Ruins (Partials Sequence, #3) Ruins question

After The End
Heather Heather Jul 23, 2014 05:58PM
What happened to the virus or "bio-weapon" that was built to kill the partials?
Did it die with Isolde's baby?
What happens if she conceives another? will it also have the virus?

I never understand the bio weapon so who was the bio weapon. Some of the things in the book confuse me a lot

I think that the virus died with Isolde's baby, but I also think that if she has another that the baby will also have the virus. Or will the virus not exist because they learned to co-exist? You would think that there would be a way for them to keep it from happening again.
I also want to know where they ended up, I mean in the end they were sailing away from the states. Will we ever know?

i'm really confused as well. my guess is that once they figured out that everything was symbiotic - they were able to use that to their benefit, and create a work around. think about it - once they learned that there was something in the air that caused the virus to mutate - they figured out how to fix it. So i think that they used that medical knowledge and advanced technology to find a solution.

i'm curious though on the evolution of those new babies. especially with isolde and the other ladies. the fact that they weren't pure human, yet they weren't true partials makes things quite interesting.

Excellent question. I would love to hear others take on this!

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