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Okay here we go

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Takeo Dai (takeodai) | 271 comments Alrighty!

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okay so i dont have any brilliant ideas at the moment but something i waas thinking was

All her like she has been the outcast, no one liked for some unknown reason and she was alwwys picked on. She was also extremely clumsy which brught even more attention to herself. Her life was lke this all up until this random guy showedup out of no where and everything was turning around. he alway seemd to show up when somthing bad was about to happen to her. As she figures out what he is ((which could be like a guarfia angel or something)) she is brought into whole other world with n her own, which could turn out to be retty daangerous.

you can add stuff to it if you want. it kinda just popped into my head.

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Takeo Dai (takeodai) | 271 comments I think that sounds kinda cool. haha

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why thank you :3 who would you like to be?

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Takeo Dai (takeodai) | 271 comments I'm male, So naturally Ill play the angel. Haha :3

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okay just wantd to make sure XP

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Takeo Dai (takeodai) | 271 comments Are you a female?

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yeah but i can rp both

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Takeo Dai (takeodai) | 271 comments What do you wanna do? 2 characters a piece? or?

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i usually do one its simpler and easy to keeptrack of

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Takeo Dai (takeodai) | 271 comments Okay. Let's do bio's?

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okay, how detailed do you do yours?

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Takeo Dai (takeodai) | 271 comments Not very. I put all basic info, the RP out the histories and personalities.

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Name: Meggie Blake
Age: 16

Species: human

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Takeo Dai (takeodai) | 271 comments Name: Aaron Black
Age: Dead (Appears to be 18)

Species: Angel

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[okay, where should we start?]

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Takeo Dai (takeodai) | 271 comments (( Where ever you want haha. Ideas?))

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((maybe like during first hour or something?))

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