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Slip! | 1407 comments ((I'll post what it looks like later, but basically since the whole pack is rich, its the largest rich penthouse you can imagine))

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"Come on Jake" Amelia giggled. "I want to see your place." She giggled harder as she tripped and fell against the wall next to the door.

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Slip! | 1407 comments Jake shakes his head, laughing. Taking her hand, he leads her up to the 10th floor, unlocking the door and leads her in.

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Amelia stops at the threshold, her mouth open wide in amazement. "Jake your place is huge!" She tries to take all of it in but all she can see is the front room a a little bit of the kitchen.

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Slip! | 1407 comments Jake shrugs. "Its technically not mine since it's all paid for by Alpha...but its home."

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Slip! | 1407 comments "Besides," he wraps a large arm around her waist and whispers in her ear. "Its OUR place now..."

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"I like that" Amelia murmured to him, breathing in his scent. She couldn't get enough of it. "Our place."

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Slip! | 1407 comments He rumbles in appreciation of her approval, gently tugging her past the front foyer. "Then welcome home, mate."

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Amelia hummed contently, following him further into the penthouse. Suddenly she got a little nervous. "Where will we be sta....I mean sleeping?"

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Slip! | 1407 comments "" He makes it sound as if he expects a trick quiesetion.

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Amelia blushes. "Of course. I knew that." She says quickly. "Can we sit down for a bit? I'm tired from all that running."

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Slip! | 1407 comments He shamelessly picks her up in his arms and cradles her in his lap.

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Amelia squeaked in surprise and then dissolved into giggles. Yawning widely and suddenly, she snuggled into his chest. Hearing his beating heart next to her ear, she sighed.

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Slip! | 1407 comments He rumbles in a low humming noise, trailing patterns absently up and down her thigh.

He wondered what would have happened between the two of them if there was no Bond. He had always been fond of Amelia, she had always been that lupine in the back of his mind that perked his interest. He just never thought he'd ever get his paws on her.

And now here she was, in his arms. HIS arm...and she was HIS. He rumbled a bit louder, holding her a bit tighter.

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"What are you thinking about?" Amelia asked just loud enough for Jake to hear her. She shivered against him as he traced something on her thigh. It was ticklish. She raised her hand and began tracing his jawline.

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Slip! | 1407 comments He presses his jaw into her palm for more solid contact. "What would happen if we had the bond but fell for someone else..." He drifts off

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"Hmmmm" Amelia said thoughtfully. "I don't know. I don't think I can stand to think of you with your arms around some other girl." She rumbled softly and grabbed his face, pulling herself up to kiss his softly put possessively.

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Slip! | 1407 comments He rumbles, kissing her back, nipping her lip a bit. "Yes" he says between kisses, "But what about if we had the bond to someone else but fell in love?"

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"Perhaps if I didn't have any pups yet, you would challenge him for me. I would be sad to lose that bond but happy to be with someone I love" Amelia said after think for several minutes.

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Slip! | 1407 comments "Mmmm," he hums, taking a lock of hair in his fingers and playing with it.

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"What would you do if I had pups Jake?" Amelia asked, turning her head so that she would see his reaction to her question but not enough that he would stop playing with her hair.

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Slip! | 1407 comments "Sire them proudly," he says without hesitation.

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Amelia giggled. "I know that. But of we weren't bonded and I had pups and then we fell in love. What would you do?"

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Slip! | 1407 comments "Sire them proudly as my own, and name one after me," he repeates.

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"Good" Amelia said kissing him under his jaw. She liked that she was smaller than him. It made her feel especially safe. She licked where she had just kissed him.

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Slip! | 1407 comments He laughs, cuddling her close. "A Jake Jr. Yep, like the ring of that one."

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Amelia giggled. "I love the sound of that." She yawned hugely, her eyes half closed as she snuggled closer.

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Slip! | 1407 comments He humms low in his chest comfortingly as she yawns, soothing her into a light rest. "I look forward to raising a family," he says softly

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"Me......too" she manages to get out before she falls asleep in his arms. Amelia rolls to her right and buries her head in his shirt.

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Slip! | 1407 comments Settling back contentedly, Jake admires her sleeping, memorizing the creases in her face, the arch of her nose, her delicate eyelashes.

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((What should we do now?))

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Slip! | 1407 comments ((um....we can do a time lapse or whatever and I can bring in some OC's just for action or whatever))

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((Ok sounds good to me))

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Slip! | 1407 comments ((so.........ok))

Jake is in the kitchen cooking when the phone rings. "Can you get that, mate?" he calls to you

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"Sure" Amelia calls back to him. She goes over to the phone and answers it. "Hello?"

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Slip! | 1407 comments A thick silence. "Is this the Sully residence?" it is a low growl on the other end.

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"Um...yes. May I ask who is calling?" Amelia frowned.

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Slip! | 1407 comments "no. Get sully on the phone,dog."

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"Um...Jake? Someone is asking for you. He won't tell me who he is." Amelia covered the end of the phone and called to Jake, a puzzles look on her face.

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Slip! | 1407 comments Jake takes the phone casually. "'Ello?" At once his face pales. "" a glance at Amelia. "Yes. No..."
He gets more agitatied by the moment

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"Jake? What's wrong?" Amelia asked worry crossing her face.

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Slip! | 1407 comments He waves her off, turning for privacy. His voice lowers into a growl as he speaks into the phone. "She's mine, fucker and if you so much as call this place again...what?" A bark of laugher, "Yeah, you go ahead and do that pup. See how far that gets you." he then slams the phone on the hook.

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"Jake? Who was that? What did he want?"

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Slip! | 1407 comments "nothing," he mutters, and quickly changes the subject. "Plans today?"

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Amelia frowns at him for a second, thinking he is hiding something from her. Then she shakes her head. "Well" she draws out the word while moving slowly to him. "I was thinking we could stay in today" she reached him then and trailed her fingers lightly up and down his arm.

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Slip! | 1407 comments ((off to work, will continue later! Ciao))

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((Cya later!))

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Slip! | 1407 comments ((back))

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((Nice! I'll respond sporadically cause i don't get off work for another 4ish hours))

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Slip! | 1407 comments ((okey day))

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