towards a dystopian future.
In 1932 Aldous Huxley penned Brave New World, a dark tale about a dystopian future where mind numbing drugs are used to control the population.
In 2016 there were 64.7 million prescriptions released for antidepressants. in the UK alone. This is a 108.5% increase on the 31 million antidepressants dispensed 10 years earlier. That’s almost one prescription for every man woman and child in the United Kingdom. Are we now living in the Brave New World that Huxley predicted in 1932?
Anyone who has read dystopian fiction will be familiar with George Orwell’s masterpiece Nineteen Eighty Four. Academics have argued that many of Orwell’s predictions are already a reality. Mass surveillance is now common practice in the UK. According to the British Security Industry Association, there are an estimated 4 – 6 million-security cameras in operation throughout the UK. They are in our shops, in our hospitals, schools and town centres. Hundreds of thousands of traffic cameras keep an eye on our road networks.
For the security services that claim to keep us safe from all kinds of threats CCTV surveillance isn’t enough. In 2013 Edward Snowden sent shockwaves around the world when he released highly classified information relating to the National Security Agency.
Leaked documents published in the Guardian Newspaper revealed that several security agencies including GCHQ were quietly snooping on millions in the UK using an NSA developed program called Prism.
Science fiction Author Philip K Dick has also made a number of predictions. Tech companies are racing to build the world’s first android. In 2017 Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to Sophia, a human looking android created by Hansen Robotics.
Artificial Intelligence is being developed at an alarming rate by tech companies around the world. Many academics have forecast that AI will take many jobs in the future. Our transport system will be transformed within 20 years. Driverless vehicles are being rolled out across the world. Driverless cars, lorries, buses and trains could well be a common sight in our towns and cities. In China recently the first drone air taxi was successfully tested. Is it a possibility that one day we may see pilotless planes in our skies?
Meanwhile in the skies above the Middle East, hunter killer drones similar to those portrayed in James Cameron’s Terminator series patrol the skies. Hunting targets which they destroy with ruthless efficiency. Skynet style satellites orbit our planet. Silently keeping watch on the population below.
Civil unrest dominating our news networks. People crying out for change. Catalonia’s referendum to break away from Madrid. Britain’s exit from the European Union. These are all signs that the people are rebelling.
The media forever distracting the population with irrelevant news stories as well as bombarding us with advertisements. While social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have hundreds of millions addicted to its newsfeeds. Foreign powers manipulating political systems and interfering in government elections in a propaganda cold war.

The Dystopian future of tomorrow is already happening today.

Ian (RebelGeek) Seal (rebel-geek) | 575 comments I feel like I read the book now.

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Jason Chapman | 10 comments Lol, it's a little longer, just over 100,000 words.

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Trike | 8494 comments Driverless cars = utopia, as far as I’m concerned.

And we’ve had pilotless airplanes for decades. Literally every passenger jet in the world is that.

Just saying.

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