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Jurassic World

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message 1: by Brandin (new)

Brandin (pan_dim_onium) | 19 comments Mod
There's going to be a fourth Jurassic Park movie titled Jurassic World. I enjoyed the first few films, but this will be the first one made postmortem. I wonder how involved he was in the third and if this one may suffer without his insight.

message 2: by Carissa (new)

Carissa Harrington | 4 comments I think the movie will be amazing. And I believe that if MC was alive they would have asked him to write the script. At least I hope they would have given credit to the mastermind.

message 3: by Akankshita (new)

Akankshita Dash | 5 comments Saw it yesterday, it's nothing special, just a moneymaking premise.

message 4: by Akankshita (new)

Akankshita Dash | 5 comments Sorry for the spam, I thought the message didn't post so I kept pressing enter :\

message 5: by Seraphina (new)

Seraphina Princess of Angels (donatelloismyfave) | 1 comments Hello! I'm new in this group but anyways, saw the movie the day after it came out in North America. It was good, however it had many plot holes and many many character developments they never made use of. Also I would have liked to see more of any dinosaur other than Indominus Rex. Way too much Indominus Rex. It's not even a real dinosaur for crying out loud!That being said, I am watching it again tonight X3 Dinosaur mayhem yet again!

message 6: by Carissa (new)

Carissa Harrington | 4 comments I was disappointed. They didn't come up with enough new ideas. They just used alot of what was in the previous movies. I was hoping for another "Michael Crichton like" movie.

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