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Assaph Mehr

Assaph Mehr

Dreamtime Dragons

Stories, drabbles and sample chapters; the Dreamtime dragon authors are a collective of storytellers brought together by their love of Fantasy in all it's guises.

Travel the Wyrde Wood with a giant wyrm or defend a pod of humpback whales with a dragon, explore the deepest goblin caverns, search for a dragon egg in the midst of a Viking raid or in a post-apocalyptic city where five gold coins is the price for the prize you seek!

Explore imaginary worlds with creatures of Fantasy and dragons... lots of dragons! Noble dragons, funny dragons, cloud dragons, spirit dragons and even a revenge dragon!

Humour, drama, mythology and more await in 12 stories and drabbles, plus 8 novel excerpts that will lead you to your next great Fantasy read! Find the Dreamtime Dragon authors on Facebook in the group, Dreamtime Tale Fantasy! ALL proceeds have been pledged to the Abington Ferret Refuge in Northamptonshire.

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Assaph Mehr | 13 comments G'day!

Thanks for visiting. I write mainly historical fantasy - urban fantasy detective stories, set in a fantasy version of ancient Rome! I like to call them Stories of Togas, Daggers, and Magic.

(The above Dreamtime Dragons was an anthology in which two unconnected stories of mine appeared).

I grew up on classic sci-fi and fantasy novels (a la Tolkein), detectives mysteries (Christie and Doyle come to mind) and historical fiction set in Rome.

That said, when it came time to write I combined all three of my passions. The result was a unique speculative fiction, telling the the grim-dark stories of a gumshoe detective, while exploring about what Classical Antiquity might look like if magic was real!

My debut novel was Murder In Absentia, which has been received very well (just check out the reviews ;-). The sequel, the next Felix mystery, will be out in May this year.

You can find more information, including free short stories with Felix to give you a taste of my writing, on my site: .

So if you like your fantasy with an historical bent, if you enjoy mysteries as well as grand epics, I'd love to hear from you!

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