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Val lead Jazzy into the Boathouse.

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Jazzy looked around. She was full of excitement.

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"Out there's the Black Lake," Val said, gesturing out the window.

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Jazzy looked out at the black lake. "Cool" she said.

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"It contains a bunch of magical creatures," Val explained, "and some are good and some not so much. It's also dreadfully cold. Seriously. And I am beginning to sound like a professor."

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Jazzy smiled, "That's cool. What kinds are there?" she asked.

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"Er, Giant Squid, merpeople, grindylows. That's all I can think of off the top of my head," Val answered.

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"Wow." Jazzy said in awe.

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Val shrugged. "The Forest has more. Though, going into the forest is really a terrible idea."

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"Ok." Jazzy said. She wanted Val to take her to see the forest, but thought better of it.

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Val watched Jazzy. Val, of course, had been in the forest plenty of times with her own friends. Really, there were safe parts of the forest. She was sort of testing Jazzy. Mentally, she was beginning to worry about how Professor-ish she was sounding.

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"This is cool." Jazzy said.

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"Yeah," Val agreed, smiling. "Though available boats inside the boathouse would be nice, don't you think?"

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"Ummm sure." Jazzy said. She wasn't entirely sure what Val was talking about.

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"Boats, so we could go out onto the lake," Val explained. "It'd be nice to have some real boats in the boathouse, but no, apparently the boats are for boats under repair."

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"Oh got it." Jazzy said. "What now?"

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"We're going for a swim," Val smirked. "Nothing will go wrong."

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"Ok!" Jazzy said. She started bouncing around.

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Val mumbled a disillusionment charm on herself and Jazzy and then the bubblehead charm for both of them. She then proceeded to somersault into the water. The water was cold when she entered it. "Come in! The water's warm!"

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"Ok!" Jazzy jumped in and splashed around. She smiled really big.

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Val was surprised when Jazzy did not mention that Val had lied and that the temperature was cold.

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"Do we go down?" Jazzy asked.

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"Anywhere you like, just not too far down if you want to avoid grindylows," Val replied.

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"Grindylows." Jazzy echoed. She dived under. "I'm going to go see grindylows!" she thought.

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Val facepalmed and accio-ed Jazzy. "Grindylows attack. My forte is not healing. Do you see the flaw here?" She bit her lip to keep from smiling at her protegee.

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Jazzy frowned as she was pulled back. "Yes." she sighed. She swam off again. Jazzy was determined to find a creature before she got out.

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Val decided to keep an eye on Jazzy. She reminded Val a bit of a younger Rose Weasley, one of the biggest troublemakers ever to attend Hogwarts and one of her best friends.

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Jazzy started looking around. "This is awesome." she thought.

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Val nodded.

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"What do you think I could find to look at?" Jazzy asked Val.

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"Giant Squid maybe?" Val suggested.

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"Giant squid." Jazzy echoed. She swam off in search of one.

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"There's only one," Val called after her.

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"Where is it?" Jazzy asked. She turned to face Val.

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"Anywhere in the lake," Val answered.

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"Anything that might be easy to find? Or are there only one of everything?" Jazzy said. She was getting a little annoyed and said that last part without thinking.

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"Grindylows, but they can injure you. Same with merpeople," Val replied. "It'll be obvious we were misbehaving if you get injured."

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"Oh all right." Jazzy grumbled. She continued to look around.

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"There are probably fish that're safe," Val replied.

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Jazzy's eyes lit up and she started swiming away again.

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Val pulled herself out of the water and muttered a charm to dry herself off.

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Jazzy turned around and saw Val wasn't there. She pulled herself out.

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"What class are you missing?" Val asked.

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"Not sure." Jazzy said. "I don't care this is way more fun."

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"You need to know," Val stated. "Try to remember."

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"Why? And I think it was ummm Transfiguration." Jazzy replied.

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Val facepalmed. "A class you should not miss."

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"Oh." Jazzy said.

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