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J.L. | 6 comments Hi Everyone! I’m looking for 4 beta readers to read my Sci/ Fi Fantasy YA. The type of feedback I need is on style mostly as I will be sending this to an editor once I'm satisfied with the overall story. So things you liked, didn’t like, plot holes, something that doesn’t make sense in the story or with the characters. Any feedback you can give!

This is the first book in a four part series. The time limit for feedback would be 1 month. Please let me know what format you prefer to read the manuscript in and I can send it to you.

Book's genre: Sci Fi/ Fantasy YA
Word count: 101,507
POV details: Third-person with multiple POV.
Level of violence: Eh, I don’t know how to measure it but there is violence in this book, including stab scenes and death flashbacks
Any possible triggers: If violence offends you in a YA novel then this one might not be for you.
Number of betareaders you want: 4

Book Synopsis: Among the distant stars, galaxies, and worlds there is Alihreana. A dying planet with many secrets. Soldier M0N9REL (Mongrel) is from this world, though he hasn’t seen it since he was sold as a child soldier to DURGA, a military branch of government that controls most of the galaxy. It’s been 8 years since Mongrel was forcefully taken away from his home. Raised in an orbiting prison and sent to wars across solar systems. Where government is the enemy and living is survival.

One twist of fate has set him free. Now he and his friends will go back to the place everything started to exact revenge against the man who caused their imprisonment. But Mongrel will find more than old grudges on Alihreana. In its red deserts and decaying cities of splendor, ancient secrets will be discovered and magic will arise as Mongrel fights his way through the great city of Dae with the help of a mysterious girl named Listen who has a powerful gift. Truths will be unearthed about the previous lives of Mongrel’s people and DURGA itself. But will revenge truly be all that Mongrel is searching for? Or will the sonorous whispers of the past sweep him and his companions into an adventure and discovery no one would have predicted?

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J.L. | 6 comments Oh! I'm also willing to trade!

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