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Week 2: April 30-May 6 > On the road to Emmaus

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Rick Mills (rickmills9) | 35 comments Mod
Reading: Luke 24:13-35

The encounter on the road to Emmaus is only found in Luke. Two disciples (not named) are walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus, seven miles distant. Along the way they are joined by Jesus, but for some reason they do not recognize him! Read the passage, and consider some of the mysteries: Why did they not recognize Jesus? Why did Jesus choose to speak to them anonymously?

Ponder these questions. Then read this little sermon Jesus Opens Our Eyes from Calvin Wittman for his discussion of this encounter. Do you see reasons why it played out this way?

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Lorie Tweedy | 19 comments Yes. I am thinking that the disciples and others who had followed Jesus had the benefit of his presence. So now He is working to strengthen their understanding of God's word and their faith in seeing that God's word has been fulfilled so that when He leaves them they will be able to carry on. Is this also preparing them for fully understanding and accepting the Holy Spirit when it comes as Jesus told them God would send in His name?

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Kathy Mills | 15 comments I especially related to Dr. Wittman's remarks about the importance of table fellowship to Jesus' ministry. I have partaken of many meals, both at church and in other settings, where I felt closer to God and was reminded of Jesus and His teachings.

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Lorie Tweedy | 19 comments It makes me think of communion. Feeling a closer bond to members of the church family and to Jesus as we do this, remembering Christ's sacrifice for us.

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