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message 1: by Laura (new)

Laura Edwards | 4 comments Please add the following book to Goodreads:

1. Title: Run to the Light
2. Author name: Laura King Edwards
3. ISBN: 978-1-945805-83-7
4. Publisher: Bedazzled Ink Publishing
5. Pub date: November 2018
6. Format: Paperback and e-book
7. Description:

“I cried all the time back in 2006, when we learned Taylor has infantile Batten disease. Somewhere along the way, my life before Batten disease dropped out of sight in the rear-view mirror. I cried less and less. Mostly, I stayed angry. I’m still angry, which is good in a way, because it makes me want to fight like hell. Sadness doesn’t get me anywhere. Lately, I’m feeling worn down, so the sadness is back. When I feel it creep into the corners of my eyes, I run if possible. I love to run for many reasons, one of which is that it makes me feel powerful. Each time my ruined feet and ankles pound against the pavement, I beat back the tide. Mostly, it’s working. I cry very little, but when I do—it’s epic.”

After graduating from college, Laura King Edwards has it all: a great job in marketing, a loving family, a new husband, and a house in her hometown of Charlotte, where she can watch her much-younger sister Taylor, only seven years old, grow up. But one month after her wedding, Edwards and her family receive shocking news: Taylor has Batten disease. A rare, fatal, genetic disease that will cause Taylor to go blind, suffer seizures, and lose the ability to walk and talk. There is no cure. Edwards thought she’d get to watch her baby sister grow up, but instead she’ll get to watch her die.

Unwilling to take no cure for an answer, Edwards founds a charity with family and friends, Taylor’s Tale, to save children with the disease. Meanwhile, Taylor starts running with Girls on the Run, completing her first 5K race blind with the help of a sighted guide. Inspired, Edwards, a lifelong runner, begins running in half marathons to raise money and awareness. And also to run away from the pain.

Taylor’s Tale becomes the world leader in the fight against Taylor’s form of Batten disease, but the charity can’t work quickly enough to save Taylor. Stripped of her faith, Edwards falls into a dark despair. But Taylor’s unwavering courage in the face of certain death gives Edwards a renewed sense of purpose to turn her family’s tragedy into an opportunity—to ensure others won’t have to suffer, as her sister has suffered.

Run to the Light is Edwards’s inspiring account of how she found the courage to face indescribable loss, and of what it means to really believe.

8. Page count: 260
9. Link to book page:

Thank you!

message 2: by Laura (new)

Laura Edwards | 4 comments Thank you so much! Now, seeing how it looks on the site, I wish I hadn’t included the quote at the beginning of the synopsis. Is it possible for me to edit this? I’d start it with: “After graduating from college...”

message 3: by Laura (new)

Laura Edwards | 4 comments Awesome. Thanks for the quick response!

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