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Julia | 1946 comments Mod

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Nelth ambled through the Dungeons on the way back to the Common Room, hoping to find a private place where she could play around with her ability as an animagus. Well, unregistered animagus. She had no plans to reveal her secret.

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Mary Green | 248 comments Sorcha the Snake Slithered along the dungeon floor her heat pits on her face detected a human coming, Sorcha went into the closest room and morphed to herself

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Nelth quickly strode into a room, sure that she had heard a slither. Instead of a snake, she saw a snake morphing into a human. Animagus. "Slytherin and snake and unregistered? You're making an effort to be Salazar himself, but you're a bit too young and female for that."

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Mary Green | 248 comments Sorch looked up calmly "Hello Nelth, maybe you should try it"

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Nelth crossed her arms, masking her surprise that someone she had never spoken to knew her name. "Try disobeying the ministry? I may be a Slytherin, but I don't very well fancy being a Maurader. We all know how dead they ended up."

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Mary Green | 248 comments "Well I do not intend to end up dead that is why I am in the dungeons" Sorcha said "By the way what are you doing down here"?

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"I refuse to answer that question as I would be sorry to know a member of my house is unaware of the location of the Common Room. I heard you slither by and decided to look. Any questions?" Nelth asked, raising her eyebrows.

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Mary Green | 248 comments (I forgot is was in the dungeons) "Yes, if you could be a animagus what would you be?"

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((Okay. Nelth is rude and mean, fair warning))

"Ferret," Nelth replied without hesitation. She was, in fact, an ferret animagus herself.

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Mary Green | 248 comments "Well you look like one" Sorcha said smiling evily

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"And your snake form is prettier than you," Nelth retorted. Of course, her mother's maiden name had been Lestrange, meaning that Draco Malfoy was her first cousin once removed.

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Mary Green | 248 comments "That may be true right now i was sword fighting before i came here"

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"You actually looked like you were possibly worthy of being a Slytherin when you were a snake," Nelth quipped, shrugging.

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Mary Green | 248 comments "Slytherin is not just for snakes, well actually it is for two legged ones" Sorcha said smirking

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"You look like a Hufflepuff," Nelth said, and from the way she said it, it was clearly an insult.

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Mary Green | 248 comments Sorcha glared at the girl like she wanted to hex her "If we were not in school you would be lying on the ground moaning"

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"You would find that I would say 'protego' before you could draw your wand," Nelth retorted. People tended to hex her. It had turned her into one of Britain's best duelists. She was very good with "Protego", and she knew the counters to almost every hex.

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Mary Green | 248 comments "You hide behind a wand don't you" Sorcha said with contempt "I could take you apart otherwise"

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Mary Green | 248 comments "Thankfully I am not stupid I have heard you are the best duelist in the school not counting the HeadMistress of course"

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"You insult me," Nelth quipped. "It is in my pocket, and you still have no chance. Of course, you may also note that I do not do any offensive unless in a duel." She sniffed, tilting up her chin.

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Mary Green | 248 comments "I know you are a animagus" Sorcha said "I have never told anyone tho"
(i have to go to bed)

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((I do too))

"I believe St. Mungo's is missing a patient: you. I am no animagus," Nelth retorted, staring at Sorcha. Nelth hoped Sorcha would believe her.

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Mary Green | 248 comments Sorcha looked at her disbelievingly"Sure"

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"You ought to be above such nonsense as such this disbelief," Nelth said with a sniff. "It is rather unbecoming for a Slytherin."

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((Also, Morgan in the Trophy Room?))

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Mary Green | 248 comments (oh drat i forgot i have the worst memory)
"What is becoming for a slytherin? Sorcha said "I have to be gone now I have more important things to do than talk with a ferret"

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((Well, you hadn't posted yet, so))

Nelth knew that she could not let Sorcha keep her knowledge of Nelth's being an animagus, but she figured Sorcha, at this point, would be expecting a memory charm to use. Tonight, she planned, in the common room, she would remove Sorcha's memories. She could not have any form of debt to Sorcha. "Not being you would be more becoming of a Slytherin." She ignored the last comment entirely.

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Mary Green | 248 comments Sorcha walked away from Nelth calmly as she left she said "I will see you dead if you tell I am a animagus"

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"As if you could possibly kill me. Your arrogance is almost alarming," Nelth retorted haughtily.

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Mary Green | 248 comments (i am done here)

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