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Craig Hastings (craig_hastings) | 4 comments Seeking Beta readers for 'Moose Ridge Ranch: Ending to Begining'. Also would welcome feedback on if the genre is correct or what might be better.

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J.R. Alcyone | 250 comments Do you have a blurb or synopsis?

message 3: by Craig (new)

Craig Hastings (craig_hastings) | 4 comments In search of some Beta readers for my newest book. I would call it a Family Epic Romance but hope the readers could help better define it possibly. The title is:

Here is a draft blurb: Jazmine has not had much of a charmed life, even with graduating from Harvard. Her mother's death when she was young and her father's going away, caused her to move into foster care at the age of twelve. She worked hard and made the grades required and the day she heard she was accepted to Harvard was one of her best days. While there, she met Michael, who she knew was the love of her life.

After medical school, Michael was accepted to the residency program at a hospital in Wyoming. He went to get started and get things ready for Jazmine's arrival while she finishes up where she is working. Now the day has finally come for her to join Michael, and they can start the beginning of their new life together. Jazmine just knows, for once in her life, everything is going to be exactly how she always dreamed it could be.

But is it?

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